2022 Lexus NX 350h AWD Review

April 6th, 2022 at 2:45pm


Lexus has so many models in its line-up, ten to be exact, that it can be hard to keep track of them all. And because Lexus uses two letters to name each model, that makes it hard to remember which one is which. And just to make it more confusing, five of those models have an X in their name: GX, LX, RX, NX and UX.

Let’s make some sense out of the NX.

It’s the second smallest crossover in the lineup. And it’s the third best selling model Lexus has, after the RX sport ute and ES sedan.

The NX is well styled for this genre of CUV. Even though crossovers tend to look bulky and even hunchbacked, the NX is decently proportioned and the styling lines are all well resolved.


Inside, it has all the trappings you expect from Lexus: a quiet, solid cabin. Well-crafted leather trimmings everywhere you look. Tasteful use of colors. And lots of electronic controls and settings to play around with.
I found the center touch screen difficult to navigate. It wasn’t intuitive. While driving down the road it was easy to miss specific points on the touch screen or have to touch it multiple times before it responded.


I drove the hybrid version of the NX 350, which accounts for about one out of every four NXs that are sold, and under the hood there’s plenty of power. A 2.5 liter engine with two electric motors produce a combined 239 horsepower. Better still, those electric motors provide great low-end torque for easy, lazy acceleration at low speeds. The EPA rates the NX 350h at 39 mpg combined, but I got 31 mpg.


Prices start at about $42,000 but you can walk that up to nearly $50,000 depending on the trim level and options.

The NX is an attractive mid-size premium crossover that feels strong and safe. That, and Lexus’s reputation for bullet-proof quality, explain why it’s the third best selling model in the lineup.

By: John McElroy

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