AD #3311 – Ford Makes Long Commitment to ICEs; Honda Launching New EV Family; GM Mexico Workers Demand Raise

April 26th, 2022 at 11:50am

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Runtime: 11:18

0:07 Ford F-150 Lightning Launches Today
1:10 Ford to Build IC Engine for 20 Years
2:05 GM Mexican Workers Demand 19% Raise
3:15 GM’s Ultium Heat Pump
4:49 Corvette EV Uses Ultium, Could Be an SUV
6:10 GM Tells Suppliers to Sign Climate Contract
7:29 Volta Reveals New Heavy-Duty EV Trucks
8:10 Honda Launches New EVs in China
9:27 NIO Hits 200,000 Milestone
10:02 BMW Uses Digital Twins for Manufacturing

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33 Comments to “AD #3311 – Ford Makes Long Commitment to ICEs; Honda Launching New EV Family; GM Mexico Workers Demand Raise”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the call any kind of SUV a Corvette, I have bought my last Corvette. Maybe I have bought my last Corvette anyway, but if they bastardize the name by using it on a truck, that will guarantee I’ve bought my last one.

  2. phred Says:

    GM is now showing its true “Badge Engineering” marketing approach. Remember the splashing the “Super Sport SS” decal on their front wheel drive Impala cars. Now a Corvette SUV and why not a pick up truck or a van!!

  3. Et Says:


  4. Lex Says:

    How is the Federal and State Governments going to collect road taxes on EV’s which are current assessed on gasoline and diesel fuel purchases? Our roads in the Northeast are horrible to mention it mildly.

    The added weight of EV batteries especially in trucks will be devastating on roads and infrastructure. What is the proposed solution?

  5. Buzzerd Says:

    Sean you have said in order for an electric vehicle to be the most effecient vehicle it can be it must be a ground up design. Using that logic it would be likely it’s a SUV type vehicle.
    @KIt- how many porcshe owners said the same thing and now…. and now they realized who cares, is a good vehicle or not? That’s all that matters, getting upset about what they name something is high school drama nonsense.


    4) They are looking into different mileage tracking schemes for EVs. That was a part of the infrastructure bill to fund research into how they can track the mileage on your car.

  7. Mark schramm Says:

    At least in Ohio they charge you an extra 100 dollars on hybryds. And 200.dollars on plug-in/battery for state plates. Guess other states do the same..

  8. bradley cross Says:

    A Corvette SUV is obvious but it will have to match the Porsche versions in performance and be priced lower. If they make a hot Escalade than the Corvette SUV will likely be a 2-row version.

  9. JWH Says:

    My feelings towards a Corvette SUV are the same as thoughts of the Mach-E wearing a Mustang label. Corvette & Mustang are names of models at Chevrolet & Ford – Not brand names that encompass numerous models.

    Comment regarding Porsche which expanded their brand into SUV’s, however, Porsche has not built a 911 SUV.

  10. Albemarle Says:

    The Ultium system sounds really good. I understand that Tesla recoup motor heat etc. and will also heat the battery before charging as long as you are using their navigation so it knows where you will recharge.

    The use of heat pumps is also good. Reality is different from theory and heat pumps reliably work at COPs of 1.5 up to 3, but definitely better than a COP of 1 from a resistance heater.

    Glad to see GM putting effort into this. The Bolt has the worst cold weather range drop of any EV. We get 60% of our summer range in the winter, even if you don’t use cabin heat.

  11. Joe G Says:

    Wow, really interesting that the electric F-150 uses so many more chips than the ICE version. How might that ratio effect a move to EV’s. Where are all of these chips going to come from when we are short now? This would be an interesting topic for an Autoline show.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5,8 There is a Porsche Cayenne and Macan, not a Porsche 911 Cayenne and Porsche 911 Macan.

    I’m fine with a Chevy Sport Truckster SUV, but not a Chevy Corvette Sport Truckster SUV.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Exactly

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Where do all of those chips go in the electric truck? Does it take that many chips to make a motor control, which is the main difference in electronics between an EV and an ICE vehicle. The EV wouldn’t even need an ECM, ignition modules, etc.

    Yeah, I’m wondering where the chips will come from. Maybe they are counting chip resistors and capacitors along with semiconductor chips, to come up with that 1700 total.

  15. Norm T Says:

    At least Chevy Silverado EV is a dedicated BEV. Unlike Ford Lighting which isn’t and won’t be until 2025.

  16. Bob Wilson Says:

    Sandy Munro brought a Tesla super bottle to After Hours years ago and recently did a compare and contrast to the Ford plumber’s nightmare. A good idea to reuse waste heat and a heat pump, perhaps some credit is owed the leading Tesla implementation?

  17. Drew Says:

    When it comes to propulsion systems of sports cars, I do not subscribed to a middle of the road approach. A sports can be 100% ICE with all its guttural glory or it can be a BEV. I have faith that BEV sports car OEMs will find a unique sensory DNA that will excite.

    I have owned several hybrids and loved them. But don’t believe a sports car should be a hybrid. Why carry the extra mass and complexity of two propulsion systems!?!? Hybrids are primarily for the stop and go of the urban jungle. Sports cars are not.

    So, I believe GM is using a shotgun approach to try to protect the Corvette’s future. Did they not learn from their failed effort 40 years ago when they made nearly every Oldsmobile a “Cutlass”? I believe GM should be more surgical.


  18. Buzzerd Says:

    @12 but if you made Corvette it’s own brand, which they would be doing at that point it becomes the same thing. It’s just a name in then end.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 To me, and I suspect a lot of other people, legendary 50-70 year old model names like Corvette, Mustang, and 911 should not become “brands.” Porsche realizes that, but Ford did not, and it looks like Chevy may not. I still don’t expect to see any Porsche 911 SUVs or other trucks.

  20. GM Veteran Says:

    GM has been considering expanding the Corvette brand for several decades to become a small collection of vehicles in varying body styles. This is because the Corvette brand is so strong. If they did this, it would not be carried by every Chevy dealership and might even be awarded to Cadillac or Buick-GMC dealerships. Not a definite plan at this point that I am aware of, but it has been studied for many years. The idea has not been supported by the Chevy dealer council which might be at least one reason they have not done it yet.

  21. GM Veteran Says:

    Kit, you are so right. Porsche wrestled with using the 911 name on their sedan which was to be based on the 911, but ultimately decided not to do that. We know it today as the Panamera.

  22. GM Veteran Says:

    From what I am told, its true, GM is asking their suppliers to sign on to their ESG program. But, you had better not say no. In addition, you get the privilege of paying a hefty annual fee to that 3rd party company that has a contract to monitor each supplier’s progress, establish annual goals and report to GM.

    And, its not limited to factories that make parts and components. It also applies to all of their non-hard parts suppliers which include a variety of special service agencies, marketing firms and advertising agencies.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 If done right, hybrids apparently work well for sports cars. The recent NSX, and some very expensive European exotics are hybrids. In these cars, the hybridization is for performance, not mpg. The NSX gets a dismal 21/22 EPA city/highway mpg, and the Italians probably do worse.

    They are probably doing the hybrid Corvette to be more like the exotics, and F1 cars. I’m not interested, though. My “base” Corvette has more than enough performance.

  24. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Thanks Sean for filling some of the Corvette holes that yesterday’s show possessed. Like it our not, I’m always interested in Corvette news. Autoline, despite my challenge, brings the ‘beans’ when it comes to the whole automotive industry.

  25. Drew Says:

    23 – I believe the Vette hybrid is for the purpose of achieving AWD… iCE for the rear wheels… electric motor for the front wheels (sacrificing frunk space). But it all leaves me confused. I somewhat understand adding AWD for high HP traction, but I thought the C8 rear mid engine was for traction. So, an AWD C8 seems redundant, unless it is for winter traction (which seems inane).

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 You can still get more power to the ground with power to the front wheels, but I can’t imagine that it would make much difference, and I can imagine that the extra weight of the hybrid powertrain could make the car drive worse. We should know in a year or so.

    Yeah, I doubt if many people use Corvettes in the winter. Between the really wide tires, and little ground clearance, they would not work very well in snow. I checked the Tire Rack site, and they don’t have winter tire/wheel packages for C8 Corvettes.

  27. Bob Wilson Says:

    About the BMW software model of their physical plant. When asked about the single most impressive feature of Giga-Austin, Sandy pointed to the ‘robot carriers’ that bring the cars to the workstations. If there is a problem, that unit is moved aside and production continues. The assembly line can be expanded by new guide lines for the robot carriers. So instead of a lock-step, assembly line, a fixed chain of workstations, Tesla has a flexible assembly line(s).

    The web link is to the panel review with Sandy Munro, Emmet Peppers, and Dave Lee.

  28. Bob Wilson Says:

    The web link is a better video, look at 23:00 for the segment about “AGVS”, the flexible, reprogrammable assembly system. Compared to BMW, the Automated Guided Vehicles is the way to go.

  29. wmb Says:

    Sean/John, do you know if the reference to the 1700 chips in the Lightning are for the old chips that are in short supply, or new semiconductor chips? As I understand and was mentioned in an earlier show, the older chips are the ones that are in high demand, since they have been time tested, with no questions to there dependability. But analysts have suggested that the newer chips are better suited for BEVs, for they would/could better handle the processing needs of these connected vehicles. Following that logic, would it stand to reason that, if the Lightning and other EVs plan to use these newer chips that, many of which are already available, perhaps the correct chip shortage may only be an issue for the correct crop of ICE vehicles and not the soon to be released EV vehicles?

  30. Dommy Says:

    I will say it again. Unless you can charge an electric car the same amount of time it takes to gas an ICE you are going nowhere. Over 50% of the country is not the city and the type of driving here it will not work. These green people are social dreamers.

  31. Lambo2015 Says:

    My thoughts on GM using Corvette as a brand/division is that this is just another brain fart coming from the accounting side of things. They see good margins, brand loyalty, and a uniqueness that no other division has. All good things but its directly tied to the single vehicle. Expand and you dilute the brand. Launch a shared SUV platform with Chevy or Buick but with better performance and you just have the same garbage they did with Pontiac when they started offering minivans. By offering more choices you ruin the original.
    So what would they do call the 2 door sportscars Corvette Stingrays and the CUVs Corvette Sharks and the SUVs Corvette Shamu?

    If GM really wants a lineup of performance vehicles they should consider bringing back the Pontiac brand and revive names like Trans Am and GTO and Firebird and place those on their line up of CUV/SUVs and leave the Corvette name alone.


    30) The only way to pull it off from a naming perspective is to amp up their sub-names. Corvette can be a “brand” with vehicle names like Stingray, Z06, ZR1…And then you have to find names for the other vehicles they want to introduce.

    They will ruin it if they try to reskin a Equinox and put that piece of junk under the Corvette brand. They will pretty much ruin it if they use any of their current platforms and put that junk under the Corvette brand. Corvette as a brand needs unique platforms or at least significantly better platforms than what GM has in their current portfolio.

  33. Dan Busch Says:

    [1] I have no quarrel with electric vehicles, but I do not understand the fascination with the super fast emphasis…why not a practical EV that maximizes range and provides an archaic 0 to 60 time of say 6 seconds. [2] As cars get increasingly “chipped” (1,700 for the Ford Lightning) they will become increasingly intelligent and less tolerant of the humans driving them…so when we drive a electric Corvette, or whatever, it will basically be a safe but thrilling amusement park adventure. [3] The future of transportation seems to lie in a SaaS version of ownership without any driving experience remaining.