AD #3356 – EV Jobs Growing, ICE Jobs Falling; Tesla Has Best Brand Loyalty; Used Car Shortage Looming Next Year

June 29th, 2022 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 11:04

0:08 EV Jobs Growing, ICE Jobs Falling
0:56 Tesla Has Best Brand Loyalty
1:46 2022 Sales to Drop Below 2020
2:23 Buick Tops JD Power Quality Index
3:47 Hyundai IONIQ 6 Is One Swoopy Car
5:03 Citroen C4 Goes Electric
5:55 Got A Dodge? Head to HWY 93
6:34 Clarios Low-Voltage Battery Perfect for EVs
8:02 Tesla Axes 200 Autopilot Workers
8:31 Used Car Shortage Looming Next Year
9:42 Cadillac Lyriq Pioneers Manufacturing Technique

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28 Comments to “AD #3356 – EV Jobs Growing, ICE Jobs Falling; Tesla Has Best Brand Loyalty; Used Car Shortage Looming Next Year”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    I don’t see Tesla’s loyalty rating as ” ominous “, they are a bit of an outlier in the industry. If you want an electric vehicle they are the standard but once the manufacturers start offering more choice I would think that will change.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Sean I’m not really surprised that ICE jobs are falling while EV jobs increase but I really do question how the Dept. of Energy calculates those numbers. I assume they know it affects X number of bodies to build an ICE and X number for EVs and just assume based on sales that’s where we are. Reality is for many suppliers who build lights, glass, tires, seats. Doesn’t matter if its for a ICE or EV so dont care as long as they have a job. Yeah they are technically an EV job now but for many its not like a ICE job was lost.

  3. Lambo2015 Says:

    Tesla has a cult following rightfully so. They were first to the market with a large array of firsts that made EVs attractive. They have set the bar which everyone else is compared to.
    However with a 76.6% loyalty rating and a study showing that 18% go back to a ICE means only 6% may actually switch to another EV brand.
    In the attached study you read that the biggest reason for the switch back to ICE has been lack of a 240V home charger as many here have said would be the reason to keep them from going Electric.
    Just food for thought.

  4. Dave Says:

    Tesla does all its own software and of the historic auto makers very few write the majority of their code this can change but tough to break corporate culture and lack of home charger? is there a shortage of dryer plugs???

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    Although initial quality is important I would be more interested in how a vehicle is performing after that vital 3 year 36 month warranty expires. Also if the warranty work was broken down by $$. Because if I have to return my new car to have a $20 switch replaced verses leaving the vehicle at the dealership for 3 weeks to have a Bronco Engine replaced it makes a huge difference. Both are a single incident but impact the consumer quite differently.

  6. George Ricci Says:

    With price new cars being so high a lot of people decided to buy their leased car when the lease ended. So fewer leased cars hitting the used car market has been going on for more than a year now. With the impending recession coming fewer people will be in the marker for a vehicle (new or used). We are already seeing dealer inventories improving. Chip shortage is starting to ease. Soon markups will go away. So, I don’t foresee any shortage in the use vehicle market.

  7. Kelly Says:

    Your new studio set…Ummm…not a fan. The lighting has your eyeglass arm shadows on you face. The peg board background has a distracting pattern. Too much tannish color in the frame. Citroen DS artwork won’t connect with a North American audience. Its better if you’re closer to the camera, you’re larger in the frame and the background is far enough behind you to get some depth of field. I’d like to focus on you and the video screen in the upper left corner but right now, everything is competing for my attention and the focal point is not clear. Having said that, your content and reporting is great, but the set is sub-par. Thanks

  8. Don Sherman Says:

    Citroen is correctly pronounced:


    try it, you’ll like it

  9. FSTFWRD Says:

    Sean, I like the new set and your glasses. Keep up the good work.


  10. Bob Petrach Says:

    #4 Interesting comment on dryer plugs – most 220V dryers are on 30 or 40 amp breakers. Tesla charger is recommended to have 50 amp, though
    other chargers may be lower. But a great comment – I run my 220V stick welder (SMAW) off a 6 gauge extension cord (about 20 feet long) running from the garage plugged into my dryer outlet in the house. I just don’t weld enough to need to put a dedicated welding outlet in the garage. And dryer outlet is underutilized, probably used less than 6 hours a week.

  11. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Kelly – Thanks for your feedback.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I still don’t understand why the “industry” calls Tesla a luxury brand. It’s a cult/performance brand, but even a Model S is not that luxurious, and a Model 3 is less luxurious than a Camry or Accord.

    As far as Tesla brand loyalty, are people buying additional Teslas, to have a fleet of 2,3,or 4, or are they replacing ones they have with new ones?

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 I’ve generally heard the accent on the first syllable of Citroen, including in France.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Buying out leases should be a great deal, because the residual value for a 3 year lease would have been set in 2019, before the pandemic and chip shortages. I’d think someone could buy out their lease, and in most cases, sell the vehicle for more than they paid for it.

  15. Danno310 Says:

    To my eye, the Hyundai IONIQ 6 looks like a poor knockoff of the Porsche Tayan, much like the VW Bug “inspired” car from China you just reported on.

  16. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, As far as the Ioniq 6 styling goes, I liked the show car better. It looked more like a 911 to me. I prefer the ‘lower nose’ look of the 911 and the rounded rear of the 911 to the distorted look of the Ioniq 5 nose and tail. Maybe they changed it because it looked TOO much like a 911?

  17. Wim van Acker Says:

    @15 yes, to me the Ioniq6 looks like a New Beetle after having been run over by a steamroller.

  18. MJB Says:

    Hey Sean, what stood out to me as one of the most in-your-face similarities regarding the rear end of that new Hyundai Ionic 6 is the rear of the Infiniti J30 –

    Also, I must agree with Kelly. The modified set seems to have taken a step backward in terms of lighting, visual interest, and thus quality. It honestly makes you look like the store attendant at AutoZone about to ring me up for my brakes and rotors.

  19. Joe G Says:

    I really like the exterior of the IONIQ6 in photos, including the wheels! But then there is the somewhat deal breaking modernesque (is that a word) interior, such a shame (only my opinion).
    In a side note on design, I really hope Ford does not mess up the S650 Mustang interior. Spy photos do not give me a good feeling about it compared to my S550 that I love. We will see.

    What??? Initial quality of electric vehicles is worse than the outdated evil ICE. ‘The revolution is upon us’… err well, ‘pay no attention to that quality report behind the curtain’….

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    19 Could the poor initial quality of EVs have to do with most EVs being Teslas, and Teslas having poor quality?

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I like the appearance of the Ioniq6 if, for no other reason, it’s a car, rather than yet another generic CUV.

  22. GM Veteran Says:

    If “loyalty” is defined as consumers repurchasing the same model, has the Model 3 been on sale long enough to generate meaningful statistics in this category? How many first-year owners could have already bought another Model 3? Can’t be very many, and so low sample sizes usually give inaccurate ratings or projections.

    Damn! That stats class finally came in handy!

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 I’m wondering the same thing. How is “loyalty” defined? Are people trading 5 year old Models S on Models Y? Are people adding to their fleets of Teslas? I’m curious.

  24. ChuckGrenci Says:

    22,23 Yep, give me the numbers, let me know how you want the data to be interpreted and through statistics, voila, there’s your answer.

  25. rick Says:

    if the ionic 6 was supposed to look like the prophecy concept they missed it by a mile, they ruined it. darn that thing’s ugly.

  26. Bob Wilson Says:

    There are three versions of Telsa Model 3 listed by the EPA city/highway range mi:
    (1) 2019 – 140/124 240 mi;
    (2) 2020 – 148/132 250 mi;
    (3) 2021 – 150/133 263 mi.

    All three have nearly identical styling but newer ones have longer range and improved efficiency.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    26 Do people trade them for a newer one to get slightly better efficiency and range?

  28. Lambo2015 Says:

    Yea I have an EV start up that sold 2 cars 3 years ago and each person is buying my new model this year so I have 100% customer loyalty.. Meanwhile OEM X sells 2 million cars and has 1.5 Million repeat customers for a 75% customer loyalty.
    That’s how statistics is misleading.