AD #3371 – MINI Previews EV Styling; Honda Teases Prologue BEV; Car Dealers Reporting Record Profits

July 27th, 2022 at 11:56am

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Runtime: 10:09

0:08 Russia Cuts EU Gas, Threatens Car Production
1:12 Car Dealers Reporting Record Profits
2:24 Honda Teases Prologue BEV
4:03 MINI Previews EV Styling
5:12 Toyota’s Battery Swaps for Trucks
5:50 Hyundai Group to Develop Lunar Rovers
7:13 BYD To Enter Japanese Market
7:48 NHTSA Opens Investigations into GM, Ford & Stellantis
8:49 How BMW Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions

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19 Comments to “AD #3371 – MINI Previews EV Styling; Honda Teases Prologue BEV; Car Dealers Reporting Record Profits”

  1. Jim Haines Says:

    Don’t see Japanese buying China made basically anything

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Okay! Mini huge design flaw with your taillights making an arrow in the opposite direction you would be going.. Would be confusing at night especially if one side was out or blocked.

  3. George Ricci Says:

    Sorry, BMW but natural gas is a fossil fuel. Maybe Russia cutting you off from natural gas will end up helping you reach you goal.

  4. ChuckGrenci Says:

    1,2,3 Thanks for posting my thoughts; saved some keystrokes. :)


    2) They have those on their car today. It is supposed to be a LH and RH half of the union jack flag. They do look like arrows that are facing the wrong direction. I remember when I first saw them I was intrigued as to why they chose the light to look like that, not necessarily confused. I could see people though being confused at night. Luckily they don’t sell that many of these around here LOL


    I do wonder why there needs to be an investigation into a rear camera issue. Do these GM vehicles not have mirrors? Is a car that only has mirrors considered unsafe these days? I guess I always felt rear cameras were a convenience item. Not really a safety item. Although I tend to look where I am backing up and making sure nothing is behind my car before backing up. Looking where you are going means I can’t look at the screen as I am facing rearward in the vehicle when backing up….as you are supposed to do.

  7. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1 “Don’t see Japanese buying China made basically anything”: I believe you don’t. Please go to Japan and look around. Then you will see how many Chinese-made products are sold in Japan.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 The Japanese buy huge amounts of stuff from China, just like everyone else. You don’t think there are Chinese phones and computers in Japan?

  9. Drew Says:

    @6 – When rear view cameras became an FMVSS requirement (FMVSS 111), any flaw in the review camera system becomes a recall.

  10. GM Veteran Says:

    Sean, who is Hyundai developing the robotics and lunar rovers for? I know you mentioned six Korean research institutes, but is there a planned Korean mission to the moon? Or are they working on items to sell to NASA, competing with GM and Lockheed Martin?

  11. Albemarle Says:

    Every time the standards expand and demand a specific technology, we add another way cars can be recalled. What if, instead of mandating the technology, we mandated the performance or results. Instead of stating you must have a backup camera, you said you must have a certain level of visibility behind the vehicle. I am a big fan of letting manufacturers come up with their own solutions to problems rather than having bureaucrats do it for us.

  12. wmb Says:

    The look of the new Accord is cool and it’s styling, IMHO, makes it one of the most exciting, mass market, midsize, ICE sedans on the road today. Yet, the Prologue just looks very, very boring and plain to my eye, especially in comparison to the Blazer SS! If the Prologue could adopt more of the even the Accords sporty front facia and wheel designs, I think it will be all the better for it.

    Speaking of styling, the front end of the Mini Aceman is needs a lot of work. They need to figure out a way to get more of the look of the original Mini, or the first Mini introduced under BMW management. This vehicle is just not very impressive.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 It took a couple years for me to get used to the cameras, but now that I have, I like them. It would be nice if cars had better visibility, but it would be difficult to design good visibility into a C8 Corvette.

    The thing the US govt. did that has been p!$$!ng me off for years, is calling SUVs trucks, allowing them to slide on fuel economy standards. That is a lot of why so few cars, and especially, station wagons are available. Then, almost worse, is basing some standards on “footprint,” resulting in already huge pickup trucks getting even bigger.

  14. Albemarle Says:

    13. Couldn’t agree more.

  15. ChuckGrenci Says:

    I saw my first Maverick in person yesterday; now that’s the size of truck I’m wanting (kind of S-10′ish, though seems wider). As I don’t like Fords in general and have never owned one, I’ll wait (or go without) until GM responds.

  16. wmb Says:

    let me make a correction, the camouflage images of the Prologue look so boring, when compared to the revealed Blazer SS BEV. Having not seen the actual vehicle in the metal, it would wrong of me to assume what it will look like. At this stage though, it would seem that it would benefit from some of the style that the Accord Sport has in good measure.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The best looking BMW Minis were the first and second generations. They don’t need to screw up Mini styling, just because they have messed up the styling of BMW brand cars.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 From what I find, the Maverick is ~5 inches wider than an S10.

  19. ChuckGrenci Says:

    18, Thank you Kit, that’s how it appeared (and not a bad thing either; the proportions looked right).