AD #3374 – Ford Maverick Gets Tremor Off-Road Package; Renault To Split Off EV Ops; BMW i4 Recalled Over Battery Fires

August 1st, 2022 at 11:56am

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Runtime: 10:11

0:08 Renault To Split Off EV Ops
1:08 Stellantis & GAC In Messy Divorce
2:09 NIO To Launch Low-Cost EV Brand
3:43 Ford Maverick Gets Tremor Off-Road Package
4:44 Mercedes EV Margins on Par with ICE Vehicles
5:33 NHTSA Issues BMW i4 Recall Over Battery Fires
7:26 Shyft Creates Portable EV Charging Unit
8:09 Australia Enacts EV Incentives
8:55 Toyota & Panasonic Lock Up U.S. Lithium Supply

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14 Comments to “AD #3374 – Ford Maverick Gets Tremor Off-Road Package; Renault To Split Off EV Ops; BMW i4 Recalled Over Battery Fires”

  1. Lex Says:

    What happens if an EV under a NHTSA Reclass or not, catches on fire in a homeowners garage? Who pays for the damages caused by the fire? Does the homeowners insurance policy reimburse the homeowner and then sues the OEM and Battery Supplier for restitution? I would believe this can be a real sticking point in EV adaption for many consumers.

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    This proliferation of hard core, and semi-hard core off-road trucks got me curious about where you can use their capability. I found a few places in the state of Indiana. Two seemed to be for trucks and more serious off-road SUVs like Wranglers, but most seemed to be more for ATVs and motorcycles, and maybe horses.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 So far, it seems that regular home owner’s insurance covers car fires. My friend with the Model S wanted to make sure. As far as insurance companies suing car companies, he probably didn’t ask, because it wouldn’t affect him if something happened, as long as he was covered.

    If it turns out that EVs cause a lot more garage fires than other vehicles, insurance companies will, presumably, start charging an “EV surcharge” for EVs kept in garages.

  4. GM Veteran Says:

    Nothing surprising in Mr. Taveres comments regarding Chinese government intervention. Its surprising that we don’t hear it more often from other companies. The “unbelievable” comment from the GAC company executives was amusing, and I’m sure was much appreciated by the government officials in China. Not sure how the Chinese consumers are being disrespected though.

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    Sorry Sean you always do a great job but the FCA MB story on EVs was pointless. FCA could never ask the money needed to push a tiny EV like the Fiat 500. Then compare it to a luxury brand like MB. Yeah not really surprised they can make money on them. It was a pointless apples to oranges comparison.

    On the Toyota Panasonic story; Anyone else notice the huge mining trucks during the story? Sure would like to see what the site in NC looks like before and after they mine for 4000 metric tons. Actually the 20,000 tons after the 5 years. BTW those large mining trucks are Diesel and have 1000 gallon tanks. They require 103 gallons of oil per oil change and 330 gallons in the differentials. 95 gallons of steering fluid. 500 gallons of hydraulic fluid for the brakes and hoist. They haul about 400 ton per load. So I wonder how that offsets the battery production of 150,000 EVs per year? Not to mention the loaders that fill them and the equipment used to separate the Lithium.

  6. Roger T Says:

    #5 Lambo, forgot to mention tires, amazing things. Still, it’s all a matter of scale, 400 tons/load in a big mammoth like those is certainly cheaper vs using smaller trucks otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Same thought process for freight trains, which average 1,000 miles of travel per gallon of diesel for each ton hauled. Bet the trains also have lots of oil and fluids, and huge fuel tanks. And cargo ships. And freight planes.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Sean, you said:

    “it is important to note that Mercedes’ electric cars cost considerably more than their ICE counterparts.”

    Actually, the EQS costs ~$9K less than the ICE S-Class, at least in the U.S. Maybe the cheapest S-Class sold in the U.S. has more standard luxury features the EQS (or maybe not), but the electric one is less expensive.

  8. merv Says:

    great show, a lot of very interesting topics

  9. wmb Says:

    #5.) Lambo, while not attempting to speak for Sean, I believe that his comments where to demonstrate the change of thinking or positions of the leaders of OEMs on the subject of profitability of EV‘s. While the 500e (e500?) may have been a compliance vehicle, where FCA literally ripped out the ICE power train of the 500 and put in electric components. Mercedes’ approach was a clean sheet, start to finish, new, dedicated electric vehicle platform. Add to that, with its higher price point, the MB is better able to insulate the cost of the battery, into the over all cost of the vehicle. Whereas FCA, even replacing the power of the 500 with a battery and electric motor of that existing vehicle, still caused the cost of it to exceed the amount of its ICE counterpart! This is why MB will not be using the same platform for vehicles vehicle smaller the then EQE. Merceds’ EQXX concept, with its 200+ hp and nearly 600 miles of range, seems like it was designed to fill the space for their compact and sub compact EV replacements. While Fiat would have to eat $14K for every electric 500 they sold, for there wouldn’t be many takers for a $40K (well, there’s not too many takers the ICE version, as I understand), for MB that will not be an issue.

  10. Jim Head Says:

    So they unveiled a new vaporware Maverick. Big Deal. Can they build it? My son ordered a Maverick over a year ago, but Ford doesn’t have the ability to build it. The same with my friend’s Bronco.

  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    9 Yeah I hear what you saying and the process of building from the ground up obviously makes more sense and may allow it to be built at a lower cost. My point was making any vehicle an EV, the big hit to the wallet is the battery. Building a ICE or EV essentially is about the same and in fact should be cheaper to build a EV. But throw the needed battery pack and you add 8-12k to the car. So when you have a vehicle like the 500 that is already at its peak asking price for a vehicle of that size. Who in their right mind will buy one for an extra 10K more to save fuel on an already reasonably fuel efficient car to begin with? Which is why Tesla was so successful. While everyone else was trying to launch econo sized EVs Elon realized at the asking price it would be it needed to be more. Hence so many luxury and truck EVs now.. Or in the case of this story MB. Yeah they need to be able to ask 50K for the EV so it has to be more than a econo box like the 500e. Is it surprising MB has no problem making money on their EV? Not to me. Is it surprising Fiat blew it with the 500e? Not really. The smaller car EVs can make it in Europe but here in the states people will expect more for that amount of money and that’s what is needed to make a EV profitable.
    So yeah MB built it from the ground up and Fiat tried to just do a powertrain swap on an existing vehicle but I don think that would matter. If Fiat built a ground up EV the size of the 500 it would still need to ask more than most anyone would pay and they would still lose money on each one. IMO

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Speaking of Mercedes-Benz and profitability, they must be making huge profits, like $40K each, with the ICE S-Class that sells for $9K more than the EQS with that big, expensive battery.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    MINI is now selling an EV for ~$34K starting price. It has a small 32.6 kWh battery, so they probably make money on it, but it has a very short 112 mile range.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    Have MB launch a 500 sized EV and see if it sells? My guess at that size segment you cant hardly make an EV that is priced low enough to sell very well. They just need to offer more for the money they need to sell an EV at.
    Reminds me of Harleys EV bike and how they expected people to throw down over 30K for an electric bike. Just not much demand.

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