AD #3387 – Dodge Charger EV Ends ICE Muscle Car Era; Tesla Cuts Delivery Time; Porsche 911 GT3 Gets DRS

August 18th, 2022 at 11:52am

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Runtime: 10:32

0:07 Tesla Cuts Delivery Time
0:54 Geely Sees 50% EV Sales In 2023
1:22 Chery To Make Cars in Russia
2:59 Dodge Charger Daytona Signals End of ICE Muscle Cars
5:06 GM Builds Up Defense Business
5:51 U.S. Traffic Fatalities Up Despite New Safety Equipment
7:27 Porsche 911 GT3 Gets DRS
8:57 Acura Unveils Hybrid GTP Race Car

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33 Comments to “AD #3387 – Dodge Charger EV Ends ICE Muscle Car Era; Tesla Cuts Delivery Time; Porsche 911 GT3 Gets DRS”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The new Dodge Charger pays quite a bit of homage to the 68/69 Chargers of old, which seems in my eye to be a good thing. Whether that translates to acceptance, I don’t know. Some want to go fast no matter what is under the hood so maybe it will be a hit; but I have reservations. I think it has to be a good BEV, not just a fringe go-fast car. They will sell but wondering if it will sell in quantity. I guess, we’ll wait and see (and ponder all the other entries that arrive in that same ’24/’25-time frame.)

  2. George Ricci Says:

    The all-electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT. Oh great, just what we need noisy “exhaust” note that can hit 126 decibels electric cars!

  3. Albemarle Says:

    I think the Dodge boys really know their market. Change as little as possible, give even more acceleration and noise, keep the shape similar but modernized and stay away from obvious tech not related to going fast. I hope there’s a power boost when you engage the loud setting.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I think the Charger concept looks good, and it’s the perfect body style, a 2 door hatchback. The production version will probably be a 4 door sedan, but should still look good.

    The DOT should pre-emptively ban the noise maker, and anything similar from other manufacturers.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m not surprised about the increase in traffic fatalities. Miles driven are at an all time high, there is more distracted driving, and I’ve seen more crazy driving the last year than ever, like vehicles going 100 mph on busy interstates weaving between lanes. Also, the proliferation of trucks and large SUVs has widened the weight disparity within the fleet, resulting in extra hazard for people in lighter vehicles.

  6. Albemarle Says:

    I think 126 db is already illegal.
    Personally I am getting used to the electric whine of Formula E and it has a emotional sense of anger too.

    When Dodge get around to their EV Rams, they’ll probably add a rolling coal setting.

  7. Buzzerd Says:

    The Charger looks very nice to me but WTF is with the noise maker?? I had a motorcycle when I was 20 something with a loud exhaust and quickly learned that when it was doing the most illegal stuff it was making the most noise and sometimes attracting the wrong attention. I no longer need a ” hey look at me exhaust ” on anything I own.

  8. Barry Rector Says:

    The Dodge Charger concept is beautiful. It’s shown as a coupe. Do you think that there will be only one Charger model, dropping the Challenger version?

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    Well The Charger is an attractive enough vehicle. However on other social sites Ive heard the exhaust sound which is a synthesized noise I could do without. Its right up there with meat flavored veggie burgers and virtual dating. Close but just not right.

  10. Lambo2015 Says:

    Much more information is needed to determine the rise in fatalities. Could be the increase in large trucks and SUVs vs the demise of sedans. Could be a few years of new drivers that took drivers ED virtually and not actually in class thanks to Covid shut downs. Could be (and where I would bet my money) Distracted driving with texting, videos, games and phone calls. I’m not sure how many times I have been on my motorcycle following someone on the HWY swerving all over. I really think they are drunk only to glance over and see they are on their phone. Even my wife hit a parked car in a parking lot at work cause she said her phone was ringing and she was trying to answer it while pulling out of her spot.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 If the production Charger ends up being a coupe, I would expect it to replace both the Charger and Challenger. Then, they might do a smaller Challenger in the future, built on a different platform. It could be about the size of the original 1970-1974 Challenger and the current Mustang and Camaro, rather than being an XXL coupe like the current Challenger.

  12. Drew Says:

    The Charger concept looks great for classic motorheads to transition from ICE to BEV. Its attributed seem perfect for that transition. And the styling appears to blend Dodge Challenger and Charger styling cues perfectly.

    WRT the increasing US highway fatalities, I blame several factors (not in order):

    1. Traffic Density – Like Brownian Movement, the more dense traffic is, the more likely vehicles will collide. The growth of vehicle ownership is much, much faster than road growth.

    2. Distracted and Impaired Driving – Too many people are not using hands-free systems. If you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, your brain will intrinsically disengage from the phone call to focus on a threat. With respect to impaired driving, can anyone be surprised if the legalization of marijuana is a major factor?

    3. Safer Car Technology Leads to a False Feeling on Invincibility – As an analogy, the NFL and NCAA has seen the same phenomenon as protective equipment improved. All you have to do is look at old football films from the 50s and prior. Players were not throwing their bodies in the air like they do now. This same escalation of risky behavior has occurred with vehicle drivers. If you don’t believe me, just answer this simple question – which vehicle would you drive more cautiously – one with an air bag in the middle of the steering wheel or one with a 4” spike in the middle of the steering wheel? Yes, it is an extreme question, but it highlights simple human behavior.

  13. XA351GT Says:

    I will be amazed if the production Charger remotely looks like the prototype. I remember the prototype for the current Charger looked great as a 2 door and then they gave a us a bloated 4 door .

  14. D Ford Says:

    People who only drive their cars will love the new Dodge. Gearheads who want to get under the hood and tweak and modify their cars will not.

  15. XA351GT Says:

    I’m not surprised by the rise in fatalities. Bigger vehicles will leave bigger marks when they hit you. The road I travel every day to work the Rt30 Bypass from Downingtown to Coatesville PA is about a 10 mile stretch that averages at least one wreck a day. I saw a doozy on my way home last Friday involving a Semi , pick up towing a boat and a SUV . Completely closed the westbound side for hours while it was cleaned up., What infuriated me was that there was no one stopping cars from entering the highway and then having them sit for hours in gridlock at 100 degree temps. What came to mind was having caution lights like at a NASCAR track to warn cars from entering the highway and to slow down those approaching the jam at warp speed.

  16. Alex Borenstein Says:

    the electric Dodge Charger concept is beautiful.

  17. Alex Borenstein Says:

    the electric Dodge Charger concept is beautiful.

  18. Ukendoit Says:

    I agree, the Charger is beautiful and I could do without the noise. I was just telling my young boys yesterday (before this was unveiled) about them ending Charger/Challenger ICE production, and we were speculating they would soon introduce an electric Charger. The conversation quickly turned to the name: using a Charger Charger to charge your Charger seems redundant. Maybe they should call the cord the Charger and the vehicle the Chargee! Just my dad jokes for the day.
    #13) I could see the production version coming very close to this concept. I think they will probably only offer a 4 door though. It would be nice if they offered a 2 door & 4 door version, then added, as Kit said, a smaller Challenger.
    As for the last Charger prototype vs production Charger, I heard that the 4 door production vehicle was going to be an entirely different vehicle with a different name (Magnum sedan?) until the last minute; Dodge then told the designers to dress that 4 door up with Charger cues (from the concept), because now it is a Charger! They had to scurry to make that 4 door look like a Charger, and then improved it some in subsequent refreshes.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 The production Charger could look a lot like the concept, even if it ends up being a 4 door. We should know in a year or so.

  20. Ukendoit Says:

    I just looked up the previous Charger concept, and it too was a 4 door. The Daimler Chrysler merger happened around that time, and so that concept car never came to fruition, the new management were the ones that said to just rebadge that LX 4 door as a Charger.

  21. Albemarle Says:

    I think the higher accident rate is often due to speeding and more aggressive driving. People got used to speeding on empty roads during covid and don’t seem to want to change.

    When they do RIDE checks here, they often don’t catch many people who have been drinking; it’s mainly seatbelts not being worn or the occasional over limit pot user. As a general rule, pot smokers don’t tend to speed or be aggressive.

  22. Roger T Says:

    John, you left out the fact the Dodge comes with a transmission, too. I think the concept design is very exciting, regardless whether the same customer base will buy into it, I’m sure it has nice potential.

  23. Roger T Says:

    On traffic fatality rates, it ties to your After Hours show nicely, automated driving will fix this. Today I was almost run over by an 18 wheeler which drifted towards me on a narrow highway. It turns out he was eating his lunch!!!!!

  24. wmb Says:

    I too think the Charger concept looks amazing! Great job Dodge/Stellantis! This makes up for that badge engineered Hornet/Tonale. It looks like Dodge has dropped the gauntlet and has almost guarantee a BEV version of both the Mustang and Camaro.
    Regarding the sound the EV Charger may make, the best thing about it, will be the ability to turn it off. No more waking the neighbors on a early Saturday morning drive, right?! This will also make it easier for Junior to sneak the car out after dad after mom and dad fall asleep! LOL WIth the sound coming from speakers, one could blast the Star Wars Troop March, or some other favorite tune that may come to mind!
    #14.) While you may be right about those who like tinkering, tweaking and modifying the ICE may be disappointed, but with the brains of the vehicle being software based, adding more power may just be a hack or a few clicks away! While such work may be beyond the ability like an old head like me, those Who are computer savvy may be the new garage mechanics of the future!
    I think that’s the most encouraging to me with this charger concept, is that while the original 68/69 charger might’ve been great with big horsepower straight line performance. Yet, this new versions BEV, with its big battery and lower center of a gravity, could have the handling the original never could have dreamed of! 2024 just can’t get here soon enough.

    The report on vehicle deaths, do they include those involving distracted pedestrians too? The number of people on their phone, or just not paying attention, seems to have skyrocketed as well! While it might be the drivers responsibility, to keep an eye out for pedestrians, the number of people/adults walking into oncoming traffic, with no clue of their surroundings, has gotten out of control.

  25. Warwick Rex Dundas Says:

    Mopar Insiders is reporting that the next generation Charger and Challenger will be offered with an ICE and electric drivetrain. No more Hemis but the Hurricane 6 will be he ICE option.

    Considering this makes some sense to me. The new cars will be built on the STLA Large platform, which is a derivative of the Giorgio platform. Whilst supporting both ICE and EV versions will mean some packaging compromises, it may have some transitional marketing benefits. Stellantis still expects to be selling ICE vehicles in USA in 2030 and this vehicle is likely to still be around then. Those who must have an ICE powered vehicle can opt for the Hurricane 6 while others can opt for battery power.

    Looking at the design of the concept it looks to me as though this dual power source theory would be well acommodated by that body shell.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 If done properly, the turbo six should be a very good replacement for the V8. I always liked in-line sixes, including the not-too-powerful slant six in my 1974 Plymouth Duster. I think they need to have an ICE option for a few more years in Charger/Challenger.

  27. XA351GT Says:

    Kit one of the most sought after engines is the Australian Ford Barra straight six turbo. There is a guy on youtube who did a twin turbo Barra swap into his mustang and after he finished said it was the most terrifying car he had driven and had driven many race cars that never scared him like it did.

  28. XA351GT Says:

    Look up youtube channel Adam LZ there are plenty of videos of this beast. If your interested

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28 will do

  30. MJB Says:

    Bravo to Dodge for putting the Charger name back on the coupe where it belongs, instead of the sedan.

  31. MJB Says:

    Perhaps GM wouldn’t need to up their defense production had a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) not left over $7billion worth of our equipment in Afghanistan. Just sayin’…

  32. MJB Says:

    Regarding the take rate on the new Charger – I’d say it will depend on the price point. If it’s right, I think they’re going to sell A LOT (of the base model).

    Only the dyed-in-the-wool gear-heads will resist. I’ve ridden in a Tesla and experienced the insane amount of pull those things have from a stand-still. You couple that with an iconic muscle brand like Dodge, and it’s lights-out!!

    Everybody but the ICE purists will flock to it. And once they experience the stupid acceleration and bottomless torque of that electric powerplant, they’ll kiss their oil-changing days goodbye.

  33. Uncle Bob Says:

    More noise pollution. Has anybody seen a car pulled over for violation of noise ordinance? Still, it’s okay for young folks to be young.