AD #3429 – BYD Almost Worth More Than GM & Ford Combined; Celestiq Utilizes Megacastings; Rolls Reveals Its 1st EV

October 18th, 2022 at 11:53am

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Runtime: 11:03

0:00 BYD Almost Worth More Than GM & Ford Combined
1:06 Chip Shortage Lasting Longer Than Thought
1:40 Canoo Gets Another Lifeline
3:19 Cadillac Celesitq Utilizes Megacastings
6:07 Rolls-Royce Reveals Its First Electric Car
8:16 Foxconn Shows Off EV Pickup Concept
9:18 Corolla Hybrid Gets AWD for 1st Time

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25 Comments to “AD #3429 – BYD Almost Worth More Than GM & Ford Combined; Celestiq Utilizes Megacastings; Rolls Reveals Its 1st EV”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    That’s strange that the mpg of the Corolla hybrid decreased so much. The mpg of the Camry hybrid increased substantially with the 2018 model year, when they went from NiMH to lithium batteries. The extra bit of power shouldn’t make much difference with the Corolla.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    With the enormous weight of some of these BEVs I have to wonder where the proper balance for range and weight meet. Reminds me of how guys would throw a super charger on a V8 4000 lb car just to be as quick as a little import with a 4 cyl engine and just over half the weight. At some point trying to provide a long range BEV has to really hurt for the majority of the short range driving.

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    On BYD’s valuation – Warren Buffet must be very pleased with his investment.

    I hope Canoo makes it long enough to bring out their very cool looking pickup model. Waaaaay more interesting than the CyberTruck.

  4. Albemarle Says:

    The Celestiq is certainly interesting. Time will tell whether the $300k+ crowd would prefer the GM or the Rolls Royce.

    I think for my third of a million dollars I will stick with Rolls. The straight ahead styling appeals to me, and their dealer network, although small in size, are already familiar with taking excellent care of the very rich. This is not to criticize our local GM dealer who do a great job with normal priced vehicles.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Has Canoo built any vehicles yet?

  6. GM Veteran Says:

    5 – Only prototypes that I am aware of. They were looking for capital to allow them to start production. Having orders in hand should help with that. The Walmart infusion just kept them afloat for awhile but would not be enough to start even limited production.

  7. Roger T Says:

    4. At least in Houston Cadillac service is better vs anything from Germany, for sure. Of course I can’t speak for RR and the likes :)

  8. Roger T Says:

    4. At least in Houston Cadillac service is better vs anything from Germany, for sure. Of course I can’t speak for RR and the likes :)


    7) When I had my Mercedes, I found even the local Lincoln dealer took better care of customers than Mercedes by leaps and bounds. Never been in a RR dealership though so who knows if GM can match that experience.

  10. Kevin A Says:

    … so would it make sense for BYD to use their high valued stock price to merge (ie buy-out) Ford or GM to expand their production capacity?

  11. merv Says:

    that new caddy, very impressive

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 For a third of a million dollars, I’d probably stick with Rolls too, over an extremely low volume car from GM. Most cars this expensive are driven very little, and are around a very long time. How can any parts at all be available for the Celestiq when it is 40 years old? It would be bad enough for a somewhat higher volume BMW Rolls.

    Also, for that money, I’d rather have a gas engine with at least 12 cylinders, and preferably 16. That would have special “character,” while the powertrain of a $300K+ EV wouldn’t sound or feel much different from a $60K Hyundai.

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 It would get them into the North America market in a big way. Some people would refuse to buy the products, if the company was Chinese owned, but that might not happen to a great extent.

  14. Lambo2015 Says:

    13 I’m not sure if many people care about national loyalty anymore. With every auto being globally sourced. There really isnt that distinction of American made. There is American companies and American assembled but neither of those are fully American cars. Around the Detroit area there is still that stigma to support our own from the long history of families that have worked at Ford, GM and Chrysler, and suppliers. But even those families have seen their fair share of lay-offs and bankruptcies. The folks on the assembly lines see components come into their plant and see country or origin stickers. They know lots of stuff comes from China, Tiawan, India etc. That pride of American made isnt what it used to be. Folks were more than willing to buy up the Japanese cars in the 80′s and so flocking to the Chinese I dont see it being a big surprise. The Chinese will likely have no problem selling in the states if they do like the Japanese and come in with a decent product and can undercut everyone else in price. People will take a chance if they think they’ll save a few thousand on price. But if they are junk they’ll end up like Yugo’s.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    Just saw this yesterday on Bloomberg. Chip shortage is likely to get worse before better.

    “The Biden administration’s latest salvo of sanctions includes restrictions on so-called US persons supporting the development, production or use of integrated circuits at some chip plants located in China. Effective Oct. 12, the measures are broad enough to encompass holders of US green cards as well as US residents and American citizens, capturing a wide swath of senior executives at Chinese semiconductor firms.”

  16. Wim van Acker Says:

    @13, 14 there are ways for BYD to minimize buyers’ resentment. Although that does not seem to be a big issue to begin with: a significant part of Mercedes-Benz is owned by Chinese and Middle Eastern investors. Including in 2019 (Wikipedia data from 2019) a 5% share by the Communist Party of China. Large shareholders like Bank of America Corporation (20%), BlackRock (5%) and Harris Associates (5%) could partly represent foreign investors, too, I believe.

  17. Bob Wilson Says:

    BYD and Tesla sales in September 2022:

    1) 106,032 PHEV by BYD
    2) _94,941 BEV by BYD
    3) _83,135 by Tesla

    Bob Wilson

  18. phred Says:

    The Cadillac ultra luxury offering looks like it is in correct design neighborhood but the range needs to be in the 300 mile category for that sticker price.

  19. wmb Says:

    #10, 13, 14.) Buying a ‘piece’ of Ford or GM (Stellantis, not being a US company, may already have pieces of it owned by a number of conglomerates already [im speaking of stock]) may not be a big thing, but an all out purchase of the company by BYD might raise some eyebrows. Yet, if it where done over time, as in the case of the Chrysler Group, it might not be as objectionable. While it might not be too difficult to separate companies, from the questionable actions of the government that they operate under. The fact that many Chinese automotive companies are owned by the government or the government has a stake in many of them, may create issues for customers, lawmakers, activists and may create a national security risk! Think about the outrage that would happen (with many believing that GM was bailed out by the US government tax payer money [which in fact was only a loan, to which they have paid back]), if a BYD purchased GM! How long would it take for many to say that US tax dollars went to save a U.S. manufactured, that is now under communist China control!!! Lawmakers and the Admin may feel that GM and Ford are too big, tied to too many US jobs and too closely associated with this country, to let that happen. I’m sure they would have done the same thing with Chrysler, if they thought that it’s merger of equals with Mercedes, would have ever lead to it and it’s products becoming just one of many brands in a International conglomerate, headquartered off these shores! The difference Stellantis is that it doesn’t have any political ties or any level of control by that of a ruling party. That may not be true of GM or Ford, if they were purchased by BYD! Even if that were not the case, I think many would still believe it to be true!

    The Spector looks incredible and has a Continental GT look it it’s shape, to my eye. The range and power sound good too…kind of! I just can’t get my head around the fact that the Lucid Air has both more range and power for, in some instances, half the price! I understand stand that for your $200-400K, that your getting a LOT more in this RR then you will in the Lucid. Yet, the Spector has about ~1/3 the range and half the power! As great as the Spector will be, that doesn’t sit well with me.

    As many have said, the Celestiq looks amazing too (IMHO, it would look better as a notchback, then it’s correct hatchback), but $300K+ for this, over a Bentley or Rolls Royce? I don’t think so! This takes nothing away from GM’s efforts on the Celestiq, for they will sell all the ones they make and will set new standards for the brand. It may do more for less Cadillac’s then this vehicle, but if GM/Cadillac doesn’t follow through on those other vehicles, then this is just another one-off. IMHO, Cadillac may have done better with the Celestiq being an SUV, then a sedan, but that’s just me.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If BYD owned GM or Ford, they might have a harder time getting contracts with the U.S military.

  21. Lambo2015 Says:

    19 I don’t think BYD’s sales automatically alludes to them buying Ford or GM. However, I guess if things continue, they could buy stock and eventually get to a position where a hostile takeover is possible. That I could see them doing.
    Doing business with any Chinese business is risky as their government can do things that are not allowed here. It may sound paranoid, but the Chinese have been quite smart and are playing the global Monopoly game quite well. If you ever played Monopoly, you know the one with all the cash and assets wins. We are deep in debt and they are buying homes, farms, businesses and docks and many other assets here in the US. They are not invading with military but with money. Americans are foolishly allowing it because as long as they get paid, they personally won’t see the problem, until it’s too late. It’s a slow progression and then one day we will realize just how much they own. Far as I’m concerned any Chinese investment company or business might as well be the Chinese government as they can take control at any time, and that does make them a national security concern.
    Ford and GM are not too big to be swallowed up and it could happen. Then again maybe I’m just being paranoid.


    21) They have been smart financially, but now they have a leader that is driven more by ideology than anything else. He also has a bit of a paranoia complex. What you see occurring is a pull back of business away from China. It is already beginning and will accelerate over the next 10 years. This is due to the irrational covid lockdowns causing substantial supply disruption, their alliance with Russia, and the saber rattling over Taiwan. Couple these issues with the fact that it is not really all that cheap to produce anything in China anymore. Labor is still cheaper but not appreciably so compared to places like Poland, india, vietnam. Shipping eclipses the cost and with the pandemic companies have realized that they are 1 boat shipment delay away from wiping any savings off the map and costing them millions of dollars. So the switch to a regional manufacturing footprint is occuring and you will see the balance shift dramatically as a result. All to say, don’t worry so much

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    An Alabama factory that makes parts for Kia and Hyundai employed children as young as 13, a Labor Department investigation found yesterday.

    The FLSA only permits children under the age of 14 to work in a limited range of jobs, including delivering newspapers, babysitting, and working for a business owned by their parents. Children aged 14 and 15 are prohibited from being employed in “hazardous” occupations.
    They allegedly hired three workers aged 13, 15, to operate plastic bonding machines and did not obtaining proper child-labor permits.
    SL Alabama, which has around 650 workers in the Alexander City area, manufactures headlights, rear combination lights, and side mirrors for automakers including Korean sister companies Hyundai and Kia.


    23) Wow. Putting aside the legal implications for the moment. I wonder where the parents were on this? Why did they allow their 13 year old to work in a car parts factory? Did the kid sneak out of the house for 40 hours per week? How did a 13 year old get to the factory? Did they ride their BMX bicycle? Did the factory work around the school schedule and did the school not notice anything? Then there are the other workers in the factory. Did they not notice their coworker was 13? So many questions….

  25. Lambo2015 Says:

    24 IDK but my guess would be these kids were children of maybe upper management and got a summer job or a few hours a week not thinking about the age restrictions. Maybe we will find out more.