AD #3435 – Lotus Reveals 1st Electric Model; Nissan Ariya Driving Impressions; Mercedes Quits Russian Market

October 26th, 2022 at 11:55am

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Runtime: 10:59

0:08 Mercedes Posts Strong Q3 Results
1:00 Mercedes Quits Russian Market
1:30 Hyundai Breaks Ground on U.S. EV Plant
2:18 U.S. & EU Form Task Force to Discuss EV Incentives
3:31 Opel Unveils Performance Version of Grandland SUV
4:33 Lotus Reveals 1st All-Electric Model
6:10 Honda Teases New Accord
7:06 Audi Partners with Sauber To Race in Formula 1
8:03 Nissan Ariya EV Driving Impressions

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13 Comments to “AD #3435 – Lotus Reveals 1st Electric Model; Nissan Ariya Driving Impressions; Mercedes Quits Russian Market”

  1. GM Veteran Says:

    Maybe the headline for the Lotus story should have been, Lotus Goes Mainstream. Not a bad thing, but this is the first “daily driver” I can recall from this brand. Not surprised that they have a lot of interest in it.

    The Nissan has a nice looking interior, especially compared to the “luxury” interior of Tesla models. What a refreshing change! Exterior styling is fine, and actually better than most any other current Nissan I can think of. The performance won’t be a problem for people buying it as a family vehicle. If people find the price to be palatable, they may have a winner on their hands.

  2. GM Veteran Says:

    I feel almost as bad for the Russian people as I do for the Ukrainians. Putin has ruined so much of Ukraine, and decimated the Russian economy in the process. Mercedes being one of the last few foreign firms heading for the door. Once on its way to becoming the second anchoring economy in Europe, along with Germany, Russia is now rapidly achieving third world status, at least economically, and is well on its way to becoming internationally irrelevant.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Wasn’t the first Lotus EV sold under the name “Tesla Roadster”?

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Russia is becoming irrelevant, economically, but is far from irrelevant otherwise, as they are destabilizing the entire world order.


    Do you think GM will sue Lotus over the name Eletre? Buick trademarked the Electra name long ago and is planning on bringing it back. Yes, the name is spelled differently, but sounds the same and is referring to different vehicles. It’s definitely going to lead to confusion.

  6. Lambo2015 Says:

    Certainly, the IRA gives US manufacturers an unfair advantage over EU and South Korean manufacturers. On one hand, We should support US manufacturing with US tax dollars.
    However on the other hand we are a free market society and the best product should win without government influence.
    Honestly what is the governments purpose in these tax breaks anyway? To promote EV adoption, or only US made EV adoption? Certainly if the government wanted to encourage US manufacturing they could certainly provide tax breaks for others to come set up facilities here in the US. That would bring the manufacturing here and not favor any particular manufacturer. I mean if the government would say any battery plant or EV asm plant built in the US will get a 5 year tax break it might create some jobs. Giving the OE a tax break on a new plant doesnt cost anything and the government gets income tax from the newly created jobs.
    However if we are a free market society then incentives for EVs over ICE is unfair too.

  7. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems it was just a year ago or so when the story was Nissan is way behind on EV’s. By the looks of the Ariya they’re doing just fine. I like that it doesnt have any strange design cues that scream I’m Electric. It very well could have been a newly designed ICE. It has a nice clean look with the restrictions of still being a CUV like so many others in that class and size. Even the interior seems to be just keeping up with the times and not some futuristic plain dash with a monster screen thrown in. I like it.

  8. Albemarle Says:

    While the Ariya looks to be a worthwhile vehicle, it’s just one car. Like the Leaf. Other manufacturers are introducing lines of vehicles. Even Toyota has shown an interest in multiple EV models. I was hoping for a path forward for Nissan, not just one new EV every 12 years.

  9. rick bradner Says:

    Lotus Electra: guessing they’re going to have to change the name as Buick has already copyright on it -

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Maybe they are spelling it “Eletre,” without a “c” because of Buick’s copyright, but the pronunciation is awfully close.

  11. Albemarle Says:

    9. Depends if you say it with a British or now Chinese accent?

  12. wmb Says:

    The Eletre name sounds like a Buick’s, but it also looks a lot like the Urus, too! Maybe both GM/Buick and VW/Lamborghini have a stick in this fight. Because Lotus is offering a electric Urus for less money, but more power, yet you can’t find it at a GM dealership, because it’s not a Buick, even though it’s name sounds like one; and it’s sold under a British name, but built in China! The interesting thing is that Lotus has a version of the Eletre that competes with the Cayenne, Cayenne Turbo, Turbo S AND the Urus! Just when the Model X Plaid had this market all to itself, here comes the Eletre R and it’s 900hp!

  13. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 You don’t need many models if you have a cult-like following. Tesla has only four models, with two of them accounting for the bulk of the sales. Yeah, it will be hard for Nissan to establish their own cult.