AD #3453 – A Problem with PHEVs; GM Dealers Fix Teslas; Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?

November 21st, 2022 at 11:54am

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Runtime: 9:09

0:08 BNEF: EV Sales Going Higher Than Expected
1:10 Macron: Don’t Make EVs In the U.S.
1:46 GM Dealers Fix Teslas
2:59 BYD Launches Two New EV Brands
3:58 Renault Reveals Hydrogen-Powered Minibus
4:43 Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?
6:08 Domino’s Orders 800 Bolt EVs
7:06 CATL Ramps Up Battery Swapping
7:44 A Problem with PHEVs

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15 Comments to “AD #3453 – A Problem with PHEVs; GM Dealers Fix Teslas; Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?”

  1. ChuckGrenci Says:

    So why wouldn’t PHEVs still have a ‘bridging’ benefit; even at the same price of ‘electrics’ there’s no range anxiety so still a win for quite a lot of people. This electric transition is going to rely on all types of propulsion so it will sort itself out (in time).

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    My guess is GM is fixing Tesla’s on collision repair due to that not being covered by warranty. It doesnt matter where they go, and the GM dealership network has probably the most available locations. Most likely just body repair, paint and glass.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    1 PHEVs vary widely in how well they work under certain conditions. Now that the Volt and i3 REx are gone, none of them truly work as an EV, even with a full battery. If you push the right pedal down hard, the ICE will run. Also, some of them get good mpg when running on gas after the battery is run down, but some do not. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid gets worse mpg running only on gas than the non-hybrid with the same 2 liter turbo engine. The Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid gets ~36% better mpg running only on gas than the non-hybrid version.

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    2 Can GM dealers get crash repair parts from Tesla, or do they need to get “grey market” parts from China?

    Speaking of Tesla, it appears that the wait is over, at least for some models. The store near me has an assortment of cars in stock, including Model Y Long Range, I think currently their most popular model.

  5. Lex Says:

    I would guess that GM-Chevy dealerships have the most experience with repairing electric vehicles.

    I heard that Tesla is setting up Service / Delivery center network around the country on Native American Trible Lands. This is one way to get around individual states dealership laws and allows Tesla to create and invest in technician training centers for those wanting a career in the electric automotive industry.

  6. Norm T Says:

    No BEV can match the up to 600 miles of range of my 2018 CT6 2.0E plug-in. Not that everyone needs that bladder-busting range but it is sure nice only stopping to gas up everyone month or two. My average of over 100 mpg and 2,000 miles per tank of gas eclipses all hybrids today.

  7. Lex Says:

    Automotive Battery Swapping is best suited for Taxi Fleets in major metropolitan cities. These vehicles run 24/7 365 with multiple drivers.
    This would reduce charging downtime and EV’s require less maintenance than ICE vehicles.
    The only major wear item on EV’s are tires due to the increased weight of the vehicle due to the battery.

    Maybe Nissan or another OEM should build a Nissan NV200 like BEV Taxi with a swappable battery pack.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 It looks like your car ties the non-hybrid CT6 with the 2.0 turbo.

    You are taking good advantage of the plug-in power. Do you charge it with a 120v outlet, or do you need to charge faster than that? I’d think overnight charging at the low rate might be fast enough.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 I found that your car ties the non-hybrid CT6 with the 2.0 turbo in EPA “combined” mpg.

    You are taking good advantage of the plug-in power. Do you charge it with a 120v outlet, or do you need to charge faster than that? I’d think overnight charging at the low rate might be fast enough.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:


  11. Lambo2015 Says:

    7 Yeah I dont see personal owners wanting to swap out their battery. I mean I guess it could be good or bad depending the cost.
    I know when I bought a brand new gas grill I was a bit reluctant to do the LP tank exchange and turn in my clean new tank for an older one. But then again as I had an old one from a camper that was a little rusty I was glad to exchange it. As long as the crappy batteries that do not have the range they should are removed from service I guess it could be a nice feature and eliminate that battery replacement concern.
    I’m with you tho that it makes more sense for fleet vehicles like Police, fire, garbage, mail, taxis, Busses and delivery vehicles.

  12. Ziggy Says:

    Sean said “Subsidies for people to buy electric cars are a political hot potato. But they sure do help sell EVs.” Too bad nothing after that supports this statement. I was waiting for a survey or report that showed people actually would not buy EVs without an incentive but no information like that was presented, which leads me to believe that they would buy them even without incentives, saving us taxpayers a ton of money.

  13. wmb Says:

    It’s crazy that leaders like Macron are up in arms about the US’s IRA, but want the EU to. Do the same thing! As has been said all along, another country has no right to stop another country from offering incentives to the inhabitants. At the same time, they have every right to offer the same,or similar incentives in their own country! It’s also amazing that some of the biggest leaders in the country’s that are making the most noise, are some the same with the biggest trade inequities, between them in the US.

    While Tesla may be saving by not having dealerships, having a competitor fix their customers vehicles, is not a good look either. They may not be able to control where a customer takes their vehicle, them going to a competitor for a repair that may be relatively quick, but still requires a half hour or so to do, could give them plenty of time to research the BEVs that they have in the pile line! When you look at, the new EV Equinox and Blazer are just a few months away, and after experiencing the convenience of hitting up the local Chevy dealer for maintenance (shock or strut repair due to a pot hole, or front end alinement, sway bar replacement, wheel bearings, etc.; there are also a number of Chevy dealers who do universal repair work on all makes a models, from different manufacturers), they might be able to see Chevrolet in their future!

    Ivan see BYD being successful in their home market with their new luxury brand(s), but have a hard time seeing having the same success abroad. Any company can make and build experience merchandise! Yet, while it may look good, have a timeless quality and make the owner feel special, many new luxury brands suffer, because they are missing the thing that many look for in the luxury products: history and legacy! Buyers will pay for new technologies, but for those who associate luxury with the products history and legacy, may over look the shiny new thing! Lexus, Acura, Infinity, Genesis and Polstar have been putting in the work, to go beyond just being premium offering and establishing themselves a true luxury my auto maker. This is something that takes time and even Lexus, despite its many strides, arguably, has not quite yet made the leap to be heralded in the same esteem as the Big German Three. So for BYD to just say that they are going to build a luxury brand(s) and for it to be respected in the eyes of the industry, auto journalists and the public around the world, remains to be seen!

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 Lexus is the only “luxury” brand from an Asian company that has done very well. Genesis has some very nice products, but none are selling well. Lexus did a good job of jump starting the brand with a “better S-Class” at a 30% discount, the first generation LS.

  15. Norm T Says:

    Kit 6) I usually and can charge up over 40 miles of range overnight at 12-amps on 120v. But times I don’t even charge at home but rather at work which is 12 miles away or 24 miles round trip.