AAH #52 – Stinky, Gas-Guzzling Bucket of Bolts

April 23rd, 2010 at 4:00am

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This week we welcome Doug Fehan, the man who’s the “heart and soul” of Corvette racing as the GM Racing Program Manager for the American Le Mans Series. He’ll be joining us to discuss what effect the GM Racing team had on the design of the latest Corvette and whether racing on cellulosic ethanol gives the team an advantage. Of course we’ll also get into the news of the week including a study that suggests the negative perception of domestic automakers is starting to change. John McElroy’s in studio with Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, as well as David Welch from BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News.

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One Comment to “AAH #52 – Stinky, Gas-Guzzling Bucket of Bolts”

  1. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Guys! This weeks show was among the best ever…

    Of course I’m biased being a vette owner..

    Great to hear the concept of racing and product revelance..Cascade engineering at its best..

    Now we just need the C7 to direct injection and a DSG tranny and corvette sales will skyrocket yet again..

    50 percent corvette owners buy manual transmission? I’m digging the M6 but still….DSG is too dam impressive not to have on the next vette..

    I’d bet 80 percent c7 owners would opt for the DSG option.. I know I would miss the clutch pedal but with the performance consistancy increase..It would be shortlived… swan song..

    Keep up the great work..Great show..

    Now get Bob Lutz on your show to tout his new book.. and discuss his opinions on the auto industry in general… and the direction of General Motors!

    Thanks again..

    JB (Jonathan Brown) the pizza maker out in old tappan NJ!!!