2009 Mazda 6

October 24th, 2008 at 2:03pm

Runtime: 3:21

Back in 2002 Mazda launched an all-new family sedan. Called the 6, it was designed to battle the segment-topping Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Nevertheless, it came up short in a few key areas, and it never sold as well as its targets. Blame it on a lack of horsepower as well as the fact that it was slightly smaller than its competition. For 2009, Hiroshima’s hometown automaker has completely redesigned the 6, and the results are truly eye opening.

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4 Comments to “2009 Mazda 6”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    Looks like a very competitive car. Had gasoline stayed at $4, it would have been difficult to reach sales goals, but with the retreat of oil prices, now the only worries are 1. can one get credit, and 2. can one keep their job?

  2. Tom Martin Says:

    Upon further review, I believe that the vehicle’s curb weight is reasonable at around 3,300 with the 4 cylinder, and the 20-29 mpg is good, but not great.

    I wish the 17-25 mpg for the 3.7 V6 would have been a little better.

  3. James Says:

    I own the supposedly “too small” first-gen 2007 Mazda 6. My 6 is as big as I need it to be, so of course I’m disappointed that Mazda is chasing the Camry-Accord crowd. Bigger is NOT necessarily better.

    Mazda wants to sell more cars, understandably, but I suspect that the sheep, uh, I mean people who buy Camrys and Accords will NOT look at anything else, despite the new 6 being superior in most categories, especially styling and fun-to-drive. I hope I’m wrong.

    Has anyone at Mazda questioned the wisdom of a 100-horsepower gap between the four-cylinder and V6 engines? 272 bhp is a great number to advertise, but 170 bhp is too little to move around the new, heavier 6 –there needs to be a middle ground. Ford updated the Duratec 3.0-litre V6 to 240 bhp for the Fusion –the same engine found in my 6– so this might be an ideal candidate for a future refresh.

  4. leo leo Says:

    why is ford hiding a nice 2008 ford taurus limited awd car from the public. it seems to me that mazada 6 is like above car . whats up with ford i am confused