Instant Impression – Chevy Volt

October 28th, 2010 at 10:33am

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GM has been hyping the Chevrolet Volt for years and now Autoline has finally had a chance to drive the company’s extended-range EV. Is it a game changer like GM says it is or does it fall short of the hype? Click “play” to find out.

11 Comments to “Instant Impression – Chevy Volt”

  1. shan Says:

    I truly think the Chevy Volt is a window into the not-so-distant future of EV’s and Hybrid vehicles. The technology is stunning on the Volt and one can only imagine how a few more generations of this model and cars like it will evolve. While it’s true, that EV’s and Hybrid will only capture a small portion of the market, their number will surely grow once the infrastructure is more developed for recharging them. Also, I think once companies figure out how to make batteries without the rare earth elements. that should help keep cost down. Automakers today… do an amazing job in getting rid of inefficiencies and waste in producing a car.

  2. John Says:

    John-great review. It was nice to actually see a review/impression as opposed to a political commentary.

    I think its such a great feeling to see so many great small cars coming out of Detroit whether they be conventional or electric or otherwise.

    What a change from just a few years ago!


  3. Episode 511 – Global Car Sales Improve, Nissan New Mobility CONCEPT, Chevy Volt Test Drive – Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] package was going to run too long for this show. But you can catch the entire test drive on the John’s Journal section of our website at [...]

  4. PW Says:

    The difference nobody talks about at GM is the BIGGEST difference between LEAF and Volt… LEAF has NO TAILPIPE. It is totally gasoline-free, so your money stays inside the US and your state and doesn’t go to the Middle East. That’s why I’m buying a LEAF.

  5. JB Says:

    Probably the best review done on the volt. Autoline is the best of the best without a doubt.

    Excellence to be expected and always delivered.

    Thanks for your efforts.


  6. RonD Says:

    I don’t believe that Rare Earth Elements are used in the battery. The battery uses Lithium which is an alkali metal. Lithium is used because it is the lightest element and least dense solid element. About half of the know reserves are in Bolivia. Some electric motors use Neodymium super magnets. Although Neodymium is called a “rare earth” metal it is not rare as compared with many metals and is widely distributed in the Earth’s crust, although the bulk is produced in China. Anyway, the Volt (and Tesla) wisely use an induction motor which does not require the super magnets with rare earth metals. It is not dependent on rare earth metals. The Toyota and Ford hybrids use permanent magnet motors which need Neodymium. I’m not sure what type of motor the Leaf has.

  7. RonD Says:

    JB, enjoy your impractical Leaf. Many people, myself included, travel a distance greater than the Leaf’s range at least one day a week. Because of the limited range a second car would be required on those days. That is hardly practical. All the Leaf is good for is short trips around town, I can ride a bike or take public transit for that type of use.

  8. RonD Says:

    Sorry, the previous comment was in reply to PW not JB.

  9. Nick Stevens Says:

    While I believe everything John said about this STUPID, STUPID Vehicle, it does not change my very lkow opinion of this useless POS ONE IOTA.

    Only DUMB Geeks will buy it, and government organizations that are FORCED to. As well as the ideologue at GE Immelt who wants to buy 45,000 EVs and Volts (I assume) for his sales force.

    The MARKETS NEVER WANTED THIS STUPID, STUPID $41,000 COBALT, you can get for $17k or less!

  10. rockylong Says:

    John never said any thing about how the car can produce heat for winter time driving, or even A/C for summer time driving. Does it even have heat? Is this thing like the VW’s of yesteryear where no heat really got into the car…….I think i would buy a car like this but only if ford makes one!

  11. carl Says:

    I want someone to actually drive this thing on an over the road trip – say 200 miles. Start out with a full battery charge and report on how much gasoline was used. Only then will we have a true idea on what the real world mileage will be.