AAH #80 – LIVE from L.A.

November 19th, 2010 at 9:11pm

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And now for something completely different. This week John McElroy comes to you from the Pacific time zone in the great city of Los Angeles. Autoline is out west this week covering the L.A. Auto Show, and we’re getting together with some of our left coast colleagues to do an AAH from the land of CARB and some really out-of-control cars. We’ll be joined by Chelsea Sexton, EV enthusiast, Matt DeLorenzo from Road & Track and Charlie Vogelheim of Intellichoice. Of course, the group will be discussing the major news out of this week’s show and much more.

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2 Comments to “AAH #80 – LIVE from L.A.”

  1. stas peterson Says:

    I have heard you several times talk as if a tremendous increase in gas taxes would bring instant Nirvana.

    I say BALONEY!!

    Europe has tremendous gas taxes. So where is all the automotive advances? What do they lead in? Absolutely nothing.

    Automotive advances are happening in toxic emissions and exotic drivetrains in Asia and America. Meanwhile Europeans drive cramped, sooty, dirty, polluting, stink-pot, diesels, much worse than we would allow here.

    I travel there on business frequently, and gag every time I arrive in Paris, until my nose acclimates to the diesel stink. I think the air is actually getting worse there, and all over Europe.

    American air is rapidly getting cleansed, even in Los Angeles. It certainly isn’t like the old days, even in LA-LA land. Automotive advances like HEVs, BEVs, EREVs, PHEVs, HCCI and PCCI are all being readied here, or in Asia. Along with bringing to market different ICE cycles like the Atkinson and Miller cycle ICE engines.

    American technology has cleansed the Otto cycle ICE much more thananyone anticiapted, to the point that the air in the tailpipe is pristine, if a little deficient in O2. Even CARB loony tunes can’t keep up with D3 progress in cleansing the ICE.

    Their proposed LEV III, next generation air regulations, mandate sub T2B2 air out of the tailpipe. In other words they will mandate perfectly clean cars, as if they were EVs.

    Even the CARB loons, had to admit fully 25% of the cars on the road already meet that PZEV standard, the very definition of perfectly clean, breathable, and pristine air.

    Such a compliant ICE powered car would actually be better than an EV. As they suck in polluted ambient air, and pump out clean air.

    It will be as if the government were to mandate the citizens to buy and to run “clean air pumps” to purify the ambient air.

    Meanwhile your gas tax havens in Europe are considering implementing air regulations, not as tight as the USA had in 1980, and won’t get them into force until 2016.

    Inregard to electric cars, they aren’t even in the battery races at all.

    So just what is the big benefit of tremendously increased gas taxes? Frankly, I’d rather give the money to the Oil Sheiks or Detroit, the producers. One would at least dig a another oil hole, and the D3 would produce another car that gets a few more mpgs.

    The only thing the government would produce is more regulations telling me what’s good for me, like I’m an idiot too dumb to come in out of the rain.

  2. Truman Lewis Says:

    What i would like to know is what will it cost to recharge your electric car?