AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Plug-Ins Won’t Crash the Electric Grid

November 7th, 2008 at 12:33pm

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WWJ Newsradio 950

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Can the electrical grid take it if we plug in millions of electric cars? Well here’s what GM and the electric utilities have to say about that.

The Electric Power Research Institute, or EPRI, is a research organization for electric utilities. And they love the idea of plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Far from being a burden on the grid, EPRI says that if we plugged 10 million electric cars into the grid it would only add about 1 percent more electric load.

The reason is that plug-ins don’t use that much energy, at least not compared to other products in our homes. For example, GM claims a plug-in electric car like the Chevy Volt would use less electricity than your refrigerator or a central air conditioning system.

So even though the grid may have other issues, plugging in millions of cars will not bring it to its knees.

One Comment to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Plug-Ins Won’t Crash the Electric Grid”

  1. Julius Lambert Says:

    There is no problem,They will just build more coal fired powerhouses,spew out a lot of polution,and we have not gained anything.This is like asking the head of the WOOD BUTCHERS if we should build anything out of wood or stone.If the majority of the EVs were charged over night when demand and rates are low this may work.I am all for the EVs.ALSO I think we should CAN the GRID.There are PATENTs available where as each dwelling,small buisness,factories,could have their OWN POWER SUPPLIER on site.Just think,no worry about storms,Ugly lines strung all over GODs great earth.They would be very economical–Big Money Boys do not want you to have,or you would have already had it.You have to expand the economy.Individual units would be going in the wrong direction.Have you ever been in a hotel with one massive heating/cooling unit,and it BREAKS DOWN.Every customer suffers.In one with individual units when a break down happens,only small suffering.Think of FEMA that is our tax dollars at work going down the drain.