AAH #82 – Super Sonic

December 10th, 2010 at 4:09pm

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This week while McElroy is out on business, the Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, takes the wheel as we get into some of the hottest news and most controversial topics. Chevy’s Aveo gets renamed the “Sonic” and production comes home to Michigan. Porsche makes its return to the North American International Auto Show, but what will it debut? A new study reveals that Ford and Honda have the most loyal customers and “fun to drive” is becoming a more important buying consideration. Peter is joined in studio by Scott Burgess of The Detroit News and Keith Naughton of Bloomberg News.

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2 Comments to “AAH #82 – Super Sonic”

  1. Earl Long Says:

    Hello Peter & John: That caller you had re GM closing all their dealers in La Peer is all to typical, needless to say, on closing down dealers.What gets me is that some of them had spent anywhere from a million to 5 million to up
    grade their facilities and then were given the pink slip.However,they had to get rid of a lot of small town dealers that only sold 35 to 50 new cars a year but 20 times that in used cars.The franchise with it’s nice signage gave their used car dealership a bit of a good image and legitimacy.
    Another problem that GM has at it’s dealerships is i their sales organization.They have sales people that can sell Aveo’s and Malibu’s and now Cruze’s but can’t talk to the person that comes in to buy a Cadillac.The professionalism in their sales staff particularly here in Canada just isn’t their.The salesaman at a GM,Chrysler and Ford dealership no longer comes to work presentable looking.None of them own a white shirt and tie.I’ll bet some don’t even an up to-date suit or sports coat and slacks.
    Now it’s a different story at the Mercedes and BMW dealerships.Here in Canada the C series MB outsells the CTS and this shouldn’t be.The reason is the MB salesman is a professional as opposed to being a stumblebum.
    When you interview guests in the new year ask these high priced executives at the domestic dealerships about how they are going upgrade the salesman just not the facilities.
    All the best for2011.
    P S; I’m the chap that sent you the piece last summer on”How to lose your job as a tv interviewer’
    Earl Long.

  2. LEX Says:


    Sonic is a stupid name for the Aveo! Chevy should rename the Aveo’s to Trackers! The former Geo Tracker is a distance memory.