Episode 554 – Car and Truck of the Year, VW’s NMS Gets a Name, Toyota Shows Off Prius Family

January 11th, 2011 at 9:00am

Runtime 4:52

The big car and truck of the year awards are finally announced. Volkswagen’s “New Midsize Sedan” gets an official name and a reveal. Toyota shows off its Prius family. All that and much more in this special edition from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


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50 Comments to “Episode 554 – Car and Truck of the Year, VW’s NMS Gets a Name, Toyota Shows Off Prius Family”

  1. Bob Says:

    We did not get the Diesel A6, but the Hybrid is great too!

    “The new A6 hybrid is a front-wheel drive affair that offers Audi’s 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder with a 45-horsepower/155 pound-feet of torque electric motor sitting ahead of the eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox. A modest 1.3 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack is resident in the trunk to generate 39 kW. Audi quotes an estimated combined fuel economy rating of 38 miles per gallon, noting that the A6 Hybrid can be coaxed up to 62 mph strictly on electricity, and it has a pure-electric range of three kilometers (1.86 miles).”

  2. dcars Says:

    This auto show was almost dead, it’s come roaring back. Toyota sounds like it’s taking a page out of the Oldsmobile book. they are calling all their new models Pirus, in the 70′s and 80′s Olds was calling all their new models started with Cutlass – Calais, Cruiser, Ciera, Salon, Supreme.

  3. dave Says:

    Volt car of the year..the <300 new owners should happy

  4. pedro fernandez Says:

    If in 6 mos I have only seen 2 Fiestas around these parts, I think I have a better chance of getting hit by a bolt of lightning seeing a Volt.

  5. pedro fernandez Says:

    THAN seeing a Volt, sorry

  6. tj Martin Says:

    An explanation ;

    So why TJ you might ask , the VeloToaster ?

    Let me explain ;

    Every bit of press I’m reading about the Hyundai Veloster the main thing ( and in most cases the ONLY thing ) the press seems to have to say about the car is its Connectedness to the Internet etc. .

    So ;

    Take one 18 -25 year old ADD afflicted Driver that would be interested in this car : already with the attention span of a Dyslexic HummingBird .

    Multiply times four for all the devices etc. ( Notebooks ,Smart Phones , MP3 player etc. ) he/she already owns .

    Add five for all the diversions he/she has ( FaceBook Twitter Email Etc ) available

    Multiply times two because now all the diversions are readily accessible to the Driver in the Veloster

    And you’ve got yourselves….. within months of purchase ;

    The Instant VeloToaster .

    But on the bright side I suppose we could look at it ( VeloToaster ) as a benign , self imposed method of Population Control .

    :o )

  7. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    I guess here in the Mid West , buyers seem to like the new Fiesta . Not a day goes by that I don’t see at least 2-4 on the road .

    The VOLT ? We don need no stinkin VOLT !

  8. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    One for you to fill in the blank if you would ;

    What do you get when a Hamster drives a Veloster ? ( VeloToaster )

    ___________ ?

    (I’m guessing you’ll come up with a better answer than I would )

  9. Bob Says:

    Regardless of how few or how many fiestas you see in different parts of the US,

    the TOTAL picture is one of UTTER FAILURE, and it is 100% Ford’s fault, when it greedily priced the cute little POS at as high as $23k.

    if you look at the detailed sales data, you don’t have to wait for the new Hyundai Accent to kick the Fiesta’s back, as Krafcik famously predicted today.

    In fact, the Chevy CRUZE has been kicking the SIESTA’s (a far more appropriate name, given its DISMAL sales so far) butt all tha way from one end of the US to the other!

    If you look at the detailed production, sales and inventory data (go to Automotive News, but it is not a free site)

    You will see that the Cruze has a tiny inventory, 30 days or so, as does the stellar Equinox, while the Fiesta is accumulating hundreds of days of inventory and has less than HALF the sales of the Cruze, DESPITE the tens of millions wasted to advertise it for months now.

    Looks like that ugly dog the Ford transit Connect’s dismal failure all over again?

  10. pedro fernandez Says:

    Ford already slapped a $500 rebate on the Fiesta, but what they really need to do is lower the price specially the hatch. Being built in cheap-labor Mexico, they could drop the price and still make a profit, but yet they rather let them sit in the lots and at the end of the year they’ll say: “See, American don’t want small cars after all”.

  11. tj Martin Says:

    Bob my good man ;

    Hmmn . Funny ! For all the hyperbole expressed about the success of the Cruze and the failure of the Fiesta ( which in all honesty I couldn’t care less whether it flies or fails )

    I’ve yet to see one solitary Cruze on the highways and bi-ways of my fair Mid West City .

    The Equinox ? A few here and there . Though in all honesty its the Honda/Acura equivalents that rule the roost here ( no clue why but there it is )

    The Hyundai ? Of any model ? Barely one or two a week . With the even rarer KIA . Once again the Honda equivalents being the rule with Toyota/Scion second .

    The MINI ? Tons of them . Including more than a few of the originals ( with a Honda engine in it )

    Truth be known I see more Fiestas in a week than all models of the pretentious Hyundai/KIA duo combined .

    So could it be that the Stats are being stacked ? Or that Ford has put out more Fiestas than its competitors have their models ? Who knows ?

    But I’ll tell you this much . As a MINI owner that Fiesta is a damn fine little car .

  12. tj Martin Says:

    Oh Bob ;

    Once again here in my City the Transit is doing quite well thank you . With more and more Trades , Delivery Services etc, switching over to them by the month .

    Why ? Couldn’t tell you . But again . There it is .

  13. pedro fernandez Says:

    tj do you know the availability of the Fiesta in your area? here, the Autonation Ford dealer has about 170 in stock. I see more early 90′s Accords driving around on any given day than any of these new cars in months. Must be the depressed economy around here.

  14. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    I havent seen a Fiesta in weeks, but then again I live in a metro area with like 16% unemployment too.

    If I lost my job, I would definately have to move.

    Speaking about the Economy every 40 years there’s a shift. There’s also a governmental shift during these times as well.

    1850s=Agrarian to semi Industrial
    (There was also a Mini depression during this time) Governmental shift=State based priority for Federal based priority (Started the Civil war)

    1890s=Semi Industrial to Fully Industrial
    (There was a huge depression-the second worst in history that time.) Governmental Shift=Federal based Priority to a Semi Corporate government

    1930s=Industrial to semi professional
    (Great Depression) Governmental Shift=Semi Corporate to Democratic welfare state

    Leader Types:

    Genocidal Dictators (Hitler, Mao, Stalin), International Statesmen (Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kruschev)

    1970s=Semi Professional to Fully Professional
    (Huge Recession) Governmental shift= Democratic Welfare State to Right Wing Corporatist police state. (A Society that cares about people’s privacy rights expect for drug use, and punishes such drug use very harshly.)

    Leader Types:

    -False dictators who lack true discipline(Saddam, Kaddafi, Idi Amin), and clean Cut Corporate puppets (Clinton, Regan, Bush Family, Thatcher, Blair)

    2010s=Fully Professional to semi Technical
    (A bad recession that could turn into a depression if Quantitative easing #2 fails-The Fed announced today they could have been too hasty and it might fail.)

    Governmental Shift=Right Wing Corporatist Police State to Left Wing Corporatist police state. (A society where drugs and prostitution are legal, but there are cameras everywhere and companies share a common database of your life story to push products on their customers they cant truly afford, and if you’re religious basic rights once guranteed in a free society are now taken away.)

    Leader Types:
    -Hands off managers who allow everybody else be their own “Leader,” but will punish you with an iron fist if you blow it. Your best friend on their good side, and your worst enemy on their bad side. (Obama is the first one, HyundaiSmoke is another one, the last one of these leaders is the New Messiah)

    -Strict Regimental Dictators that rule by the sword, and rule to gain power and respect by stealing other people’s ideas for their personal/business gain. (That’s Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Jong Il, and the Antichrist will be the last of these people)

  15. tj Martin Says:

    pedro – I’ll see if I can find the numbers . FYI the economic downturn was about two years late in coming to KC so that may have something to do about it . But coming it is ( won’t affect my household ) so who knows what tomorrow will bring .

  16. tj Martin Says:

    I KNEW IT !

    All these Hyundai/KIA shills . THEY ARE A CULT ! Just look at HyundaiSmokes last post . Sheeesh . These Brainwashed Hyundai/KIA Hamster cult members make the Moonies and the Hare Krishna members look down right sane .

    Oh but guess what ? I know their secrete Mantra .

    NamayoHyundaiGeckio Or for the KIA members ;


    So who’s your main deity there HS ? That one I’m not privy to .

  17. pedro fernandez Says:

    tj this area thrived on the real estate price boom and construction, when it all collapsed it took down just about everything, from construction to financing,insurance, home services etc etc and it has had a ripple effect that has touched just about every aspect of life, (even attorneys) so new car sales have plummeted, most of the few new cars you see are rentals.

  18. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Twitter and Facebook are good ways to make money or draw people to your cause or service. Twitter is also a good place if you’re looking to turn your movement, style, or event from being “an LA thing” “A NYC thing” “a Detroit thind” to a national thing. This includes Riots.

    However, Facebook is the Devil. The whole story about how Facebook was created, etc. makes it even more insidious. The same thing happened to Sears and Roebuck, and now Sears is an irrelevant companay on their death bed- God/Karma/Yin and Yang (whatever you believe) catches up somehow someway.

    Yes, Facebook is that “Database” I mentioned in my above post.

    Soon, employers will say “Iou can’t apply for a job here without a Facebook page, and a Resume that everybody can see. You also have to be active on that page almost daily, and have friends on your wall who update regularly”

    Gen Y is an extreme Generation. Some of us will Kill to maintain our privacy, and some of us are total anti-privacy Dictators who want to know every single detail about other people to the point of knowing how many Bowel Movements those unfortunate souls take per day. It was engrained by the Corporate Public school in our youth.

    Gen Y is beautiful yet scary. Gen Y is filled with the saviors of mankind, and the destroyers of mankind. Baby Boomers secretly know this, as they trained us to be this way. This will be a Good vs Evil confligration. Will Good win? Yes, but evil will rule and force good to fight them.

  19. dcars Says:

    I seeing the way gas prices are going, that sales of small fuel efficient cars will start to take over the market. A great example is the Detroit Auto Show. The car of the year is the Volt, the other big news from Chevy is the Sonic. The convention center is filled with electric, hybrids and high mileage cars.
    I don’t see a lot Fiesta’s on the road but I do see lots of the Chevy Cruze. You’d think that Ford will see increasing sales of it’s small cars.

  20. tj Martin Says:

    HyundaiStopSmokinAlready ;

    Where do you get your History from young man ? The back of a Cereal Box ? Fortune Cookies ? Mr. PeaBody & Sherman ? Aesop’s Foibles ?

    Seriously . Your dates / time scales and facts are on a very good day seriously fictitious . Not to mention your Biblical thoughts and Theological ideas verging on the Heretical .

    Oh but why do I bother ? Clueless is what HS is . Or if you prefer the King Crimson interpretation .

    Starless and Bible Black

  21. pedro fernandez Says:

    Dcars: NOT at those prices. The Fiesta is priced like a premium small car, It’s not.

  22. dcars Says:

    We are traditionally a Chevy Town so most trucks and vans are Chevy’s. I’ve noticed lots of ford Transit Connects. Mostly light commercial applications, flower shops and Balloon greetings etc.

  23. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    Brother I know( family in your state ) . Arizona ( Phoenix ) and Las Vegas have been hit just as bad if not worse .

    We may not get it that bad , but with all the severe Over Development ( 30% new construction vacancy rate ) housing prices ( and sales ) are feeling it right now . Glad we decided to rent when we moved here 3 years ago ( FA and CPA said you’re out of the housing market , when we sold our last home , So stay out )

    Car sales still seem to be steaming ahead for the moment . With Used Car sales leading the way big time .

  24. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Like I said, Toe Jam. I’m a hands off manager, everybody else is their “Own Leader.” If they don’t like Hyundai/KIA products there’s the door, and don’t let it hit you on the ass when you go out.

    There’s plenty of other car companies people can drive in the world, but why do they pick Hyundai/KIA?


    I started the Revolution, and it’s evolving on it’s own because everybody is their ‘Own leader.”

  25. tj Martin Says:

    Maybe what drives Ford sales here is ;

    1) Ford Factory here in town
    2) Harley Davidson factory as well ( their tie in with Ford )

    That “Might” help explain why more Fiestas and Transits here .

    But like I said Honda/Acura rules in this town . Don’t get me wrong they’re great cars . But why the dominance here is beyond me .

  26. dcars Says:

    I’ve never priced out a Fiesta, but if it’s not priced right it won’t sell. Especially in Buffalo. Geez I haven’t seen a Mr. PeaBody & Sherman cartoon in years, a real blast from the past.

  27. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    LMAO Toe jam are you kidding me? :D Check your history.

    Umm there was a Depression in the 1850s.
    The 1890s were a lost decade because of that horrible depression.
    We know about the 30s the 70s, etc… What didn’t I say that wasn’t accurate?

    LMAO. You’re a Riot, and a favortie of my haters.

  28. tj Martin Says:

    Who’s this Toe Jam fellow ? Anyone know who or what HyundaiStopSmokinItNow is referring to ? Its the second time I’ve seen him address this character . New Member I’m unaware of ? HS’s ongoing delusions ? Perhaps the Hyundai/KIA Cults main Deity ? That’d make sense .Toe Jam and Hyundai/KIA go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly .

    That must be it . The inner sanctum name for their Deity . Shame on you HS for Revealing that . From what I understand there’s dire consequences in store for you . Burning at the Stake , Dunking , Torture or worse yet making you drive a YUGO for the rest of your life , type consequences .

  29. pedro fernandez Says:

    TJ I always believed the middle of the country was more for American brands than the East and West and So Fla which has always been a foreign brand area. Over here, Honda, Toyota and the Germans are the most popular

  30. tj Martin Says:

    dcars ; What can I say ? Old Guys Rule and we gotta stick together .

  31. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    It came as a bit of a shock , when we moved here to find this to be such an overwhelming Honda/Acura town .

  32. tj Martin Says:

    Where Ford completely screwed up with the new Fiesta was NOT releasing it back when the 007 film had it splashed all over the Big Screen for much of the movie .

    I still remember the outcry from the US car buying public about Ford NOT bringing the Fiesta here back then .

    So maybe part of its poor sales now ( lets face it the MINI is more expensive ) is a bit of a backlash from this.

    Opportunity missed . Big time !

  33. pedro fernandez Says:

    Part of the blame for the poor sales numbers for the fiesta falls on the dealers who tried to push loaded Fiesta hatchbacks at full MSRP plus whatever the market would allow, that gave the car the reputation of being overpriced and most people wont even look at it even though I saw a few hatch models around $20k, but when you got the Fit, a proven, well received and nicely packaged car for the same or lower price, forgetaboutit.

  34. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Dude, 1849-1850s Gold rush-people who were looking for money because of a depression.

    1890s Alaska gold rush-People who were looking for money becaue of a depression.

    1930s War to pull us out of a Depression

    1970s Oil Boom to pull us out of a recession

    2010s? A Personal and Coporate Data Boom to pull us out of this mess we are in. It will but on the other side we will become total slaves to it.

    Biotech/Medical boom, and on the other side Human lifespan will double at the least.

    Mining Boom- Not just on Earth, but in space too. Come on now. You actually think NASA and Corporations would spend billions on minerals and space mining research in space if there wasnt a potential reward of trillions behind it?

    Corporate Social Services/Personal and Community Redevelopment boom to help the people who need it, but eventually this will be corrupted too. The government and non-profits are unable to help people anymore, but corporations have the money and resources to do so. Just say it is, as there are housing agencies already who take money from the very banks that are foreclosing on their clients homes the housing agency is tasked to save.

  35. tj Martin Says:

    HS ; Now who is this Dude moniker you’re addressing ? I don’t know of a Dude on this site .

    Oh but I do know about the Mutant Dude Cell Syndrome . Its what happens to you when you keep smoking that stuff you’re smoking , and at some point all Proper Names leave your vocabulary .

    FYI ; If you must know . I prefer the Shepherd Book model of leadership .

    More than willing to save your Soul ( if you let him )

    More than able to Kick Your ______ ( if he needs to )

    Now thats my kind of Leader !

  36. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    Agencies with board members who are also employees of banks who hurt the people that agency is tasked to save.

    Crisis profiteering. They create a crisis, provide a solution, and profit off of the solution.

    Everybody does that even Hyundai.

    They had the talent to produce the designs they are producing now for years, but they waited for the right time (recession) to execute. People love Joel Piaskowskis “Fluidic Sculpture” design, but he also designed the previous gen products many of you thought were ugly or stale.

    Come on now, Ford and GM are the same. Ford waited until now to brign over their Euro cars, as in good times people who totally bitch and moan about the price. GM had the engineers to produce good product for years but never used them because they wanted a welfare check, and in order to get this welfare check the company would have to implode. In order for the company to implode THEY WOULD HAVE TO MAKE SHIT CARS THAT ARE SO BAD YOU CANT EVEN GIVE THEM TO PEOPLE

    Sometimes this is good, but sometimes this is bad-very bad.

    GM, Hyundai, and Ford played it super smart.

  37. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    Not that it shock me to hear it , but I had no idea Ford dealers were being that Stupid/Greedy with Fiesta Sales in the beginning .

    If thats the case , then the dealers are now getting exactly what they deserve . Too bad Ford , the Company has to suffer for their dealerships Ills .

  38. tj Martin Says:

    I do believe HyundaiSmoke is giving us what amounts to a Sermon , in his religion/cults practice . Endless mis-information , Hyundai/KIA propaganda , Dogma and fluff . With the occasional unneeded Profanity to bring a point to his utter meaninglessness .

    Not sure if we should bow our heads . Genuflect or just walk away before getting bored to Death or Conversion .

    Think I’ll walk away .

  39. pedro fernandez Says:

    These dealers thought they had such a hot product coming in that they could make all kinds of profits on it, now they’re stuck with unsold bunch of them and no buyers. I remember when the car was first announced they threw in a real low price and then BOOM!

  40. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    Just to give an example as to Honda/Acura’s dominance here , in the TownHouse Complex we live in ( fairly up market for here ) out of eleven units we have ;

    8 Honda/Acura’s
    3 Toyotas (2 Prius 1 Matrix )
    2 BMW’s ( X5′s )
    1 MINI
    1Mazda ( Mazda 3)
    2 Fords ( Escapes )
    1 Infintiy ( FX50 )

    Any parking lot or event in the city gives pretty similar results as far as Brands and Foreign vs Domestic are concerned .

  41. tj Martin Says:

    pedro ;

    Forgot to include two Lexus’s in the #40 tally

  42. pedro fernandez Says:

    Tj Are these Hondas and Acuras late models or older ones.?

  43. HyundaiSmoke Says:

    You’re what’s wrong with this society toe jam. You have no values, and you said it yourself, you believe in the sheep philosophy.

    Those who are religious aren’t sheep despite what popular media and culture has brainwashed you to think. I used to believe in such elitist dribble as you do know.

    I’ve grown up, you like most Baby Boomers ovbiously haven’t.

    In religion you’re allowed to be your “own leader,” and it is up to you to follow the tenets of those beliefs. Hence, you are your own leader.

    It is the Atheists who are sheep, disavowing religion in order to be “cool.”

    Your shephered Leadership style disallows such indivduality, and such a style creates a society of 50-60 year old Children who believe anything the TV tells them to believe, who believe anything someone who is purposely trying to brainwash them to be evil just because they have a Ph.d attached to their name-LIKE MOST BABY BOOMERS INCLUDING MY PARENTS.

    Baby Boomers are soooo…. brainwashed by the idea of labels.

    Who cares if it’s a Hyundai as long as it works good, feels comfortable, a value proposition, and makes you feel good after driving it? Who cares if you’re employing a Black guy as long as he does the work right? Who cares if this guy had a Ph.d who happens to be telling you to do the absolute wrong things in life? Who cares if this person sounds like a conspiracy theorist when the explanations of those “theories” make absolute sense as to why society has gone down the tubes? Who cares if he’s a CEO and doesnt wear a traditional suit?

    As long as the product, people, ideas, etc.. are good younger folks dont care what label is attached to it.

    Baby Boomers allow themselves to be fed shit, because that shit has a nice cushy easy to deal with label, a nice name title, a branding herritage, a “non threatening” reputation, etc…


    Their cars are and have been absolute shit (in GMs case it’s improving vastly), but they will buy it anyway because it has a “Trusted” label.

    Baby Boomers will rather employ a coke headed, corrupt, deviant White Guy as a CEO or a journalist or whatever, because that’s the “safe” thing to do. The White guy might have the “safe” label, but there are others who can easily outwork that guy and have better ideas that can make more money than that guy who arent given opportunities, or given Lesser opportunities because they don’t have the “safe” label.

    Speaking about safety, Baby Boomers are safety crybabies as well. Maybe years of playing with tin and toys coated in unsafe paints that would make even China shutter today, and the absolute lack of safety protections on the job and in cars in their early lives made them this way.


    How would anybody with any kind of modicum of sense buy a Volvo over a Hyundai, or buy a Volvo over anything else except a Toyota? It’s because of labels and safety.

    The existence of Volvo, and the Falsely Elevated Cult Status of Toyota itself says it all right there about Baby Boomers. The resilience of GM and Chrysler, despite the fact that company should have been out of business years ago shows it yet again.

    If things were allowed to evolve the way they were supposed to be America would have only one car company, and that’s Ford. Not only that, Ford would have been America’s only car company since about 1990, as everything that Chrysler made since 1990 and Everything that GM has made from 1990 to 2005 has been or was a total wash.

    The market were to truly work the way it was meant to be Honda should be in bankruptcy has their designs have been jacked up since anout 2000.

    The influence of the Japanese themselves held Korean design ambitions back 5 years. Why rush to build something that looks sweet, when people are so brainwashed and obssessed with labels. Let’s take out time. Like I said, Hyundai has had that design talent in that organization for years, but why break a sweat when the Japanese and Germans are designing shit, and the Americans were deisgning shit?

    It’s the Americans in fact who woke the Koreans up and pushed them to use the designs that otherwise would get passed for something more conventional. Those 2003 MY+ better designed American cars lit a fire under the Koreans.

    And the Germans, my God. This ultimately proves that baby Boomers are nothing but adult children obssessed with labels. Why would anybody buy such understated overpriced crap that breaks constantly?

    A Cadillac looks like a real Luxury car, a “New Buick” looks like a luxury car, and Merc is almost there. The rest of the lux makes=Toyotas

    There shouldnt be a reason for anybody to buy an Infiniti, a Lincoln, a Chrysler, an Acura, over a comparable Hyundai in the same class. Especially any Chrysler, Lincoln, or Acura.

    Lincoln is supposed to be up there with Cadillac, not down with Hyundai, Acura, and Chrysler.

    Audi shows that Gen Xers are brainwashed by labels too, but not as much. The interiors are nice, but the outside still doesnt convince me why I should pay that much for one.

  44. bob Says:


    Re the Cruze and the Fiesta, I am not in the market for either one, but I appeciate the success of the first and the failure of the second, thanks to Ford’s Greed (I see Mark Fields’ hand in this.. why has Alan Mullaly not fired that jerk yet?)

    My account of the sales disaster of the Siesta and the success of the Cruze was NOT exaggerated.

    And even if you don’t care, you should, first as a US taxpayer, the better GM does, the less likely are we to bail them out again,

    And in addition, what does it matter how many of each you see where you live? This is only anecdotal evidence. I am talking about the ENTIRE US, the sales numbers, which are accurate and not exaggerated.

    IN December, the Cruze sold over 10,000 copies while the fiesta barely 5,000. (while the Fusion sold over 20,000, and the Equinox 22,000++, whether you see any where you l;ive or not) The bloated Fiesta inventories are killing Ford

  45. bob Says:

    Re the Hyundai Accent: The current models 2010 sales were really pitiful, barely over 50,000 for the whole YEAR (the Civic sold more than that, 53,000, in May 08 ALONE)

    BUT the new ACCENT looks far, far better than the old one. It could do much, much better. If it is priced right, of course.

  46. bob Says:

    “# pedro fernandez Says:
    January 11th, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Tj Are these Hondas and Acuras late models or older ones.?”

    Good point, Pedro! I bet most Acuras are quite old, and the Hondas not too young either.

    Also good point about expecting Ford to say that Americans don’t want small cars based on setting up the Fiesta for Failure first, with its $23k price tag

  47. pedro fernandez Says:

    Just saw an image of the 2012 Accent and it looks like a mini version of the Sonata, I wish the designers had not been that lazy and come up with something more fitting for a small car.

  48. bob Says:

    The new Accent i saw was a hatchback and did not look one bit like the Sonata. it was very stylish and did not look cheap as the current Accent does.

  49. pedro fernandez Says:

    The one I saw had the name “Verna”, it must be meant for another market, the other one I saw was a black camouflaged 4 door and it has a great posture, this Fiesta is in bigger trouble that before. I honestly don’t see the new Focus doing that well if they price it high, the way they did with the Fiesta

  50. GPL Says:

    Hey, Bob,

    I don’t have as easy access to detailed sales information as you seem to. How do the sales of the Fiesta compare to the Yaris, Fit, and other B cars? B cars don’t typically fare so well in the US market, so I wouldn’t expect the Fiesta to sell as well as the Cruze, Fusion, or Equinox here, but if it is selling well under the Fit and Yaris volume, that IS bad.