Autoline in the News: John Talks Bailout on FOX 2 News Detroit

November 14th, 2008 at 12:24pm

McElroy on FOX 2 News

Runtime: 1:50
Courtesy FOX 2 News Detroit

John McElroy recently sat down with Bill Gallagher of FOX 2 News Detroit to discuss how automakers will make the case to the government for a financial bailout. John explains that the government could actually profit from a bailout.

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3 Comments to “Autoline in the News: John Talks Bailout on FOX 2 News Detroit”

  1. John Says:

    Good Job John.

    Nice tie.

  2. Zieke Says:

    I think if the Govt. bails out the automakers, the UAW is going to keep their high health and retiree costs, and if so, they will not be competitive with the other companies. The UAW needs to realize that they also must bear some of this hardship.

  3. Beverly Porter Says:

    I am so very proud of my husband who has worked for the Ford Motor Company for 40 years. He has made it to work everyday for the last 40 years and worked hard. How many of our elected officals in our government can say the same. How many of our elected officals have put the time into studing this problem before they made their decisions. How many of them can go home this Christmas and face their families and community and say I did a good job today at work and feel good about themselves and their community.