RoAb #72 – The ‘Better Mousetrap’ Episode

February 28th, 2011 at 1:32am


Join your favorite audio hucksters as they put their heads together in an attempt to defy an age-old idiom.  This week they try to build a better mousetrap.  Learn about one Detroit-area hot-rodder that’s crafting a better vintage Chrysler sports car . . . one the company never actually built.  Find out what kind of insane powerplant was crammed into the back of a MINI in an attempt to deliver better performance.  You won’t believe your ears when you hear how much better chicken feathers, yes, chicken feathers are at storing energy than some much more expensive and higher-tech options.  Enjoy all of these exciting stories and more plus RoAb first-timer Nina Beckhardt of The Naming Group is our special guest this week.  The panel picks her brain about the controversial Chevrolet Sonic and a number of other name-related topics.   Enjoy RoundAbout #72, the “Better Mousetrap” episode.

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Nina Beckhardt, Michelle Naranjo, Jeffrey Ross, Eric Trytko, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

How my smart phone got me out of a speeding ticket

GPS apps won’t necessarily  help you get out a speeding ticket

Headphone technology allows GM to build a more fuel efficient Terrain

Mr. Peanut’s new ride

‘59 Chrysler two-seater aims to rewrite history

Mini Cooper S Powered by Helicopter Jet Engine

Highway Hearsay – Special Edition

Picture No. 1

Picture No. 2

Carbonized chicken feathers beat pricey nanotubes, metal hydrides


Audible Pick of the Week

Charlie Wilson’s War by George Crile, narrated by Christopher Lane


RoundAbout University

Nina Beckhardt, The Naming Group



49 percent of people say they want autonomous cars



VIC Ltd. NaviSurfer II UBU-3G in-car computer


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