AAH #96 – Lingenfelterized

March 25th, 2011 at 11:56am

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(Archived Video AND Photos from the Lingenfelter Collection after the jump below)

Does your IRA stink? Are they going to tax your pension? Maybe it’s time to invest in classic cars … or maybe not. That’s one of the questions we’ll put to our special guest this week. Ken Lingenfelter is the owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering as well as the Lingenfelter Collection, an assortment of Corvettes, muscle cars and exotics. Of course, you can be sure we’ll get into the latest news including Bob King’s accusation that Alan Mulally’s raise is “morally wrong” and what the near future holds for automakers in crisis-stricken Japan. John McElroy is also joined in studio by the Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, as well as auto journalist Jim McCraw. Be sure to check out Jim’s great photos from the Lingenfelter Collection after the jump!

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Photos from the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton, Michigan. Credit: Jim McCraw.

3 Comments to “AAH #96 – Lingenfelterized”

  1. Jason Rice Says:

    I few years back my friend and I had the chance to accidentally pull along side a C6 Z06 Lingenfelter Corvette at a red light. The owner and my friend (nissan nismo 350z)gave each other the nod, and off we went on green. We thought we were giving the C6 a run for its money. Next thing we know the guy puts the the hammer down in 2nd gear (60MPH) and just leaves us behind in a cloud of tire smoke. The Lingenfelter owner graciously puller over at the next gas station and showed us around the car. He was a very proud owner and told us all about the tuning process. Till the day I die I will always remember the sounds and sights of the that red lingenfelter breaking the tires loose at over 60 miles an hour.

  2. Brad Says:

    The one thing I got out of this episode is that even smart people can be profoundly ignorant.

    You guys have some interesting things to say about cars but the anti union rhetoric is getting tiring…when you go down this conversational road it’s like listening to republican talking points.

    The auto extremist should simply move to Wisconsin and call it a day.

  3. Michael Says:

    Sorry Brad, but they’re absolutely dead on.

    King is a share-the-wealth brow-beating hack who wants his socialist adgenda forced on all who have any association with the auto industry. And DeLorenzo’s also right about how tough a job these top execs have.

    Line workers put in their 8 or 10 hours and go home. No line worker sits up at night thinking about how to do a better job welding seams or installing seat cushions. But the job of a CEO (Mullaly) extends well beyond any 8 or 10 hour window.

    What’s more, a bad decision by a line worker only costs the company the time it takes to pause a production run and fix the issue. A bad decision by a CEO can cost the company tens of millions of dollars. Likewise, a line worker performing his/her best just ensures that the cars coming off the line will meet design specs (no real increase in bottom-line for the car-maker). But when a CEO performs at his best (and succesfully makes the type of very high risk, well calculated decisions that Mullaly has made), the company stands to make tens to hundreds of millions in additional profits plus gain market share.

    Bottom line, they make wads of cash because they make the company wads of cash.

    If anyone can tell me there is something wrong with that logic then I’d like a puff of whatever that is you’re smoking.