AAH #104 – The Malibu 500

May 27th, 2011 at 3:32pm

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This week we get the skinny on some of Chevrolet’s upcoming products as we talk to Russ Clark, the Product Marketing Director for the brand. In particular we’ll be asking him about the next-gen Malibu, but we’ll also be asking him about the news that the redesigned Impala will be built in Detroit. John McElroy and the Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, will also be talking about the upcoming Indy 500 weekend, which marks the 100th anniversary of the race. They’ll be talking about the four women who will be running on Sunday and how some of the big teams choked in qualification. John will also be joined in studio by Todd Lassa from Motor Trend.

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One Comment to “AAH #104 – The Malibu 500”

  1. D.R. Says:

    Just some comments on the show with Russ Clark;Chevrolet has a good face on their mainstream cars and trucks,they need to keep that face for the long term and only refine the basic as minimally needed as Mercedes,BMW,Audi,and Pontiac(RIP) did or do.He and the rest of GM product management need to realize that there are a sizeable group of people who want their Cruze’s to be light quick and responsive and class leading in performance and reliability;That’s what made Chevy the giant they became in the 50′s,60,s and early 70s I realize economy and emissions are important,Why can,t we do it out of the gate like the imports? There was a time GM was the mark of excellence. ???