RoAb #85 – The ‘Tearjerker’ Episode

June 5th, 2011 at 9:34pm

Crying-DeSoto-AutolineComing up on Roundabout . . . we bid a VERY belated farewell to an automotive icon . . . of sorts.  We grab the demon of plagiarism by his twisted horns and discuss a copycat commercial one carmaker recently debuted.  And we introduce an exciting new show format in the news portion of the program. Also, the panel welcomes designer Jason White back as this week’s special guest.  Stick around for all of this juicy goodness and a lot more, only on RoundAbout.

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Featuring: Jason White, Steven J. Ewing, Michelle NaranjoCraig Cole and Ben Sanders

Show notes and Ustream video after the jump!

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Show Notes:

A very belated obituary for DeSoto

Did Audi rip off Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” ad?

Screaming passengers at Red Bull drift event

Mullin Museum to display “most expensive car”

More Bugatti Atlantic

1936 Ford design

RoundAbout RedLine

92-year-old woman smashes Camry into Lotus dealership
In some relatively local news – Auto Europe, an exotic-car dealership here in metropolitan Detroit, had a bit of a shake-up this week when a 92-year-old woman crashed her Toyota Camry through the front window of the building, damaging a $78,000 Lotus Exige in the process. Neither the woman or the Lotus were hurt badly, and don’t worry, nobody is blaming “unintended acceleration” in this case – the woman reportedly hit the gas when she meant to step on the brake.

London charges Obama motorcade congestion fee
After an embarrassing moment of President Obama’s Barack-mobile getting stuck outside of the U.S. Embassy in London, Mayor Boris Johnson brought up outstanding traffic fines owed to the City of London by U.S. Embassy diplomatic traffic and wants to levy more after this last presidential visit. The U.S. currently owes London somewhere in the area of $8.7 billion in traffic congestion fines and is claiming that it is a tax and therefore, has diplomatic immunity from congestion cause when streets are not closed. They claim to have paid parking tickets and speeding fines to date.

Fake cops use old police cars to make traffic stops
WOAI Channel 4 news out of Texas reports a group of hucksters are causing a ruckus around Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio.  Four armed men were allegedly employing the services of a white Ford Crown Victoria to impersonate the police.  An incident involving the quartet was reported by a Colonel stationed at the base, not our Colonel.

Giant sink hole eats Chinese truck
We all hate potholes, but the road craters we have here in the ‘States don’t compare to the reports coming in from overseas. In China, a giant sinkhole opened up as a semi truck was crossing a bridge, causing the heavy hauler to fall through and into the river below. The folks at Carscoop report that the sinkhole measured 50 feet long and 16 feet wide, and that, sadly, both of the men inside the truck were injured during the accident.

Drunk woman crashes into house, asks for $1,000 to help find victims
Christa Leija left a bar in Port Richey, Florida on Saturday and asked home renter, John Rauchbauer for $1000 – after she had driven through his home, running down children and his brother in law who were sleeping in the house. Leija was charged with a DUI causing serious bodily injury, a DUI causing personal injury, a DUI causing damage to property or person — the house was destroyed — and leaving the scene of an accident.

Largest LEGO Technik . . . EVER!
LEGO is helping celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG truck, one seriously bad ass mo fo.  The Beatnick Jalopy reports the company has put together a 2,000-plus piece kit that builds 1:12.5 scale model of the utility vehicle.  That’s enough plastic blocks and other fixings to make this the biggest LEGO Technik EVER.  It goes on sale this August for about 250 bones.

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Indianapolis 500 wrap up

Vintage Indy Car Design

Jason White photos

Auto Gadget

iOnRoad app keeps a watchful eye on traffic

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