Autoline After Hours Automotive Draft 2011

June 15th, 2011 at 12:45am


Thursday, June 30, 2011

It’s a staple of every major sports league as well as the life blood of all fantasy teams chosen around the world. And coming June 30th, Autoline After Hours unveils its first annual Automotive Draft. Team owners John McElroy, Peter De Lorenzo, Jim Hall and Ed Lapham will be drafting from the current pool of today’s top auto executives to form the core of their own automotive companies. In addition to broadcasting the several rounds of the draft itself, AAH will provide context for the evening with its own team of draft analysts hosting the show. Join The Detroit News and Free Press auto critics Scott Burgess and Mark Phelan as they rank the choices and tell us which company owner won the evening. So get ready for an hour of picks, second guessing and automotive fun with the the first annual After Hours Automotive Draft.

5 Comments to “Autoline After Hours Automotive Draft 2011”

  1. SalvadorG. Says:

    Oh! please tell me this is Not going to be a CEO Pageant Show.

  2. Episode 669 – Ford Tweaks Technologies, EPA Cuts Ethanol Requirements, After Hours Draft – Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] AFTER HOURS AUTOMOTIVE DRAFT As I mentioned in the open, I’ll be one of the After Hours Draft Analysts along with some guy named Scott Burgess. Just kidding, as many of you know he’s the auto critic from The Detroit News who will, in fact, be sitting in for John here tomorrow. Anyway, Scott and I will be equipped with our own executive power rankings as we watch along with you all who John, Peter, Jim and Ed draft, and then telling you what we think. Should be a lot of fun. [...]

  3. Todd McGlynn Says:

    Whaaaat No CEO of FUUUking Motors???

  4. Michael Sim Says:

    Hi guys,

    I think the idea and timing of an automotive draft is perfect right after both the basketball and hockey drafts. If I can humbly give you my picks for JM Motor company:

    Designer – Peter Schreyer from Kia. He understands that even the common and mundane should look beautiful as well as functional. Runner up is Ed Welburn. He is shepherding true differentiation among the divisions of GM.

    Engineer – Kazutoshi Mizuno, chief engineer for the Nissan GTR. If he can make a supercar at 1/4 the price, I would love him to work on a full lineup.

    PR – I would leave it to Wieden + Kennedy. Don’t think Eminem would match but they are doing bold and memorable .

    CEO – Roger Penske runs everything from auto dealers to rental trucks to champion open wheel race teams. He can run my company. Runner up would be Alan Mullaly especially if I am rebuilding an existing company.

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