AAH #107 – Good On Ya, Mate

June 17th, 2011 at 12:20pm

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This week while we’re enjoying some beers on the set, our special guest will just be having his first cup of coffee. That’s because Peter Robinson, contributing editor for Wheels magazine, will be Skyping in all the way from the land down under — a difference of 14 hours. We’ll be asking him about the latest automotive issues in Australia and find out what Aussie-derived platforms we can expect stateside. We’ll also get into the news of the week including California’s EV mandate that says 5.5% of all vehicles sold must be EVs by 2018. Also, CAR says that reaching the CAFE goal of 62 MPG will cost an additional $4,000 – $9,000. John McElroy is joined in studio by the one and only Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo.

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One Comment to “AAH #107 – Good On Ya, Mate”

  1. John H Says:

    Thanks for another great episode John & crew. It was very interesting to hear some of the inside info from Peter, I learned some new things.

    You asked why Australian cars are still rwd, what was not mentioned was that until the civilisation and rise of the SUV from ~1990, the large rwd car was the towing vehicle most people used and it is still popular with >5k lb capacity. Also Australia has a large proportion of unsealed and unformed roads that these cars are still geared to, see the RTV ute, Adventra wagon.

    The big advantage of the utes outside of performance is comfort – they ride nearly as well as a sedan (1 tonne payload requires some compromise) compared to the Japanese pickups aka “kidney smashers”.

    Hopefully GM continues the Zeta/Alpha/Etcetera and Ford commonalises major systems between the Falcon & Mustang not to mention Lincoln, and it all continues post 2016!