OL #3 – Bring Back the El Camino!

August 9th, 2011 at 9:00am


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This week, Chelsea and Michelle are joined by a real GM insider. We ask him about the idea of a $25,000 luxury car and he explains the Buick brand’s position on the eAssist technology and what that means for consumer education. We also ask about what GM knows about marketing fuel efficiency versus selling hybrids and if the buying public cares as much about what powers a car as the enthusiasts do. Questions from callers include everything from praise for Buick to category comparisons to pleas for the return of the El Camino. We also discuss what will be next for Buick. Nick Richards is the Buick Communications Group Manager and has previously been at PowerTrain, OnStar, Hummer and Volt. Michelle Naranjo, editor of Autobytel.com is live in studio in Detroit while Chelsea Sexton of chelseasexton.com holds down the fort in California.

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