RoAb #93 – The ‘Adam Carolla is Basically Dead’ Episode

August 14th, 2011 at 12:25pm

Coming up on Roundabout, a man gets a DUI while driving around on his cooler. Mr. Bean practices some slapstick comedy with his McLaren F1 and a tree. And a tour bus only a Portland, Oregon native could love. This week RoundelTable’s Christiaan Conover guest hosts and invites his colleague Josh Lewis from All this and much, much more this week on RoundAbout.

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Featuring: Christiaan Conover, Josh Lewis, Steven J. Ewing, Michelle Naranjo and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

Sewage-to-hydrogen fuel station opens
A waste treatment plant, conveniently located halfway between my house and my office, has opened its doors for drivers of hydrogen cars in Southern California. UC Irvine’s National Fuel Cell Info Center is craptastically presenting  human waste processed for hydrogen car drivers by converting waste water into electricity … someone explain what heat has to do with hydrogen. I know what it has to do with methane.

‘Mr. Bean’ actor crashes his McLaren F1
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Rowan Atkinson has crashed his beloved McLaren F1. Believe it or not, he actually has added over 37,000 miles to his car. So being this his second accident, it will be fixed and put back on the road. But on to the story of what happened: He was speeding, apparently, losing control and hitting a tree and a lamppost before it supposedly caught fire. He spent a little time in the hospital for a shoulder injury. Don’t think this is just another dumb celebrity in his high-end sports car, though. Mr. Atkinson races vintage race cars and holds the fastest time around the Top Gear test track for a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. He’s had his McLaren since 1997, when, only 2 years later he was in a low-speed accident with a Rover Metro. Now this, to me, is a man who believes in loving his car.

Driver of Motorized Beer Cooler Charged With Drunk Driving
Suzuki may have the motorized couch market covered, but leave it to our friends Down Under to enter the world of the motorized beer cooler. Yes, you heard me. A 23-year-old Australian man strapped a 50-cc engine, some wheels and a set of handlebars to a beer cooler, and was charged with drunk driving while cruising through a beachside resort town. As of now, court has been adjourned on the matter, as the man’s lawyers argued that the 50-cc party-staple on wheels isn’t actually a vehicle. So, someone tell me, if ‘Fosters’ is Australian for ‘beer’, what’s Australian for ‘drunken frat boy driving a motorized cooler’?

Solar-Powered Touring Bus Comes Complete With Detachable Bicycles
Finally! A tour bus the hippies will love!  A mockup of a solar-powered tour bus has been released, and comes equipped with detachable bicycles in place of seats.  Riders get on the bikes that are hooked into the sides of the bus, and the bus takes them on solar power to various tourist spots around a city, showing them information on LED screens.  Once the bus reaches a location, the bikes are released and riders can sight see under pedal power.  This is great, because I’ve always thought the thing missing from a tour bus was the discomfort of a bicycle seat, the inability to take pictures because I have to focus on balancing, and the physical activity I avoided by taking the bus instead of walking.  Hooray!

German Sets New Parallel Parking Record
We have a new record! No, it isn’t the sex doll race of the century! It is the parallel parker world record! The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Ronny C-Rock of Germany as the best parallel parker after he showed his ability to shove his VW Polo into a tight space. Polo? Is that a real accomplishment? Let’s see a Suburban. That would be a real man.

Ford Transit Drift Bus
Someone in Poland (How many Polacks does it take to squeeze a V8 in a Ford Transit… Never mind) thought it would be funny to take a 4.0-liter V8 from an E39 M5, take it up from 394 hp to 440 hp, massage it into a Ford Transit Van and go drifting with it. In the videos seen online, Polish RallyCross Champion Marcin Wicik, plays around a bit with the super sleeper. Imagine this bad boy on the streets? It would seriously piss every street racer off.

The World’s Longest Scooter
If you’re the sort of person who needs the practicality of a school bus but wants the efficiency of a scooter, our friends at Carscoop have found just the thing for you. Colin Furze of Lincolnshire, England, connected the front and rear ends of two 125-cc mopeds with a very extended aluminum frame to create the world’s longest scooter. At 72.2 feet long, the scooter can hold 25 passengers, and Furze claims it’s the longest scooter in the world, and he’s readying his proposal for the Guinness crew to add it to the book of records as we speak.

Moto-Grip Helps Passengers Hang on Better — Christiaan
A new device called the Moto-Grip aims to take the away the risk of a passenger falling off the back of the motorcycle.  The system works as a harness that connects the passenger to the driver, keeping the two people tightly held together.  This is a great solution for those motorcyclists who think riding is a lot of fun, but want to go to great lengths to make sure they don’t look cool or coordinated in any way.

Hackers Unlock, Start Subaru Outback With Cell Phone
Black hat or white hat or no hat at all? The Black Hat Technical Security Conference recently managed to unlock a Subaru Outback. In a technique called “war texting” (I thought that is what happens during a bad breakup) setup a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network that could intercept the messages being sent between the Subaru Outback test car and the server that controls its software updates and other remotely-transmitted information. By using their own GSM network to snoop out information contained in data packets on the network used by the Subaru, over the period of a few hours the pair of security experts were able to mimic the identity of the server that authorizes unlock and ignition requests, essentially giving them an all-access pass to these aspects of the Outback’s systems. Let’s just hope that the OEMs have some crazy disruption technology in place before the vatos start blackhatting your Sebring.

AutoGadget: BMW Crowd Sources the World’s Best Roads
(cue the sound drop) I just downloaded this app the other night, too. It’s pretty cool. All you have to do is open it and click on Road Stretches, at which point it’ll go through a little demo and then allow you to search for good driving roads nearby. The coolest part, though, is if someone has added a road, you can comment on it and rate different aspects of it on a 5-star rating system. The categories you can rate are: Fun, Twisty, Scenic and Traffic. This is interesting, because a person rated the drive from Raleigh, NC to Wilmington, NC, the capital of North Carolina to the beach, as being a 4-star drive. It unfortunately is not. I in turn commented negatively on it, as well as giving the road bad star ratings to knock it down. As of right now, it has been taken off the list of best driving roads in NC for my comments about the drive smelling of “cow dung” halfway through the drive because of all the farms. So I’ve played with it, and I say it’s worth the price of free-99.

A Visit to Ferrari World
When I was a kid, my grandparents took me to Disney Land. Sure, eight-year-old Steve had a blast in the Mickey Mouse-branded amusement park, and the plane ride from Detroit to Orlando was only a scant three hours. Now, as an adult, my sights are set somewhere a bit more thrilling: Ferrari World. Leave it to Abu Dhabi to come up with an amusement park centered around an extravagant automobile, but nevertheless, Ferrari World is the sort of place that auto enthusiasts dream of someday visiting. Disney Land was fun, but Ferrari World might be more fitting of the “Happiest Place On Earth” tagline.

Phone Number on Toy Truck Turns Out to Be a Sex Line
Remember the good old days when toy cars didn’t have to be Rated X?  Apparently those days are over, as the grandmother of a 3 year old boy discovered recently.  Jan Barnett gave her grandson a Matchbox tow truck, which had the number 1-800-FAST-TOW printed on it, to make it look more realistic.  On a whim she called the number, only to be greeted by a woman with a sexy voice offering “an exciting new way to go live” and other explicit statements.  Mattel claims the number wasn’t registered to anyone when the truck was made, so they couldn’t have known that would happen.  Remember, kids: it’s all fun and games until you call the number on your toy truck and hear your mom.


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