RoAb #96 – The ‘8-Bit Hole in Craig’s Side’ Progrum

September 11th, 2011 at 1:54pm

Coming up on Roundabout, one surly Subaru driver does the unthinkable.  Learn what absurd thing an intoxicated Pennsylvania man did while towing his boat.  And prepare yourself for another installment of our popular VERSUS segment.  This will be a good one, I promise, so stick around for all of these fun stories and a whole lot more, well, fun, only on RoundAbout.  Artist, educator and author Jason White is our special guest this week.

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Featuring: Jason White, Eric Trytko, Christiaan Conover, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

Citroën Tubik concept: vans haven’t been this much fun since the ‘70s!
The name Citroen is synonymous with creativity in the car design biz. Next week, they will unleash their latest mind-bending concept, the Tubik, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Part of the inspiration for this concept were Citroen’s classic vans, the TUB and the HY (I have a model of the latter on my desk). But proportions are the only real similarity between the Tubik and these classics.  The body is amazingly sculptural for a van, and Citroen employs some layered-surface aesthetics on the front and rear fenders, further removing it from the cliche box shape. I really like how the glass seems to dive under the A pillar.  Citroen also added a nice graphic touch on the driver’s side — a sort of abstract homage to the graphics sometimes found on 70s vans.  I’m not as crazy about the interior; the form language looks a bit primitive compared to the sophistication of the exterior forms. Overall, a very striking concept that is true to Citroen’s quirky roots.  I’d love to see this thing making deliveries in my neighborhood.

Virtually build the car of your dreams
As enthusiasts and followers of the car industry, many of us arm chair quarterback the decisions of the car company executives.  You look at some of the decisions of Rick Wagner, Bob Nardelli, Dan Akerson, and more, and you think, “How clueless can they be!”  Well, there is a startup software company that is looking to bring a “Sims” or “Railroad Tycoon” style game to the automotive world.

You will get to design and engineer your line of vehicles and then sell them to the “public”  You can see if you will be the next Alan Mullaly, or the next John Smale.  The team is currently seeking funding to finish the game but early looks at it seem good.

Subaru mows down attacking children
Apparently Subaru is trying a new guerrilla marketing campaign.  You could say they’re sharing the love.  Well, not really.  We found this Duesey on and it looks like it comes from Arab news agency Al Jazerra.  An Israeli Impreza driver plowed right  into two children playing in the street.  You can almost taste the impact!  Now, to be fair, these kids weren’t exactly innocent.  They were throwing rocks at this guy’s car.  What’s worse, Subaru or crossbow?  You be the jury.

Iraq loves American cars
While it’s no secret that Iraq and the U.S. aren’t exactly BFFs, there is one thing Iraqis love about America: our cars.  It turns out that the large, spacious, comfortable vehicles coming out of Detroit are all the rage in the greater Baghdad metropolitan area.  Based in large part on President Obama’s popularity with the Iraqi people, the image of cars like the Chrysler 300C as being comfortable and strong are helping to give American brands major sales increases in the Arab nation.  I guess luxury sedans are a good consolation prize for having to live in Baghdad.

Group wants registry of historic cars
The Historic Vehicle Association would like the federal government to create a national registry for historic cars (currently, there are historic registries for buildings, boats, airplanes and railways).  They fear that government programs like Cash for Clunkers could send many significant automobiles to an early death.  I think their fears of this are a tad overblown, though. There are, after all, avid car enthusiasts in high-ranking positions in Washington.  Exhibit A?  VP Joe Biden. He recently did an interview with Car and Driver, lamenting about how the Secret Service won’t let him drive his classic Corvette. They will, however, allow him to wash his Trans Am shirtless in the White House driveway!!!

Bolt-On Truck Power – News
It doesn’t matter if you feel the need to insert your Tim Allen “More Power grunt grunt grunt” or yell in your best Jeremy Clarkson voice “POWER” if you are buying a pickup truck to use for work or towing, you are going to want more power, like Charlie Sheen wants more hookers and drugs.

Any person who tells you that how a truck, or any vehicle came out of the factory is perfect, and should not be changed, because, “ you think you can do better then the manufacture” is a clueless moron who was not qualified to take the short bus to school.  Anything that comes down a production line is a compromise.  A compromise for cost, fuel economy, emissions and more.  Even in todays world where it’s more and more difficult to improve your vehicles performace there are a few things you can do that will often improve performance fuel economy and even emissions.  Cold air intakes, freeer flowing Cat Back exaust and even ECU flash programs are easy to do, very cost effective and can be done my most people in a few hours with basic hand tools.

Man charged after driving with upside-down trailer
Drunk driving is a pretty despicable act; you don’t need me to tell you that.  Alcohol can really bring out the worst in people, especially if they get behind the wheel, yoke, reins or any other sort of vehicle control.  But sometimes, just sometimes these thoughtless drunkards can make us laugh, as in this case.  A 40-year-old Pennsylvania man has been charged with driving under the influence after the boat and trailer he was towing, overturned.  “Ok” you’re saying “no big deal,” just get a high-low or a few burly guys and they’ll have everything righted in a jiffy.  Well, not exactly.  Trouble is after the man’s load capsized he kept on driving!  According to where we found this story, after removing his pontoon boat from the water he hit a parked car which caused everything to overturn.  He’s also been charged with resisting arrest and, as you’d expect, numerous other traffic violations.  How drunk do you have to be to NOT notice the trailer you’re dragging has flipped?!

Las Vegas heavy-equipment playground
Let’s face it: who doesn’t love construction vehicles?  They’re big, powerful, loud, and can make a hell of a mess real quick – the ultimate sandbox toy.  The only problem is, you have to be a construction worker to play with one – until now.  A Las Vegas company is now offering the opportunity to play with construction trucks like bulldozers and excavators in a giant dirt pit.  Starting at around $200 for an hour and a half of play time, Vegas tourists have the opportunity to have all the fun of digging in the dirt with trucks, without the actual work of a real construction crew.  Let’s just hope nobody digs up some degenerate gambler who couldn’t pay off his debts.

Yes, that’s a Lamborghini with a mattress on its roof
This picture of a Lambo with a mattress AND box spring on it’s roof was snapped in Toronto.  This begs an obvious question: If you have enough money to buy a Gallardo, why wouldn’t you splurge for a modern mattress that doesn’t need a box spring underneath it? Just saying.

Auto Gadget

Jeremy Clarkson voicepack coming to TomTom navigation

Raceway Hearsay

RaceWay Hearsay #1 — Tony Kanaan goes airborne in Baltimore

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