RoAb #99 – The ’24 Hours of [redacted]‘ Episode

October 2nd, 2011 at 11:04am


Coming up on RoundAbout, Chevrolet breaks a Guinnesst [sic]  World Record.  Half a dozen baby squirrels go for a harrowing ride and the Germans take camping to the high seas.  Aye, matey!  Keep your Zune-pod Touch tuned to the RoundAbout progrum . . . and take another shot.  Josh Lewis from is this week’s irregularly special guest.

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Featuring: Josh Lewis, Michelle Naranjo, Steven J. Ewing, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

Chevy sets Guinness World Record
It was an event that required a bow tie but this one wasn’t your typical, formal cheese fests. This was 1,143 GM customers in Pyeongchang, Gangwon, Korea who gathered their Spark, Aveo, Cruze, Orlando and Captiva models into a Chevy bow tie that set a new Guiness World Record for largest car logo, measuring 688 feet in length and 221 feet, breaking a previous record held by Subaru in 2008. The event was to celebrate Chevy’s 98 percent growth in its six months of being in Korea … 98 percent X nothing = approximately 1,143 cars, apparently.

Aquatic camper
I’m not sure why this exists but AWESOME is the only way to describe it.  Have you ever wanted a houseboat you could tow behind your family car?  What about a camper that floats?  Well the Sealander Schwimmcaravan from Germany is the answer to your prayers!  This little ditty features a configurable interior complete with a kitchenette, two berths and even a deck, all wrapped in a petite, Europe-sized package.  Now every salty cur can take to the seas and get a good night’s sleep while doing it!  For more information about this cool but seemingly useless contraption hit the Sealander website . . . and contact Mirko Reinhardt to translate everything since it’s all  in German.  

Baby squirrels go flying around race track
According to the website, 6 baby squirrels were found in the airbox of a BMW Z4 M-Coupe after a BMW CCA driving school session at Watkin’s Glen. The babies were relocated to somewhere more safe and were apparently Canadian immigrants who came over the boarder with the car. Those dang Canadians will do anything to make us all go, “Awwwwwww!”

Facials for men? Wait, allow me to rephrase that, please. According to FaceLube, it’s “High performance Masculine Face Care” for one of its products. There’s anti-aging cream, and assorted “German” care for a “Man’s man.” To be honest, I’m not really sure how to take this. As a guy, I’ve been told that creams don’t work. I mean, afterall, if it says it makes you bigger… never mind. Anyway, back on track, here. According to the website, “FaceLube® is premium, results-based masculine men’s anti-aging skin care products for a Man’s Man. Built from the ground up for masculine men, FaceLube® uses no common beauty terms with female characteristics. From the packaging, the marketing, to the retail environment – FaceLube® is catered to the preferences of masculine men.” I honestly don’t know if I’d be willing to even try this. I don’t really get into the whole “anti-aging” marketing stuff. What say you guys?

Big Man, Small Car
6-foot-4-inch, 320-pound nose tackle for the San Diego Chargers, Antonio Garay drives a Smart Car with Hello Kitty on the side. I wouldn’t ask him if he eats quiche.

Pedal-powered Hyundai Azera
You may remember, about a year ago we featured a pedal-powered Porsche on RoundAbout, complete with a creepy-looking Austrian TV journalist . . . then again, maybe you don’t, in which case never mind.  Well, today we’re showcasing another velomobile.  In keeping with the international theme, this one hails from the land of General Tso and his famous chicken.  It’s a homemade, human-propelled Hyundai Azera.  We found not one but TWO videos of it on Autoblog, highlighting the construction process and peoples’ reactions to seeing it rolling down the road, pedaling through the bike lane and even trying to get fuel.  I give ‘em a D+ for craftsmanship and an A+ for creativity.  

Car button can tell when you’re tipsy
Auburn Hills based Takata and its partner, TruTouch, have received a $2.25 million dollar award from the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety to further their creation of a car start button that can measure blood alcohol levels. They have a long way to go. The current alkie-hol sensing device is the size of a breadbox – Craig? How big is a breadbox? – and when a forearm is placed on the machine, near-infared light shines through the skin and bounces back with information on blood alcohol levels. The process currently takes 1 minute and can be programmed to recognize cellular fingerprints to avoid someone taking the test for the drunk. Potential problems? Fitting a bread box into a start button, reducing the time it takes to measure into a reasonable start time for the car and user recognition issues.  Sounds like a boondoggle.

Hitler’s speeding ticket
Some say he’s the reason for the Beetle. Some say he’s the greatest Antichrist. All we know is, he’s called The Hitler. And this Hitler apparently tried to get out of a speeding ticket in 1931 by saying, “It wasn’t me… I’m my look-a-like.” Driving a supercharged Mercedes-Benz limousine in Baar-Ebenhausen, south of Ingolstadt, on September 19, 1931. Traveling at a speed of 55.3 km/h, or 34.3 mph in real driving measurement, he was going twice the posted speed limit and was to receive an immediate license ban. Now, as I asked myself, how was he caught in a day where radar was barely being used in war? Two Po-leece officers with stop watches timed him going 200 meters in 13 seconds, which is how they attained the average speed of the Hitler Benz. Or should I say ‘Bahn burner?!” God, that’s so… too soon? Well Hitler swears it wasn’t him and that it was his chauffeur Julius Schreck, whom he told to drive as fast as possible, but with no reason given. And I’m sure if Addy were still with us today, he’d still be claiming his innocence to at least one thing… a speeding ticket.


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