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October 16th, 2011 at 1:38pm


Coming up on RoundAbout . . . oh Lord, won’t you power-wash me a Mercedes-Benz?  It’s soaked on the inside like a pair of Depends.  GM apologizes for offending bikers — no, not the leather-wearing kind that stab people with shivs — the ones that block traffic and ignore street signs.  Plus we take a look at what urban traffic actually costs you, the driver.  Stay tuned for all of this awesomeness and bucket loads more, only on RoAb. 

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Featuring: Eric Trytko, Christiaan Conover, Michelle Naranjo, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

Show notes and video after the jump!

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Show Notes:

GM apologizes for saying bikes suck
I think to sum up what I think of this, we just need to play this video from Top Gear Australia

Video: One Incredibly Lucky Lady, One Reckless Truck Driver
This video just horrifies me! This video comes to us from Romania where a woman is casually riding her bike – across a marked pedestrian crossing, no less – and a huge truck barrels through the crossing and hits her. Her bike just disappears (presumably in the undercarriage of the truck) and she crawls across the street to the curb, clearly shaken. You know how they say that if you never forget how to ride a bike? I think that this woman probably did.

The 1970s land yacht Bugatti doesn’t want you to know about
Hey guys, remember when Bugatti used to build luxury road boats to compete with Cadillac?  No?  That’s probably because they never really did…or at least not officially.  Two Californians built one though, and claim they bought the rights to use the Bugatti brand for their vehicle.  Using two 1973 Lincoln Continentals as the platform, they did some body & paint modifications and slapped Bugatti badges on the hoods.  Bugatti’s official records show no cars produced between the 1930s and 1990s, and given how horrifying these LincGattis are, that’s probably for the best.

Ford Focus fashion, Ford Focus jewelry . . . not so much
Ford is celebrating its 100th birthday . . . in England.  That’s right, it’s been selling vehicles in the rainy archipelago for an entire century!  To mark the occasion, the company is hosting a number of parties and special events . . . it’s more than just Christmas crackers and Yorkshire pudding, let me tell you.  One of the more bizarre things it’s undertaking involves jewelry.  The Blue Oval has commissioned some custom pieces from a designer named Katherine Hawkins.  But rather than using rare stones and precious metals she’s crafted some interesting baubles out of parts from the 2012 Focus. No crankshafts or other heavy-duty pieces were used, she concentrated on interior bits like instrument needles and center-stack buttons.  The results are . . . interesting to be polite, downright fugly to be honest.  As always, you be the jury . . .

Pulse jet plus truck from Radio Shack equals comically overpowered R/C vehicle
Pulse jets are cool, just take five minutes to search on YouTube for “Pulse Jet” and you will find the next 10-12 hours of your life gone.  It’s a bit like playing the game Civilization, just one or two more turns and that will be it.  

Pulse jets are very simple items and they are well know technology.  The V1 rocket of Nazi Germany was a pulse jet design.  Early fighter jets we pulse jet designs, even the first Lear Jets use a pulse jet engine.

In this story, a gentleman took a pulse jet, no idea if he built it himself or bought it, and straps it on to a cheap remote controled truck from Radio Shack.  As you can imagine, when you put thrust at a very high center of gravity point (on top of the truck) which isn’t very stable to begin with It’s not going to turn out well.  On about the fourth attempt to “drive” the truck, it is broken beyond repair.

The Fixed Ticket
Blatant abuse of power or just the way things are? A records clerk for St. Clair County, Illinois mis-faxed 3 pages to the local newspaper instead of the prosecuting attorney for the case with a copy of a speeding ticket and a handwritten note attached that read, “Dismiss this case” and “The guy is the son of one of our deputies.” Turns out that, despite city hall trying to evade the issue, the $175 citation for doing 43 in a 20-mile-per-hour zone was issued to the 18-year-old son of a sheriff’s deputy. The joy of small town living!

Watch classic Ferraris float through Venice
With reports of widespread unemployment and a European economy that’s spiraling toward destruction, a groups of Ferrari owners have somehow managed to ignore it all and set records for conspicuous opulence.  Members of Ferrari Classiche recently rented a barge in Venice, and floated a number of the classic Italian thoroughbreds through the canals.  Why?  Because they have too much money and not enough taste.  Hopefully they chocked the wheels with Euros and douchey Ferrari polos.

Man power-washes his new Mercedes-Benz CLS . . . inside
Everyone makes mistakes.  I’ll be the first to admit.  But there’s a not-so-fine line between error and being a complete dumb ass.  Take the Macedonian gentleman in the following video clip for instance, which we found on Autoblog.  He power-washes the inside of his shiny, new Mercedes-Benz CLS.  I’ll repeat myself, he power-washes the INSIDE of his car, spraying the door panels, seats and dashboard with a high-pressure jet of water.  He does this AFTER the mortified car-wash attendants refused to honor his request.   Bye-bye electronics.  If he was looking for a flood-damaged car there are plenty leftover from Hurricane Katrina.  Hey, what’s that smell?  Oh, right, black mold.  Hey Catalin, why don’t you pay your Balkans neighbor a visit and slap him for us?


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