RoAb #108 – Showtime Rotisserie Sports Car

December 11th, 2011 at 9:57pm


Coming up on RoundAbout . . . a whole lotta show!   Find out what 40-mile long mess they had to clean up in Pennsylvania. Ford sends one of its long-standing nameplates into the big parking lot in the sky and you’d better be ready . . . already, for our EPIC new game, DUNGEONS AND DEALERS.   Stay tuned!

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Featuring: Chris Sawyer, Jeffrey Ross, Steven J. Ewing, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes:

NASCAR look limo
You gotta give it to NASCAR fans. They are a tenacious crew. Take this 1994 Cadillac limo found on eBay for example. Not only have the obligatory sponsor stickers been applied giving it that tacky NASCAR look, the owner also gave it a front splitter, a rear spoiler and, my favorite, side pipes. It’s not clear if any of the add-ons are functional, but is there a more unique way to pull up on race day with eight of your closest and most shameless friends? And why, you ask, would a person dare sell such a beautiful combination of perceived performance and luxury? Because the current owners of this car are building a “race limo truck” for next year… DUH! Act fast, and it can be yours in time for next year’s Daytona 500 for the low, low “Buy it Now” price of just $6,500.

World’s most expensive accident? Eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, and two . . .


Cars gummed as sticky goo fouled Pennsylvania Turnpike
It sounds like something out of a cartoon, but it really happened . . . at least according to the Associated Press.  A tanker truck carrying a load of driveway sealant sprang a leak, spraying a stream of sticky, black goop across some 40 miles of Pennsylvania Turnpike!  Now here’s the kicker, the mess DISABLED 150 cars and damaged countless more!  Keystone road crews quickly got cracking to clean up the mess, covering the gooey black tar in sand and pushing it off to the side of the road with snowplows.  The volume of sealant that was emitted must have been enormous.  The truck driver was cited for having an insecure load — YOU THINK? — but the specific tickets being issued are still up in the air.

Bleu-cheese dressing spill in California

Boston Molasses Disaster, 1919   

Tata Motors unveils more powerful Nano
Ah, the Tata Nano. The Little Indian Death Trap That Could continues to baffle us Americans by the fact that, yes, it’s a real car, yes, it actually looks like that, and yes, you can buy one for less than the cost of my 23-year-old Honda. And because the Nano is such a, uh, success, Tata has now made an updated one, complete with a blistering 38 horsepower, though it delivers a surprisingly not-that-impressive fuel economy figure 25.4 kilometers per liter, or 60 miles per gallon for you non-metric believers. Ah, who cares? It’s still a death trap.        

Final Ford Ranger sold to Orkin
In some rather sad news for pickup truck lovers, the Ford Ranger will be ending production next week with the last truck being delivered to Orkin Pest Control. Although the Ranger has changed very little since its most recent redesign back in 1993, it will be the last of the compact trucks here in the U.S. as most others have grown to a mid-sized stature over the years. When production of the Ranger ends, Ford will shutter its Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul, Minn. which has been in operation since 1924.

Pick of the week

 Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit . . . or an Equus!

Dungeons and Dealers

Player 1 – Jeffrey Ross
Hwhip-It Motors — We hwhip the competition by beating any price
Mercedes S-Class (freebie)
Ford Focus
Lexus CT 200h
Nissan Titan

Player 2 – Steven J. Ewing
Cranky Old Motors — You’ll buy it and you’ll like it, damn it!
Honda Civic (freebie)
Porsche 911
Ford Mustang
MINI Cooper

Player 3 – Chris Sawyer
Imperious Motors — Serving the uber rich and trust fund babies with impeccable discretion
Hyundai Elantra (freebie)
BMW 7 Series
Bentley Mulsanne
MINI Countryman

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