AAH #133 – Katz’s and Cars

January 13th, 2012 at 11:29am

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This week it’s all auto show all the time as we talk about the best and the worst of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. On hand to help us spot the trends and discuss all the nitty-gritty no one should know is Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics. All this and more with John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist.

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3 Comments to “AAH #133 – Katz’s and Cars”

  1. Johan Says:

    New fusion looks good…but it was shown to public when new Aston DB9 was first shown years ago, just not as cool looking because it’s a four door sedan(taller, and the side profile just….blend). Sonata is just an ok looking car, but it looks nothing like any other sedan on the road.

  2. Ming Nung Says:

    Unless I missed it, how come there wasn’t much discussion at all about the Cadillac ATS, there was a bit of it at the very end of the show.

  3. Truman Says:

    Boys I had a 57 Merc Turnpike Cruiser Convertible (which I should of kept) , with push button shift on the right of the sterring wheel, this thing would fly on the high way and pass everything except a gas station, loved the show and your auto shoe coverage was great, kudos to all.
    TLewis in OKC.