AAH #137 – I Want to Drive Your Business Case

February 17th, 2012 at 4:51pm

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This week a fierce-looking Falcon swoops into our studio. Specifically the Falcon F7, an exotic sports car made right here in Michigan. We’ll be talking to the owner of Falcon Motorsports, Jeff Lemke, who also happens to be the designer of this boutique supercar. Of course we’ll also get into all the top news of the week including GM’s profits (and losses) in 2011, Europe’s languishing EV sales and Bob King’s call for UAW protests. All this and more with John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist.

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One Comment to “AAH #137 – I Want to Drive Your Business Case”

  1. Chi Li Says:

    I was recently in China and surprised to find huge numbers of electric moped/electric scooters around. They are cheap to own, easy to charge (removable battery allow charge inside apartment/home), and reasonable range (about 50 kms). I think Chinese people are buying into this mode of transportation and eliminate a lot of old gas powered moped/scooters with two stroke engines which were heavy pulloters.