AAH #138 – I’m Gonna Build Me an Engine

February 24th, 2012 at 12:01pm

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Meet the man who hand-built your Corvette’s engine. No Corvette? How about a Camaro? Rob Nichols is the supervisor of GM’s Wixom Performance Build Center so get ready for some horsepower worship. As usual we’ll get into the news of the week including a possible partnership between GM and PSA; the bailout bashing that the Republican presidential candidates are doling out; and Mazda’s struggle to survive. Plus, we’ve got the brand new Prius V in studio, and we’ll explain why it’s not easy being green. All that and more with John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist as well as guest panelist Todd Lassa from Motor Trend!

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3 Comments to “AAH #138 – I’m Gonna Build Me an Engine”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wow, didn’t know the Prius V cost that much. Yikes! But it does have a loyal following and the “T” badge so you know the lemmings will buy it. But yeah that’s steep. I think the Prius C (horrible name) will sell better, not only cause the cost but the mileage is comparable if not better than the bigger Prii. Its no secret that 98% of Toyota’s are for people who hate cars and don’t like driving. I’m a big Mazda fan cause they make driver’s car and they try to be different and not boring cookie cutter company, in design and product. I hope the best for them. As usual, great show!!!

  2. Carroll S. Says:

    Prius V can be had for $24k. Here is screenshot – http://tinyurl.com/87v96ne

    Regular Prius $20k. http://tinyurl.com/6o9wmw5

    Or do what I did and buy one used for half that. Over the lifetime I have AVERAGED 50 mpg. Over 140k and not one rattle. Pile in five butts in seats. Only took me two tanks of gasoline to get to Amelia Island last year. A WHOPPING $60-$70 ! to drive right at 900 miles.

  3. Len E Says:

    John, Ford got its current Product Development Process from Mazda. When It decided to consolidate PDP between Ford, Volvo and Mazda it picked Mazda’s as being the most robust and fastest to market. That is when Ford’s products started to really improve. It was worth the cost of owning Mazda.