AAH #144 – It’s Cool to be at Katz’s

April 6th, 2012 at 10:27am

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All of the biggest car news this week was in the city that doesn’t sleep and so were we! For the first time ever, Autoline After Hours comes to you from New York City, and it’s courtesy of our good friends and Katz’s famous delicatessen. We’re broadcasting from their historical eatery, and we’re ready to gab about all the latest automotive issues. John McElroy will be joined by AAH alum Jason Vines as well as naming expert Nina Beckhardt from, where else, The Naming Group.

Thanks to our sponsors who make Autoline After Hours possible: Bridgestone and Chevrolet.

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One Comment to “AAH #144 – It’s Cool to be at Katz’s”

  1. Priustoric Says:

    Listened to the audio-only, then had to come down to the webpage and SEE it for myself. A bit ambient/noisy for audio only. But I enjoy seeing the place, and even some of our NYC-ish based AAH regular callers (e.g. – George from Brooklyn).

    ha ha I just caught at 9:20 mark “Why wouldn’t he let YOU hold the microphone?”…. love the ‘tude of those NYers! lmao…

    I thought that the last part with the Robert and his wife Kathy and the kudos to George mentioning Detroit’s lack of pastrami… I could tell that Robert really does indeed watch/listen to the AAH show.

    We all love Autoline!
    (sad to have another Amelia Island visit without John there !!!)