Behind-the-Scenes at the World’s Fastest Half Mile

February 29th, 2008 at 2:35pm

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Recently I got a chance to go behind-the-scenes at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. My NASCAR pit pass gave me access to places and things the average spectator never gets a chance to see. And you’d be surprised what you can run across when you’re in the thick of NASCAR frenzy. I saw stuff that ranged from a giant, V8-powered shopping cart to a guy that’s running for president.

One Comment to “Behind-the-Scenes at the World’s Fastest Half Mile”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    With baseball a fan spends 4-6 hours at the game, and with a football game and tailgating a fan may take 6-8 hours. With Nascar, fans start arriving days before the race.