AAH #157 – Jawing with Joel Ewanick

July 20th, 2012 at 9:57am

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He made Hyundai the hit of the Super Bowl a few years back. He brought a 21st Century advertising attitude to a historically stodgy GM. And he even gave Facebook a frown back in May. “He” is Joel Ewanick, General Motor’s Global Chief Marketing Officer who joins John and Peter on this week’s Autoline AFTER HOURS. Of course they’ll hit on all the highlights of his career and talk about where GM is going as they continue to grow globally. And though we don’t expect him to reveal “the secret sauce” as it were, we’re expecting Joel to talk about about the types of marketing & commercials that really move the metal.

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4 Comments to “AAH #157 – Jawing with Joel Ewanick”

  1. Matt Hansen Says:

    Good show as usual! Very interesting about the Hyundai/KIA thing. Makes sense! Although I wonder if they will part ways in the future?? Maybe not totally but a gradual separate company. I know KIA was and then Hyundai bought majority shares. Right now the future looks good for Cadillac. Just stay focused. Chevy, they had it going but they need to focus, more so in the U.S. When I think of them now I just put my finger on it as far as image. Yes they are coming up with better product and I commend them for it but it seems the Malibu gets lost in the mix and mild hybrid isn’t doing it.

  2. Michael Sim Says:

    A great show as always John and Peter. I would tell Joel Ewanick that GM products are competitive from my standpoint and I am in the demographic they are targeting for Cadillac ie young (37 y/o) professional with some disposable income. I took the leap to a GM product recently (a Cadillac CTS-V) after years with imports and I can attest that GM is making competitive automobiles in the luxury performance spectrum. So I have no doubt the ATS will be similarly strong. However, unless the Cadillac dealership network improves in customer service, the best cars won’t work. Get Cadillac dealerships and service centers to the best world standards and more customers will come.

  3. Jonathan Brown Says:

    What a fabulous show! Joel Ewanick is an awesome guest. Thank you for having him on this weeks autoline after hours.

    Can’t always catch the show live yet I am one of autoline after hours biggest fans

    Of course as an owner of the second generation CTS AWD with 304hp and a 6th generation corvette enthusiat how could I not enjoy such a fine show.

    I’m excited to test drive the turbo 4 ATS sport as well as the future upcoming ATS V coupe. I’m really looking forward to the release of actual driving reports this coming week on the ATS turbo sport.

    I always admire the BMW brand yet as the competition from GM on true driving dynamics as the owner of several corvettes whether it be my past Z06 or present C6…I know personally the people who head up BMW who truly admire what GM can achieve.

    Take a Z06 corvette to a BMW party and see the look of true admiration by the BMW executives. Its an honest appreciation for GM’s technical and production capabilities at prices that are palatable for the american consumer presenting world class performance with unbelievable value.

    Can’t wait for the ATS V coupe. Love the CTS V coupe and of course the upcoming ELR and my personal favorite the C7 corvette.

    Of course I want a dual clutch transmission in the C7 which may or may not happen. I only know my next sports car will have one. Hope Chevy sees fit to add this to the consumers list for concurring (SP) new and future sales..

    Thanks again for the information on Chevy’s world marketing campaign insight. Mr. Joel Ewanick’s insights shed new light on the how’s and why’s of GM’s future looks so bright.


  4. Daiana Says:

    This car truly looks better in psroen than in photos, (where it admittedly looks like a somewhat scaled down CTS). The look is clean. I saw the vehicle in black, with the black/maroon leather interior with CUE. Perfect. I trust that it will outperform and probably under-price the Bimmer, And, when you consider the Bimmer’s interior, (which sports plastics that are harder than Chinese algebra, and a gimmicky fixed dash top touch screen), and its classy-but-common exterior, no one-and I mean NO ONE would fail to pick the Caddy.