AAH #158 – Lutz LIVE

July 27th, 2012 at 11:08am

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How do you find the proper title for a man like Bob Lutz? In the end, there’s really only one choice: Automotive Icon. He’s been everywhere from BMW to Ford to GM to Lotus, and he hasn’t quit yet. This week, he gives Autoline After Hours the unique honor to visit his farm where we’ll get to tour his extensive collection of automobiles and motorcycles. For the man who could own just about anything, what does he choose to keep in his garage? We’ll find out. But, we won’t let him go without asking what he thinks of the state of GM now that he’s no longer the much-vaunted vice chairman. And, is Lotus going to survive? On hand to do the hard work of hanging out with the ultimate car guy is John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist.

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One Comment to “AAH #158 – Lutz LIVE”

  1. Bob Hornbrook Says:

    I really enjoyed the show today. Lutz has so much knowledge of the auto world. Its great to hear his comments and outlooks. He has a little trouble with names but I know where he’s coming from. I will be 78 a week from tomorrow. I (almost) never start a conversation when I will need to remember names without my wife close by.De Del did a good job putting names out there for him. Just wanted to let you how much I do enjoy your show. I sent you an E-mail about your thoughts on purchasing a Chevy Equinox. I order it, took nine weeks to get it, so far it seems ok, took delivery on May 1st. It has 804 miles so far, what do I know about how good it is! Take Care.