AAH #159 – Inside Big Ed’s House

August 3rd, 2012 at 5:09pm

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This week our webcast goes where no webcast has gone before as our camera gets into the highly guarded, super-secretive GM Design Center. We’ll give you a walking tour of the facilities guided by none other than the man himself, Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design. John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo will get an inside look at the creative heart of GM including the Color and Trim Studio, the company’s high-tech Virtual Reality room as well as Bill Mitchell’s historic garage populated with iconic cars like the Mako Shark concept. Join us for an intimate look into the design rock stars’ playground and a discussion about how GM’s past is informing the cars of the future.

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7 Comments to “AAH #159 – Inside Big Ed’s House”

  1. Dave Says:

    From the few short interviews I saw of Ed at auto shows and the like I didn’t really get it, but watching this it’s absolutely amazing the passion and enthusiasm he brings to that job. Some really wonderful behind the scenes stuff in that episode!

  2. John H Says:

    Great episode, congrats on getting access to the design centre.

    I wonder whether Bill Mitchell ever found out about the painting-the-shark trick, and if so what his reaction was?

  3. MGA lover Says:

    Loved that ending! Of course, the first car I bought straight out of college was a 1963 Vette and like Peter, I love ‘track’ road racing.

  4. Homer Haynes Says:

    I am in love with cars all over again. Big Ed is truly an inspiration. I am going to max out my 1997 Aurora and 2000 Durango buy dolling them up with practical improvements.

    Thanks guys!


  5. Steve G. Says:

    Thanks to Ed and the Autoline team for this episode. When you see something like this it really hits home just how much would have been lost if GM was liquidated. There is so much precious history here and it is great that the modern custodians appreciate and respect it while still looking towards the future. The current GM CEO makes me nervous and thus I am rooting for executives like Ed to be able to continue the improvement in product kicked off by Bob Lutz. GM has come a long way but they can’t relax.

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