AAH #168 – Debunking All Those Ethanol Myths

October 13th, 2012 at 5:35am

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When you fill your tank up with E85, are you burning food for fuel? Don’t biofuels take more energy to produce than we get out of them? Candace Wheeler is GM’s foremost fuels expert, and she’ll be in studio to answer all of your questions. And, don’t fret, you’ll get the panel’s reaction to the latest news to cross the transom including the baffling appointment at the Cadillac brand. We’ll discuss why GM chose an executive with no car experience to run this critical luxury division. Plus, NASCAR’s smash ‘n’ crash races look increasingly stupid, so what should be done? Joining John McElroy to talk about all these topics and much more is Peter De Lorenzo, the one and only Autoextremist, and Drew Winter from WardsAuto.

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