AAH #172 – How Ford Developed the New Fusion

November 16th, 2012 at 11:52pm

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Well, the Ford hit parade continues, and this week we have the hottest new star out of the Motor City, the Fusion, parked in the Autoline Garage. But, more importantly, to get the back story behind this four-door looker, we have invited John Jraiche, the vehicle’s chief engineer. We’ll be asking him what Ford has done differently to turn out a vehicle that is truly a world-class car. And, you can count on a discussion of some of the biggest news stories of the week as well: the U.S. is set to dominate worldwide oil production in the near future; Tesla’s Model S wins Motor Trend Car of the Year; and Ford PR outflanks GM in electrification announcements. Joining John McElroy to talk about this and a whole lot more is the Autoextremist, Peter De Lorenzo, and Alisa Priddle from the Detroit Free Press.

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4 Comments to “AAH #172 – How Ford Developed the New Fusion”

  1. Nick Prudent Says:

    Love the show + Peter & John, but totally tired of the anti-Tesla views. Tesla is an American company building cars in America…and you won’t give them a chance. Sigh…

    Fisker, now there’s a fiasco…

  2. doug Says:

    Shale oil is still more expensive to produce than Saudi oil. Given the explosion in the global population that is rich enough to afford a car, we will continue to see strength in demand. At best, prices won’t drop. At worst, oil and gasoline vehicles will become untenable. The good news is, we can make a variety of cars that run on lots of different things. Even public transportation is getting better. So we’ll all be ok. And our cars will still be awesome.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    I’m a huge GM fan for decades. I’ve owned a few chrysler and ford products but really just a couple of each..

    I traditionally prefer GM products…I’ve had a ton of foreign cars back in the mid seventies and eighties before primarily seeing the value and performance offered by domestics.

    Although I would like to say I throughly enjoyed the podcast version of the show I’m disappointed I was not able to call in.

    The new ford fusion is such a wonderful design…so beautiful in its execution I am driven to say its the best Midsize sedan…

    Can’t wait to see the new Evo’s based Mustang…

  4. Warren Webb Says:

    Great looks of the new Fusion but I am in doubt on the quality part. On your close-up of the Ford oval there appears to be a large “clump” of dirt in the paint on the front bumper cover. One would think that a car would have been chosen without such a defect so apparent. I’m not trying to bash Ford, I am just a concerned stockholder.