AAH #177 – Forecast 2013: Cars are set to Soar

January 4th, 2013 at 2:43pm

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Well, it would appear we’ve survived both the Mayan apocalypse and the fiscal cliff, but how will the auto industry fare in 2013? To help us answer that question we’ve invited Anthony Pratt, Director of Forecasting Americas for Polk. In keeping with our New Year’s theme, our panelists will be discussing the resolutions the automotive world should adopt in 2013. Plus, we’ll get into the recent news including the promotion of Kia designer Peter Schreyer to Group President at Hyundai-Kia. Joining John McElroy in studio is co-host Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, as well as Ed Lapham from Automotive News.

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3 Comments to “AAH #177 – Forecast 2013: Cars are set to Soar”

  1. Reno Says:

    Couple of things; those missing 100k registrations. One night not too long I was on the lot of the brand that has claimed #1 status for 3 decades, where they were loading up brand new 3 year old vehicles on 3 haulers. Thats when I learned these vehicle were listed as sold from the factory and sent to larger dealers inventories in hopes that they will be sold as a titled vehicle, retaining #1 status. The gentleman not dressed as a trucker but in charge told me this load was going to Florida. How truthful he was, I don’t know?
    Don Butler has come a long way from that Aztek, thank the Lord!

  2. Ckernzie Says:

    I know that a number of US vehicles end up in Canada because on some models the price differential is worth the hassle of bringing them across the boarder. Not sure how many but it could explain some. How about vehicles for military use? Are they registered with the States? Here in Canada they are just registered with the military. How many end up as unregistered race cars? hmmmm

  3. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Great podcast and happy new year.

    I have disagree about chevy has not held the secret on the c7 corvette. Me and about 100
    thousand other corvette enthusiasts are chomping at the bit as we only know it’s got an LT1 v8 producing more then 450 hp and some crappy sketches …
    We think GM has done an amazing job of keeping the next generation corvette hidden until it’s reveal.