Episode 1044 – Technology Coming Out of CES, Dodge Dart GT, A 2008 for 2013

January 8th, 2013 at 11:25am

Runtime: 8:12

We take a look at some of interesting new technology coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Dodge will pull the covers off the newest model in the Dart line-up, the GT, at the Detroit auto show. Hyundai teases us with its latest concept, the HCD-14. All that and more, plus Autoline Daily correspondent Isaac Bouchard takes a ride through Europe in the diesel version of the Fiat Bravo.

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Hello and welcome to Autoline Daily, I’m John McElroy and here are some of the latest developments in the global automotive industry.

There’s a lot of interesting new technology coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Remember that autonomous car from Toyota we showed you the other day? We’ve learned that Toyota’s philosophy on autonomous cars is taking two paths. One integrates the car electronically with its surroundings, including traffic systems, pedestrians and other cars. The other uses autonomous technology as an electronic co-pilot to help drivers avoid accidents. It uses GPS, stereo cameras, radar and LIDAR to detect other vehicles and objects like traffic lights. Toyota says all this may evolve into an autonomous car at some point in the future. But for now they’re calling it the Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle.

Ford announced its opening up SYNC to allow software developers to create apps for its drivers. Ford will provide the info and tools needed under what it calls the Ford Developer Program. More and more people are using smartphones and this will allow owners to use apps in their cars using voice control integrated with car instead of through their phone.

At CES, Ford announced it’s teaming up with internet music provider Rhapsody. Ford and Lincoln owners that have SYNC equipped in their car can use voice or steering wheel commands to use Rhapsody via their smartphone. Rhapsody says its talking with other automakers about integrating its service and that 40 percent of its subscribers already use it while driving.

Delphi introduced a new device at CES called Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi which provides car-to-cloud connectivity. It plugs into the OBD connector and allows owners to monitor or locate their car with a smartphone or computer. It can also mimic key fob functions like unlocking the doors, or it can it diagnose the engine and monitor the overall status of the vehicle. It will be available in just a few weeks either online or at Verizon Wireless stores.

OK, from this week’s Consumer Electronics Show we now look forward to next week’s Detroit auto show, where the covers will get pulled off the newest model in the Dodge Dart line-up, the GT. It will be powered by the 2.4 Liter Tigershark engine that puts out 184 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft of torque. The GT will also feature a sport-tuned suspension package, unique exterior design elements and an upgraded Napa leather interior. The Dart GT will start out at a suggested retail price of just under $21,000.

Also set to make its debut at the Detroit auto show is this HCD-14 concept car from Hyundai. It also gives us a look at Hyundai’s new 3-D gesture-based technology controls. And we’re pretty sure the HCD-14 hints at what the styling will be for the next Equus.

A 2008 FOR 2013
Speaking of new product, we now look over to Europe. Peugeot just took the wraps off its new compact crossover, the 2008. It will be manufactured in France, China and South America, the first time Peugeot really took in design considerations from around the world. The 2008 can be equipped with either a diesel engine that features start/stop technology or it comes with a 3-cylinder gasoline engine.

Have you ever wanted to take a European vacation and drive around the continent taking in the sites? That’s exactly what Autoline correspondent Isaac Bouchard did, and he came out of it with a test drive report on the Fiat Bravo. That’s coming up next.

(Fiat Bravo can only be viewed in the video version of today’s show.)

Some guys just know how to combine business and pleasure. Our intrepid correspondent Isaac Bouchard managed to turn his vacation into a test drive and visa versa.

Fiat needs to start bringing over more of its models to the American market. Last year sales of the little 500 topped 43,000 cars, which is a pretty impressive number and that tells me the American public would be open to more models.

That wraps up today’s report. Please join us again right here, tomorrow.

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44 Comments to “Episode 1044 – Technology Coming Out of CES, Dodge Dart GT, A 2008 for 2013”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    John, you might be right (more Fiats to the U.S.) but those small car segments are getting pretty crowded (of late), and as the segment goes, major growth is doubtful. I see that as the choices continue to increase there are bound to be some losers dropping out.

  2. aliisdad Says:

    Amen, John… Bring in the FIATS!!! My “dream” is to see a big, blue FIAT sign on
    a local dealership with a little penastar incorporated into the design somehow…Maybe they could use a lower-case “i” and make the Chrysler pentastar the dot!?!?

  3. pedro fernandez Says:

    Have yet to see one single Dart on the road, maybe this is just an import friendly zone!

  4. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve seen a few Darts on the road, but not many. I’m in what is probably a more “domestic friendly” area than south Florida, though.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Also, related to Lex’ post 45 yesterday, no one “killed off” NASA. No NASA employees were even laid off, that I can tell. They are just working on things like robotic probes, rather than the shuttle. The people who lost their jobs after the end of the shuttle program were those working for companies whose jobs were resetting/rebuilding the shuttle to prepare for launches.

    BTW, my address is Cape Canaveral. Does that ring a bell with some of you older people here?

  6. pedro fernandez Says:

    Kit that is an understatement, when I used to come here on vacation b4 I moved permanently I was shocked at how many imports were sold here, where I lived, Japanese cars were thought of being tinny rust buckets with wimpy engines and no one thought of buying one. When I got my Camry, everyone in the family thought I was an idiot who overspent on a crap car, of course, when all of theirs had either died out or became impractical to maintain repairs, not only they stopped talking crap, they started buying Toyotas as well

  7. pedro fernandez Says:

    Kit I bet you must have seen some spectacular launches, went a few times to Cocoa Beach to attend my son’s soccer tourneys there.

  8. Lex Says:

    @5: Thanks for the update, but I still see it as the privatization of space travel and exploration. What will happen if a corporation lands a vehicle on the moon? Will they claim all the mineral rights on the moon? I would hate to think Elon Muck with Space X lays claim to the moon and renmes it “Elon’s Moon! Ha, Ha, Ha!

    I think Isaac Bouchard got his units of measure wrong when he said he was whipping around the French Country Side at 100 MPH. I believe he meant to say 100 Kilometers per Hour.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The night launches are the ones that are really cool to watch. I’m at the border of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, about 5-6 miles from the closest launch sites, and about 15 miles, straight line, from the shuttle pads. Since the unmanned launches, which are still going on, are closer than the shuttle launches were, some of them are more spectacular, both visually and aurally, than the shuttle launches.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know about the advisability of things like Space X. All of the launch hardware has been built by private companies, but Space X is taking it a step farther.

    Chrysler built the modified Jupiter C rocket used for the first successful U.S. satellite launch.

  11. pedro fernandez Says:

    Now we may have to ask BYD or Cheri to do the same, our founding fathers would be ashamed.

  12. ColoradoKid Says:

    The US needs more FIAT’s like we need another hole in our heads ( like we don’t have enough already )

    Seriously . Look at the stats on the 500′s we now get . Have a look at the Dodge badged FIAT that Chrysler cannot give away .

    And then ……. more importantly ……… READ the reviews from the EU and the UK on the FIAT’s they get ( they are terrible ) and then tell me why in any gods name its a good idea to bring even more trash into the US automotive market

    Simply stated ;

    ” We don need no stinkin FIAT’s ” ( or Peugeots or Renaults or Citroen’s or Lancia’s etc )

    Let them suffer over there with the junk they’ve got and only bring the good stuff over here

  13. Bradley Says:

    I am amused when overused terms like “GT”, “Rally”, etc. keep showing up on NEW cars. Fiat-Chrysler (Fiasler Fee-Ah-Slur) should have used “Bullseye”, instead.

    Dodge Dart “Bullseye”
    Dodge Dart GT

  14. pedro fernandez Says:

    #12 This is just to get us ready for the even worse Chinese crap they want to unload on us.

  15. ColoradoKid Says:


    Beg to differ good sir , but 60 Minutes last year did an entire show on one ‘ former ‘ NASA employed town in FLA that is now all but a Ghost Town due to the extensive lay offs because of Obama’s shifting funds over to that two bit con artist … Elon Musk for his other blatant rip off of the American Tax Payer , Space X , which Obama continues ill advisedly to support .

    Gotta say . Once MuskRealty finally hits the fan full on I’m going to be laughing my ____ off while crying as well . Laughing because of all the deluded who fell for his garbage … and crying because of all the people who’ll of been hit financially by the John Z DeLorean of the 21st Century . Guaranteed it’ll happen . If you hadn’t heard Mr Musk is currently under three different Federal Investigations ranging from Import Fraud to Taxes .

  16. ColoradoKid Says:

    # 14

    Sad ….. but probably all too true ;-)

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    When WalMart starts selling cars, they will be Chinese.

    As far as Peugeot and Citroen, I really liked the Citroen C4 I rented a few years ago. It had a ~1.6 diesel, and drove and rode well. It also was very roomy for a car its size.

  18. ColoradoKid Says:

    # 17

    Yeah but they break . A lot !

  19. pedro fernandez Says:

    I was looking for an American-made bicycle, the only ones I could find were in the over one grand price range, so I ended up buying a used Cannondale, 10 yrs old for $100 bucks and needs another $150 to make it road-worthy. I refused to get a crappy Chinese Walmart special. These people have been building bikes forever and they still can’t get them right and we’re supposed to buy their cars? Don’t think so.

  20. C-Tech Says:

    Hi Im-A-Kidding. Perhap you should look at the history of the space shuttle program. It basically was supposed to end years earlier than it did, only politics kept it alive. I think of the space shuttle situation similar to how a manufacturer closes a plant after a model line or product has run through its lifecycle. Correct me if I am wrong, are there 2 other defense contractors who are bidding on the contracts to supply the ISS? Space-X is the first to build a viable system. It is cheaper than the shuttle program in supplying the ISS an I am for efficiency with our tax dollars.

  21. pedro fernandez Says:

    There was actually talk of going back to the moon, WHY? while our infrastructure is falling apart, we were supposed to spend billions to visit the original landing site, unmanned probes is what we need, not more footsteps on the lunar surface.

  22. C-Tech Says:

    Given the problems Ford dealers have had with keeping up with issues with the Sync system, I cringe at trying to keep up with the outside apps (Sorry Ma’am thats not covered under warranty, its the app you downloaded causing the problem with your doors to unlock at night).

  23. C-Tech Says:

    Cars in the Clouds? Dephi meets CarMD. Can this device repair your car? If so, then I’m interested.

  24. gmveteran Says:

    Any idea how the 23,000+ sales of Fiat in 2012 compare to the sales numbers when they were last sold in this country? Like VW, are they close to posting an all-time high for sales in the U.S., or have they already achieved that?

    On NASA, I am glad they are getting reduced budgets. Seems silly to spend outrageous amounts of money sending machinery to the space station, Mars or the Moon when our national budget is not balanced, we have a huge national debt and there are unemployed, hungry people in every city in our country. Space exploration should be on the “wish list” for a time when these other problems are solved. The final straw for me in supporting NASA was when they approved the Tundra and Shuttle promotion. What an embarrassment for our country. It probably didn’t even occur to them that it would be far more appropriate for that promotion to feature a Ford or Chevy truck.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I live in that “ghost town,” and near the communities around it, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Titusville, Port St. John, et. al. For most of us, things appear the same. The restaurants are still running, there is still traffic, etc.

    Yes, some people lost their jobs, most of them in companies, such as “United Space Alliance, ” owned by Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Their main function was prepare the space shuttle for launch. Since the shuttle is no longer flying, they had a lot of layoffs. Some other contractor employees, as with Boeing, transferred to other locations. As I said earlier, the NASA employees still have their jobs. I didn’t see the 60 minutes piece, but I live here, and do volunteer work with NASA people.

    By the way, the shuttle flew years longer than originally planned, or the layoffs would have occurred sooner.

  26. ColoradoKid Says:

    OPEL & PSA ( ? )

    Here’s an interesting potential twist of fate ;


    PSA buying OPEL in order to stave off the ‘ Death Star ‘ Axis of Evil that is now VW-Audi with the support of the French government ?

    Hmmmmn. Curious . Curious indeed . It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this one

    BTW … speaking of VW-Audi . Has everyone heard about the new ‘ budget ‘ brand VAG is developing ? Kind of funny and ironic to think about . The ‘ Peoples Car Company ‘ ( VW ) …. now needing a ” peoples” car to sell to …. errrr ….. the common …. ‘ people’ …. now that VW’s positioned itself and its other brands ( Skoda , SEAT etc ) as ‘ premium ‘ and ‘ entry level premium ‘ marks .

    Ahhhh … irony and curiosity abounds in this weeks auto news

  27. ColoradoKid Says:


    Sheesh . From the way 60 Minutes portrayed things Detroit was looking like a positive place in comparison . Empty store fronts , restaurants going under , abandoned homes left and right etc .

    Gotta just love the media . Or not ;-)

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Toyota has been a long-time supporter of the California Science Center in LA, which is why they got the job of towing the shuttle. No other car company has supported the center.

    Yeah, I understand people not liking the use of a Tundra, rather than something else. At least the Toyota was built in the U.S., with a lot of U.S. made parts.

  29. ColoradoKid Says:


    ……. and is it Toyota’s fault … like was it BMW’s fault with the US Bobsled team …. that not one of the American Auto Manufactures was willing to step up …. pony up …. and support a …… gee …. I dunno ……. American enterprise ?

    That …. is part of my problem with the so called Big Three . Oh the ‘ we’re American ” and ” buy patriotic ” along with ” support the American manufactures ‘ rhetoric comes spewing out their Marketing & Advertising left and right .

    But when the ‘ rubber hits the road ‘ and its time to ‘ put up or shut up ‘ on their part ….. by some odd twist of fate ….. the Big Three are in fact ….. no where to be seen … and it takes one of the foreign manufactures to step up to the plate and support …….. the American people they do business with .

  30. Perci Hala Says:

    What did Isaac Bouchard really mean when he referred to the Brava’s “six-figure speed”? I can buy the 160km (100mph) speed, but 100,000?

  31. T. Bejma Says:

    Toyota uses an opportunity to take advantage of free advertising and allows NASA to use one of their pickups and are praised for being saviors of the US and GM donates 50 Express cargo vans, Traverse crossover utilities and Tahoe full-size SUVs to the American Red Cross for use in relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy and they are not stepping up?

    The logic defies me…

  32. cwolf Says:

    I don’t see a lot of Darts, either. The one I drove was very nice and a nice size, in and out, but was kinda a dog. The GT @ $21K may give it the shot in the arm it needs.

    Like the Kidd, we don’t need all those failing foreign brands littering our roads. On the other hand, I sure like the looks of the Alpha Romeo, esp. the front ends!

  33. XA351GT Says:

    So is the The Dart GT what was supposed to be the R/T? All the specs sound familar and I have yet to see a R/T offered on the Dodge website. They advertise it but apparently not being ready to be ordered. At pleast that was the case a few weeks back when I looked on their site.

  34. HtG Says:

    Maybe I’ve seen a Dart on the street, maybe I only dreamt it. When I sat in one with charcoal upholstery at the NY Show, it was so dark in there that there were light strips tacked to the roof at the doors. It’s dark in there.

  35. C-Tech Says:

    Thank you to Chuck Grenci for reminding me of the knowledgeable group at Autoline. I used the electrical problem term “short” in describing what was happening with my Jeep yesterday, only because when trying to describe an electric problem to most people the word “short” is all they understand. Chuck understood I have an intermittant open circuit, not “short”.

  36. C-Tech Says:

    Honda’s and Toyota’s in the 60′s
    Hyundai’s and Kia’s in the 80′s
    What will be the next brand that goes from junk to jewels?
    If you don’t let them compete (fairly) you will never know.
    As long as U.S. manufacturers can compete fairly in other countries, that all you can ask for.

  37. cwolf Says:

    C-Tech, it may be a little premature to call Hyundai/Kia a jewel.

  38. pedro fernandez Says:

    Saw a client’s Buick Electra from the 80′s, that dashboard is as nice as any dash I’ve ever seen on ANY car, what the heck has happened to American car making?

  39. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Maybe Dodge is going to start reserving the R/T label for actual semi-high performance cars like the Charger and Challenger R/T. I’d like to see that. If there is a Dart R/T, it should be a 2.0 turbo, or V6 with at least 250 hp.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I hope the people affected by Sandy appreciate GM’s contribution, and send some business their way.

    As far as the Toyota/shuttle thing, it has certainly received a lot of attention, but a lot of it not very positive. Anyone who knows anything about vehicles would not be particularly impressed that a 4wd pickup in low range would be able to pull a lot weight a few hundred feet at 2 mph on level ground.

  41. C-Tech Says:

    @ #37 So noted Cwolf, low score from the Russian judge!

  42. kevin m Says:


  43. T. Bejma Says:

    US Built ATS competing with the BMW in Korea…


  44. jesse Says:

    5 days to the C7 CORVETTE!!