Autoline Supplier Symposium 2013

January 18th, 2013 at 12:01pm

Guests include:
Neil De Koker, President & CEO of Original Equipment Suppliers Association

Michael Martini, President Bridgestone OE Division, Bridgestone Americas
Doug Grimm, Chairman, President & CEO, Grede Holdings LLC
Jim Kamsickas, Global Pres. & CEO, International Automotive Components
Dieter Ehrmanntraut, President & CEO, Yazaki North America
Jeff Klei, President, Continental North America
Michael Finney, Pres. & CEO, MEDC Michigan Economic Development Corp
Burt Jordan, Exec. Dir. of Global Vehicle & Powertrain Purchasing, Ford
Alex Nitsche, CFO, Schuler Inc.
Sonya Sepahban, Sr. VP, Eng. Dev. & Tech., General Dynamics Land Systems
Jim Bos, Vice President of Purchasing, Johnson Controls

One Comment to “Autoline Supplier Symposium 2013”

  1. Al Jadczak Says:

    Hi John,

    I truly enjoyed this supplier symposium, but the best segment was the last two when you discussed what is going on in Michigan with businesses. If governor Snyder could have made this presentation part of his state of the state address, it would have blown away all those skeptics that can only complain about the right to work issue. I never knew all that has changed between the Snyder and Grandholm administrations. Your entire symposium did highlight where the jobs seem to be here in Michigan. People have to understand that the low skilled jobs of the post WW2 era have changed. Being an engineer, I understand the benefits of going into that field. I encounter people all the time that say engineers are limited to incomes in the range of 120K max. They don’t understand that as an engineer, your limits have no end if you work hard and stay on top of the industry. The auto industry was great for me and I’m sure that it gives the same opportunities to just about everyone that wants to invest in it. Great job with all the shows from the NAIAS.