AAH #181 – Super Bowl Advertising: the Good, the Bad and the Ego

February 1st, 2013 at 3:24pm

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On Sunday all eyes–well, a lot of eyes–will be on the action going down in New Orleans, but while the 49ers and Ravens are at each others’ throats, another competition will be playing out. That’s because all of those aforementioned eyes will be there for the taking and there is nothing else that matches the advertising spectacle that is the Super Bowl. Thus, automakers from around the world will be embroiled in a battle of corporate egos. As luck would have it, many of these ads have already been, *ahem*, “leaked” so the AAH panel will be doing a roundup of what’s on the docket, so far. Joining us to offer an inside perspective on this high-stakes competition is Michael Sprague, the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Kia Motors America. Kia has two ads in the queue for the big game, and we’ll get to preview at least one of them. Joining John McElroy in studio to talk about all things Super Bowl, plus the news of the week, is Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, and David Kiley from AOL Autos.

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2 Comments to “AAH #181 – Super Bowl Advertising: the Good, the Bad and the Ego”

  1. Episode 1064 – Bank of Toyota, Consumer Reports Slams Turbos, MKZ Drags Lincoln Down – Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] AUTOMOTIVE EXTREMISM No doubt most of you are aware that we do a show every Thursday night called Autoline After Hours. I keep saying it offers the best insider view of what’s going on in the industry. And we don’t pull any punches, especially when it comes to my co-host, Peter De Lorenzo, AKA the Autoextremist. In case you haven’t caught the show, here’s a piece from the most recent show when we dove into all the automotive involvement in the Super Bowl. David Kiley from AOL Autos and Michael Sprague who heads up all advertising for Kia are on the show. [...]

  2. Dave Foley Says:

    It is always fun to watch the honest opinions expressed about the car business, but Peter’s attack on David Kiley from AOL Auto’s was really just too far.

    Peter needs to calm down. I mean Now. Accusing Kiley of essentially being the lap dog of Olivier Francois is inappropriate. Mr Kiley did nothing to spark that kind of attack, other than say he liked a Chrysler ad.

    PDL then tries to snuf out any further discussion of the issue, by cutting Kiley off, and repeatedly saying ‘we will agree to disagree’. For some, freedom of expression apparently means, freedom to express the world according to Peter.

    The real pro in all this was Kiley. He didn’t get drawn in and engage PDL. It was obvious to anyone PDL was seeing the red mist, and Kiley just let him go on. Kiley FTW.

    PDL has his own website where he can treat anyone any way he wants, but when he blows a gasket on a GUEST on AAH, that’s not right. Kiley did nothing to DeLorenzo at all, and PDL owes Kiley an apology for his behaviour.

    The strangest part of PDL’s rant was the railing about the idea that a Frenchman, and an Italian, would have the gall to say something beautiful, patriotic and inspirational about America. Uhm… Who cares where the words came from?? I suppose some people just can’t take a compliment. In my opinion having someone from outside of the country talk about the inner strength and abilities of my countrymen would make me feel even better. When it’s just one of our own, it’s nothing more than worthless patriotic self indulgence.

    Also, I don’t think DeLorenzo is a Native American name. Glass houses…. Just sayin…

    It’s now harder to take his opinions on other issues seriously. Is he saying he doesn’t like something because it is actually bad, or because he has some bone to pick with the creative director, brand rep, lead designer etc… Not good.