AAH #196 – Little Big Block

May 17th, 2013 at 10:40am

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Here at Autoline After Hours we pride ourselves on tracking down the all-important “gurus of go” in the automotive industry. Well, dang if we ain’t lassoed another! Jordan Lee is the Global Chief Engineer and Program Manager for Small Block Engines at GM. But, Mr. Lee might just be upstaged by our other special guest on set: none other than the heart and soul of the Corvette itself, the 6.2L LT1 V-8. Plus, we’ll get into some hot topics this week including the end of the great driving boom as miles driven per capita continues to decline. The new Fiat-Chrysler headquarters could end up in Auburn Hills, MI — surprised? And is Jaguar going too far with its “baddest boy on the block” claim? Joining Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, to discuss all this and more is Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production and Scott Burgess from Motor Trend.

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6 Comments to “AAH #196 – Little Big Block”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Everyone over at corvette forum enjoyed last nights show! Mr Lee and the cohosts made the show a lot of fun and informative.


    Aka Jerri

    Looking forward to next weeks show even if Peter D doesn’t love the c7 coupe styling! We forgive him….;)

  2. Jonathan Says:

    And yet another….


  3. Matt Rahija Says:

    I didn’t see it come up but wonder what is done in the v-6 small block to counter the vibrations inherent in a 90 degreee configuartion? Does it have an offset crank/balance shaft?

  4. stas peterson Says:

    GM is still somewhat brain dead and operating on auto pilot. At one time, full size cars were 78′ wide and 230″ long and almsot all powered by V8 engines. Subcompacts were the same size as today,at 68″ wide and 170″ inches long and powered by I-4s.

    So back then GM created several lines of cars to fit within those measurements. They created a “compact”, and a “midsize” line of cars. Today they have added a “minicompact” below the subcompact in size,and in some cases added a ‘small compact’ and even a ‘big mid-size’.

    Yet he dimenions of all models are compressed in range to the point that only an inch or two if that, separates them. The full size is now about 74″ wide and just under 200″ long.

    On autopilot, GM’s bureaucracy continues to turn out replacement models for the old car models when there is little reason to do so. They need to consolidate and drop one of the modelsl to have enough space to distinguish one model from another. Plus it would save enormous amounts of money. But the GM brass have never had an original thought in their brains.

    Similarly they introduced a 265 in cubed V8 in 1955. Every ten years or so they revisit the anique design and add a few minor updates. No one asks whyare we doing this? Today outside of the Camaro and Corvette two low volume sporty models there are ZERO other cars that have a V8. Once again on auotpilot GM wastes prodigious amounts of money on producing racing V8s for cars, when the only models that need a V8 are the trucks which have differnt needs,low rpm and high torque capability.

    Even there Ford is showing the way away from truck V8s, eco-boosting smaller powerplants. Chrysler is too, with its PentaStars V6s, multigear transmissions, and diesels.

    Braindead GM marches on, on autopilot. No One in charge.

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