AAH #204 – Cadillac Goes to Twin Turbo Heaven

July 26th, 2013 at 8:16pm

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This week we take a deep dive into Cadillac’s newest engine, the Twin Turbo V6. Host Peter De Lorenzo talks to Rich Bartlett, Assistant Chief Engineer of the aforementioned power plant. Todd Lassa from Automobile and Scott Burgess from Motor Trend also join the panel. So, tune in for the best insider discussion in the automotive industry!

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One Comment to “AAH #204 – Cadillac Goes to Twin Turbo Heaven”

  1. Jim Thykeson Says:

    When one hears about this fantastic twin-turbo V6 Cadillac and questions will it, could it, be as good as they think…just remember Buick’s 231 and all the applications that it filled. From IMSA kitcars to the record breaking run by Bernstiens Quaker State Indycar (238 still the record) it was GM’s new dawn of small blocks, only with 2 less cylinders. I worked for GM and none of us believed those turbo V6′s were for real. When I retired we had 15 employees that had GN’s, and we believed!