AAH #223 – Presents & Coal: The Best & Worst of 2013

December 20th, 2013 at 3:52pm

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Who was naughty and who was nice in 2013? It’s time for our third-annual Presents and Coal awards. Find out who we liked and who gets lumped.

John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist; Scott Burgess, Motor Trend; and Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production

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2 Comments to “AAH #223 – Presents & Coal: The Best & Worst of 2013”

  1. Jonathan Swingle Says:

    While Scott as a journalist is free to diss the American consumer for making the Toyota Camry the top selling car again, he totally misses WHY it is so: Plenty of room and features at a reasonable price, but mostly just flat out best reliability for the buck, just like Corolla and Prius. If Scott’s income were that of the average consumer/commuter, he’d understand it. Yes, we are all auto enthusiasts. But when it comes to protecting my hard earned bucks, I will take bulletproof reliability and low cost of ownership over marginally better handling or styling. It takes too much out of me, after a 13 hour day, Monday to Friday, to have to run my Mazda, Nissan, Malibu, etc. to the shop on Saturday. Add retention of cost value to the equation, and the Camry remains a winner for valid reasons. Love Scott, but he is just wrong on this one.

  2. Jonathan Swingle Says:

    Let me drive the point home: If I wanted a refrigerator based on cutting edge design/ style, built in connectivity, the ability to make my coffee AND microwave my morning danish while whistling Dixie, there probably is one.

    But the average American wants an appliance that just does its job well, inexpensively, and for a long time with no repairs. They don’t want to blow big bucks on gizmos that then cost more bucks to last long term and be utile. Thus, the CAMRY is a winner with the heart of the car market. As a commuter appliance, it is the winner, hands down. And that does NOT make it a bad car, Scott. Many of us truly NEED and WANT an appliance for their daily driver. Would we all like a drivers car instead? Sure, but in the guns-or-butter economics 101 decisions of the middle class, a Camry is a winner again-for all the traditional reasons. Money being no object and access to cutting edge vehicles has skewed your analysis……….