AD #1293 – Nissan Wants to Build IDx Concept, Lightweight Camshafts, Gotta Pay Your Dues

January 16th, 2014 at 11:27am

Runtime: 7:28

- Nissan Wants IDx Concept in Production
- Lightweight Camshafts
- Chrysler Axes Executive
- Gotta Pay Your Dues
- Technology to the Rescue
- Autoline Supplier Symposium Preview

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Hello and welcome to Autoline Daily as we strive to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in the global automotive industry.

As you know, all week long we’ve been webcasting live from the Detroit auto show. We’re posting those shows on our website and on our YouTube channel, so you can watch them at your convenience. There’s a lot of great information there. For example, on Tuesday Jose Munoz, the chairman of Nissan’s North American region, announced that the company very much wants to produce the concept car called the IDx Freeflow. With styling reminiscent of the Datsun 510 from the mid 1970’s the car has a simple grace to it, very unlike the swoopy, busy designs of Nissan’s mass production cars. Munoz told Autoline that the IDx Freeflow would be built on the Nissan Rogue platform and that he wants to build it at the company’s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. Production of the Rogue was recently moved from Japan to the U.S.

And at yesterday’s Autoline Supplier Symposium, lightweighting was a major topic. We’ve been bombarded with news of how automakers are taking the weight out of their vehicles, most notably Ford talking about taking over 700 pounds out of the new F-150. But at the Supplier Symposium we learned the role that suppliers are playing, because the car companies are not achieving this all on their own. For example, Linda Hasenfrantz, the CEO of Linamar, talked about how they’ve cut the weight of camshafts anywhere from 60-70%. And with some engines having four camshafts, that can chop down the weight of an engine significantly. Instead of machining the cam from a single casting, they take a hollow steel tube and sinter on the cam lobes. This is not brand new technology, but with automakers now having to explore every possibility to cut weight this technology is now finding its way into mass market vehicles. At the end of today’s report I’ll let you know who we’re going to have on today’s Supplier Symposium.

Chrysler ran into a bunch of powertrain problems with the Jeep Cherokee last year. The launch was delayed for months. Well the company announced yesterday that the executive who was in charge of Transmission Powertrain and Driveline Engineering has been fired. The official description is that he “left to pursue other opportunities.” Mircea Gradu is the name of the exec who was in charge of that operation, and he’s been replaced on a temporary basis by Bob Lee, who is in charge of all engine and powertrain operations at Chrysler.

As part of the bailout agreement with the U.S. Government, the UAW agreed not to hold any strikes at GM or Chrysler until the end of 2014. And now it looks like the union is getting ready for that agreement to expire. UAW president Bob King is asking members to approve a dues hike of 25% to help replenish its strike fund. He also wants members to change the name of that fund to “the strike and defense fund.” That would give the union more flexibility in how it can spend that money, like helping to organize Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. VW workers could vote for union representation at that plant before June. Right now workers kick in two hours of wages to the strike fund every month. King wants to raise that to 2.5 hours. We’ll see where this ends up but early indications are that members are none too happy about seeing their dues go up.

Here’s some good news for GM, Ford and Chrysler. A new study from J.D.Power found that new car buyers cite technology as a reason for purchasing a domestic vehicle more often than an import. 38 percent of domestic consumers say the latest technology features are a reason for their purchase, compared with 33 percent of import buyers. The report also says consumers who previously owned an import are 40% more likely to buy a domestic car due to that new technology. But overall consumers cite gas mileage as the most influential decision in their purchase.

A programming note here, due to all the webcasting we’ve been doing this week we will not be doing an Autoline After Hours tonight. But coming up next, I want to tell you about the great guests I’ll have on the Autoline Supplier Symposium later this afternoon.

We’ve got a great line-up of speakers coming up on today’s Autoline Supplier Symposium. First I’ll be talking with Jim Buczkowski who is the director of Electrical and Electronics System of Ford Purchasing. If you need to learn about what kinds of electronic systems Ford is searching for, here’s your chance to hear it first hand. Next we’ll have a panel discussion organized by the OESA, the organization that represents automotive suppliers. The topic for this discussion is the need for collaboration up and down the entire supply chain. And we’re going to especially dive into the relationship between the automakers and their suppliers. Is the relationship going backwards? Suppliers say that some automakers seem to be regaining their arrogance. You’ll want to hear what they have to say about that. We’re also going to have a panel discussion with Chinese executives of supplier companies based in the United States. If the Chinese market is so big and growing so fast, why are these Chinese companies so interested in setting up base in North America? We’ll want to get to the bottom of that. And finally, the Center For Automotive Research has organized a panel that will take a deep dive into lightweighting, looking at the new materials and processes that automakers and suppliers will have to get into as they try every trick in the book to meet CAFE standards. All that is coming up later today at 2 pm eastern time, right here at,, and of course, on our YouTube channel, just look for the Autoline Network. And if you’re going to be down at the auto show, come look for us at the Ford display because Ford is our signature sponsor for this event and we’ve got a great set up there.

But that wraps up this report. Thanks for watching.

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70 Comments to “AD #1293 – Nissan Wants to Build IDx Concept, Lightweight Camshafts, Gotta Pay Your Dues”

  1. jim Says:

    that car looks a little like the AMC Matador from years ago.

  2. Gary L Says:

    After seeing the Nissan IDx in person on Monday, the Datsun 610 with its heavy C-pillar is what I thought of, not the clean looking 510. Nissan appears to be having the identity struggles that Acura and Honda are going through; or maybe it’s just that Hyundai and Kia are creating their own identities-

  3. Mike Says:

    It is remarkable to see that people cite fuel economy as the primary reason to buy a car; Fuel isn’t that expensive right now. I wonder how new the JD Powers data really is?

  4. HtG Says:

    John, one word for Jim Buczkowski; hypervisor.

  5. HtG Says:

    Also, the back end

  6. Mike Says:

    Okay I see the IDx. Sorry, it does not do much for me. I see the Matador heritage, but other than that is just seems rather bland.

  7. G W Groovey Says:

    GM and Chrysler should have gotten rid of the unions, or at least the restrictive so called ‘work rules’, with the bankruptcy, but the administration would have let them fail before that would happen.

  8. Roger T Says:

    If technology and fuel economy are at the top of the list for buyers, then we just don’t have the right hybrids models offerings today. Or these (opinion) results don’t reflect real reasons behind purchase decision making.

  9. Roger T Says:

    On the Nissan concept – I actually like it. Looks robust, simple and neat. Would be a nice option for city driving (think Kia Soul demographic).

  10. gary susie Says:

    I thought of the studebaker Avanti when i saw the Nissan.

  11. pedro fernandez Says:

    From now on, when my car needs ANY parts at all, I will say NO to any Chinese made parts, they’re crap.Period. I spoke to a client yesterday who also had a Chinese made wheel bearing fail after only a few months use.

  12. Todd T Says:

    To my eye the IDx Freeform is more reminiscent to the Datsun Silvia coupe than it is to the Datsun 510 sedan.

  13. pedro fernandez Says:

    I wonder how much Renault influence there is in that Nissan concept?

  14. Lex Says:

    Bob King of the UAW should not call it a “Strike and Defense Fund”. It should be called a “Job Security Fund”. This is a less confrontational name for the fund. Members and their families might find contributions going to a milder named fund more agreeable.

  15. pedro fernandez Says:

    Bob King reminds me of the North Korean Mini-me dictator.

  16. Lex Says:

    IMO Nissan is starting to bring more of it’s global products like the new 2014 Rogue / X-Trail to the USA. I do however prefer the X-Trail nameplate for the North American Market.

    Again IMO, Nissan is trying to jump on to the Retro Styling bandwagon with new product that resembles the brands legacy models. Nissan sees the success Ford is having with the Mustang, and GM with the Camaro.

    I believe the key to an OEM’s success with a particular vehicle or nameplate is evolution not revolution. Ford almost had it with the Taurus. Toyota and Honda definitely have it with the Camry, Corolla, Accord and Civic. These nameplates have been around along time and have built up loyal and devoted customers.

  17. HtG Says:

    15 that’s funny, Pedro, because racer Randy Pobst also reminds me of that same North Korean.

  18. Lex Says:

    These North American Auto Suppliers are just waiting for the day the Chinese OEM’s setup shop in North America. Once that happens all hell will break loose. There will be exclusivity contract between Chinese OEM’s and Suppliers. If I were running one of the Big Three I would be playing nice with my suppliers. The alternative could be that GM resurrect it’s relationship with suppliers like Delphi, and the same for the other two OEMs.

    Everyone is talking about supplier shortage, well here is comes.

  19. pedro fernandez Says:

    HtG I did not mean his appearance, I meant his confrontational attitude being similar to the Mini-weenie, Dennis Rodman obsessed, despot.

  20. G.A.Branigan Says:

    As a pickup truck buyer,I am extremely interested in fuel economy,and have been for years.That’s why I’ll pay the price,(within reason)for a colorado diesel when it comes out.I’ll have the economy of a diesel with the towing capacity of a small V8.

  21. HtG Says:

    19 oh, ok. Sorry Randy ;)

    /internet gags

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5, 8
    People site fuel economy as their primary reason to buy a vehicle, but the biggest selling vehicles in the U.S. are pickup trucks, most of them being used mainly to transport one or two people around town with the box empty. I guess this shows how dishonest people are when surveyed about cars, or anything else.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10, Me too. The first thing I thought of was the Avanti, only the Avanti looks better to me.

  24. pedro fernandez Says:

    Kit to me, mileage and simplicity are vital for choosing a car, those that meet that criteria are slowly going the way of the 14 in. wheel.

  25. HtG Says:

    22 if it’s a given that we ‘freedomers’ will continue buying big boy toys, I do hope indeed that the mileage on those things goes up a good percentage, as there are diminishing returns to getting higher numbers for already efficient little cars.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Yeah, the big savings are to be made with the gas hogs. Increasing the city mileage of a big pickup by one mpg saves more gas than increasing the city mpg of a Prius or C-Max by 3.

  27. ColoradoKid Says:

    Jay Leno – Jerry Seinfeld – a 1949 Gmund Porsche – the best product placement ever …..

    … and …… WTF doesn’t like coffee ? ( I’m having my doubts about this Leno fella :o 0

    [ 22 minutes ]

  28. ColoradoKid Says:


    First off …. Ding Dong … the witch is dead … the witch is dead .. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead … [ Ecclestone's resigned ]

    Second – WRC – New cars ( Hyundai – Ford – VW ) new drivers ( including ex F1 pilot Robert Kubica ) Loeb’s retired .. Monte Carlo’s looking good so far …

    Hmmmn … WRC might just be worth watching again !

    [ including highlight videos ]

  29. Jerry Says:

    @ 10 me two,

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27, That Porsche is so cool, especially its original-ness.

  31. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ 22,Kit: Fortunately,(for me anyways) mid size trucks are on the way back into the market.The taco and the frontier are ancient by anyone’s standards,but they still sell because that’s all there is….at the moment.As to whether or not the compacts come back is anyone’s guess,yet I know a lot of former compact truck owners,(including myself) wouldn’t mind seeing some action in that.

    Granted,there is a large portion of truck buyers who seldom,if ever,use their fullsize PU’s as a hauler.It’s more of a one person DeVille.It’s there money and they can do what they want… least for now.Then there is the young tradesman who can fit all his tools and stuff into a compact truck,while not busting the family bank in cost of ownership and feeding it.

  32. pedro fernandez Says:

    #31 G.A. I keep reading opinions on the new GM “midsize” trucks that ain’t really midsize at all and are actually the same size as the big boys from a few yrs ago. The T100 should have been used as the benchmark.

  33. Brett Says:

    Something about the size of an ’84 Tacoma would be very appealing to me.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31, 32
    The smallest Colorado/Canyon will be almost as long as a Crown Vic, and will have a 128 inch wheelbase. There will not be a standard cab version. Still, it will be smaller than the Silverado and F-150, about 5 inches narrower, and a foot or so shorter.

    Small pickups might be a good place for the Chinese to enter the U.S. market. They wouldn’t be competing with themselves, and there should be a big, untapped market.

  35. pedro fernandez Says:

    I really wonder how well small pickups would sell if they suddenly became available?

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the price were right, I suspect small pickups would sell. I remember college students 15-20 years younger than myself liked them because they were cheap, reasonably fuel efficient, and with the standard cab versions, the owners had a good excuse not to take friends along when they were going somewhere with their significant other. I’m talking about the “real” small pickups from the late 70′s-80′s.

  37. Buzzerd Says:

    small pickups will only sell if there is a enough of a price spread between them and the full-size version and or the mileage is appreciably better, something that wasn’t the case before.

  38. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I’ve heard that same rumor Pedro,it ain’t so.The gm midsize twins are definitely smaller then even the older full size models.

    And for a busted up geezer/old/one each,like me,it will be easier for me to access the bed.

  39. Buzzerd Says:

    which GA is something a lot of people liked about the old Dakota , a two wheel drive with an 8 foot box was really easy to load a motorcycle or snow machine and you could close the tailgate. Same with the eighties S10 with a 7 foot box.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    When I had my one and only pickup, a ’95 S-10, the price spread was fairly substantial. Also, I just liked driving the S-10 better, because of its smallness. I had the shortest version, a standard cab, short box, with the 4.3 and 5-speed manual.

    I suspect price and mpg will have a big factor in the success of the new Colorado and Canyon. When the shortest version is 208 inches long, it won’t “drive small” like my S-10 did, which would be an appeal to some people.

  41. Mike Says:

    I currently drive a 2008 Ranger. 2WD, 2.3L 4 cyl 5 speed manual. If the cab was 5 inches longer (more leg room) it would be perfect. as set up it does almost 30 mpg in good weather. Yes, I use it as a daily commuter but would estimate that I am using it to haul stuff at least 2X per week


  42. T. Bejma Says:


    You are going to love the step in the rear bumper and the dampened, easy lift tailgate in the new Colorado/Canyon G.A. Very slick!

  43. ColoradoKid Says:

    ALD and PDL


    Time to take a stand gentlemen . Use your influences and position … and start raising some H E double toothpicks before there’s nothing left to raise hell about ….

    If this TPP gets passed as is … say bye bye … once and for all … and forever I might add to automotive manufacturing in the US

    Remembering ….. GM and Chrysler are putting millions into this to get it fast tracked … precisely so they can bring automotive manufacturing away from US shores an on to those countries where $2 a day is the average wage

    Think I’m wrong ?

    I wouldn’t if I were you

    And all you past present and potential future automotive wage earners .. from Bejma on down to the assembly line floor .

    Best start learning quickly a few lessons from the 60′s … cause its all about to come to a close if you do not

  44. ColoradoKid Says:

    42 – Mr Bejma … at it again with your GM propaganda … ehh ?

    Hows about telling Mr Branigan how the ‘ new ‘ Colorado is in fact the very old Colorado in a new party dress ? ( WSJ etc )

    Hows about tellin him as well how 90% of the problem areas WITH the previous Colorado … are being carried over with the new one intact ?

    Hows about also informing him just how much of that POS is being sourced from China Mexico Viet Nam and THEN being assembled in the US

    Better yet …. hows about being a genuine .. albeit online … friend and telling the TRUTH for once rather than spreading even more of GM’s lies on those here asking legitimate questions ?

    Ethics son …. yeah … I know ethics are antithetical to the GM party line and all ( and has been since the very inception of the company )

    But remember something … at the end of the day G.A. may have to live with a POS P/U till he can either dump it or trade it in ..

    But you son …. will be living with your lies …. for eternity


    PS ; If the TPP goes thru … so goes your job sonny boy … aint much need for project managers when theres no projects to manage

    And just think … the very company you work for is the one working hardest to bring about your demise

  45. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ T.B.: Bring it on T…..I be a waitin’ ;}>

  46. C-Tech Says:

    @ #44 About the 90% problem carry-over, how do you have proof for a vehicle which has yet to be introduced?

    It is time to change your medication.

  47. C-Tech Says:

    @ #45 G.A. as a former owner of a 93 4×4 Dakota and the GMC Sonoma with the same drivetrain as Kit’s S-10, I am looking forward to see how GM does with its new Colorado. I remember Jeep having a small pick-up based off the old Cherokee platform, but I cannot remember if it was a unibody or not.

  48. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The Cherokee based Comanche was basically unibody. The cab and a frame to attach the box to were a unit, welded together.

  49. C-Tech Says:

    If Jeep could recreate the Comanche, I believe they could sell 50K units without cutting into Ram sales.

  50. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the new Colorado is the same thing as the old one, why is the new one 5-6 inches wider, and 3 inches taller? I’m not saying that bigger is better, but since the new is that much bigger, it certainly isn’t the same thing.

    Also, how are the “problem areas” of the old Colorado being carried over. One problem area was the mediocre 5 cylinder engine used in most of them. The new one will have the very good 3.6 liter V6 as the big engine. Another “problem” area in the old one was lack of refinement, but all indications are that that has been well addressed in the new one.

    Yeah, the Colorado will have parts from all over the world, just as F-150′s, Mercedes-Benz ML350′s, and every other vehicle made.

  51. T. Bejma Says:

    The facts. Look them up.

    - The new Colorado/Canyon is based on the current GMI700 which is the global midsize truck being built in Brazil and Thailand. It shares ABSOLUTELY ZERO content from the previous Colorado/Canyon.

    - There are a handful of suppliers that are overseas, a few from Mexico but a LARGE MAJORITY of the suppliers are from right here in the good old USA (Seats – Faurceia down the road from the assembly plant in Missouri, I/P – Magna in Nashville, IL, Door Trim and Garnish Trim – NYX, Linden, TN, Floor Carpet and Headliner – IAC, Springfield, IL, Grille – SRG Ripley, TN, Fascia – Magna in Toledo, Bumpers – AGS in Sterling Heights, MI, Mirrors – USA, Frame – USA, Engine – USA, all of the sheet metal – GM Wentzville, MO). Wanna know how I know this? My job as Launch Leader is to be the single point contact between EVERY supplier on the truck and the Assembly Plant.

    Integrity is something I have in spades over you and everyone on this site knows it. Why would I lie about what the truck is based on? Does it make it better to say that it is off the Isuzu designed old truck or that it is a Brazilian design that is sold all over the globe that we Americanized? Neither explanation will shift the expectation of people like G.A. that are looking forward to this truck. Even if it was based on the old truck, what were the problems of the old one? It was a dog? Didn’t get very good mileage? Fit and finish were bad? Paint was orange peely? You don’t think those things are easily fixed?

    And what about the suppliers? Do you think I would lie about what suppliers are on the truck, when anyone could easily Google the information and prove me wrong?

    You really are delusional or you must be sniffing too much of that Colorado herb that is going around. Stick to what you know – music and acting like an A$$ and let us get on with real discussions about the automotive world without being insulting.

    Thought you were going away…

  52. T. Bejma Says:


    G.A. – Saw the first GMC All Terrain version we ever built today and I think I’ve just confirmed what version I am going to be getting! Wow! Beautiful in Black! Going to look great with my 600R Raptor in the back and my Tigershark 900TSI on the trailer!

  53. T. Bejma Says:

    Now here is some real news about overseas Automotive…

    Seems the UK’s impending decision to leave the EU, might just mean the end to Ford of Britain…

    “Ford, the top-selling car manufacturer in Britain, said on Wednesday it would be forced to reconsider its UK operations if the country voted in favor of leaving the European Union…”

  54. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ TB: You LUCKY SON OF A …….!!! My wife and I are settled on the deep forest green metallic,,(cause we have our granddaughter),Z71 4X4,or is that ZED71? ;}> DIESEL,or the DIESEL,but if it isn’t available,we’ll take the DIESEL.

  55. T. Bejma Says:

    The GMI700 for comparison purposes…

  56. T. Bejma Says:


    Nice G.A. We haven’t built a Green one or the Extended Cab trucks yet, only Crew Cabs. Extended cabs are coming up soon. Been down at the Wentzville Plant all week. I will be down here full time from about April to October so if you are ever in the St. Louis area, let me know and I’ll show you and your wife how we build them.

  57. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ C-Tech: I had a new 1990 S10 Blaser foe by foe,then got a new 1992 S10/reg cab/longbed/foe by foe.Both had the 4.3L V6,and the 4 spd auto.In truth,The blaser was good,and I did baby it.The 92 longbed though,damn it took a beatin’ off road sometimes,yet was comfy to drive from upstate ny to south Carolina to deliver a bike.I had over 100k miles in 3 years.Great little truck.I also bought a new 2007 Colorado and that was the absolute worst pos I have ever had.Got rid of it and got me a brand new 08 Jeep JK.That very quickly rose to being the second biggest pos I’ve ever had.I will go with a new Colorado,but I will not buy another jeep product.

  58. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I would love that T,so would my 6.That would be a nice break-in run for when I get my DIESEL,lol.

  59. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I really liked that colorado that debuted in Thailand.But,I’m glad you guys did the redesign for us.The honda ridgeline swoopy stuff behind the cab is really butt ugly.

    And again I will say,I’m a ‘less is more’ type of guy,(geezer)so the chevie’s styling really looks GREAT,to my eyes.Even most of my bikes were devoid of chrome.I’ve always been partial to polished aluminum.

  60. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Two friends have the “old” Colorado. One is a 4 cylinder manual, very basic, and he really likes it. The other is a 5 cylinder automatic, extended cab. He likes it ok, but has been disappointed in the mpg, given the size of the vehicle, and the so-so performance. I suspect with the 3.6 and a nicer interior, he would like it quite a lot.

  61. T. Bejma Says:


    You should tell your friend with the 5cyl to find someone on the Colorado/Canyon forums that can do a “tune” for him. I got it done and added a Cold Air Intake on my 2005 Canyon and it really woke up the performance AND the mileage went up 2 mpg!!

  62. Kit Gerhart Says:

    61, I’ll do that.

  63. vincent joy Says:

    You can’t spell COMMUNISM without UNIONISM! We need a National Right to Work Amendment that simply states: “No worker shall be compelled to pay dues or fees to any organization, association, or union as a condition of employment.” There it is. Very simple to understand. This would immediately end the thuggish intimidation tactics used by so many unions against members and non-members alike. The main institutions seeking to end Individual Liberty and Free & Open Markets are: Government [of course! Governments hate Liberty], The Academy [K thru 12 & colleges & universities, so they can "shake down" taxpayers even more!], The Media and Hollywood [90% of 'Media Elite' ID themselves as Left-of-Center, Liberal or Democrat, less than 10% ID themselves as Right-of-Center, Conservative, or Republican] and finally, Unions [who seek to use government laws to separate workers from as much of their paychecks as possible, so they can exercise even more political clout].

  64. Brett Says:

    Vincent, I think your tea is ready.

    You are advocating the average working bloke having NO POWER WHATSOEVER against corporate and oligarchic powers.

    If you hate government, move to Somalia.

  65. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #64, +1

    Without unions, there would never have been a U.S. middle class. Now, with the declining power of unions, we have a disappearing middle class.

  66. vincent joy Says:

    Hey Bret, come off it with the standard Leftist “Somalia” reply. The ONLY legitimate function of government is to secure and protect INDIVIDUAL rights. If an individual worker doesn’t want to be represented by a union that is his right. Similarly, if Ford Motor doesn’t want to deal with a union that is their right. The converse is also true. Bret, why do you believe it’s OK for gov’t to FORCE individuals to join unions? Are you a Collectivist?

    Mr Gerhart, not only did unions have NOTHING to do with “creating the middle class” the policies they advocate – high tax rates, entangling regulations, tight capital controls – are precisely the factors diminishing the middle class. FYI, the middle class was created by increases in PRODUCTIVITY, which were the result f the innovations brought about by competition. Indeed, unions, with their long held opposition to ‘automation’ and shop floor flexibility, have been major factors in DELAYING innovations and increases in productivity.
    Your view is the nonsensical POV put forth by unions and their ‘know-nothing allies in academia and media. May I suggest a class in Econ 101?

  67. Brett Says:

    I’d rather converse with my living room furniture. It would be as productive and more intelligent.

  68. Kit Gerhart Says:

    66, Hmmm Is “bob” back?

    Maybe you’d like Antarctica better than Somalia. There isn’t much government there either.

  69. Gary P Says:

    I was fairly excited to hear that the IDx was being considered for production….right up to the point where it was mentioned it would be built on the Rouge platform. WTH, I thought it was supposed to be RWD car? FWD, or even FWD-derived AWD, kills the concept for me.

  70. vincent joy Says:

    Brett, I can only conclude your living rom furniture has got more on the ball than you do.

    Kit, governments [Federal, State, & Local] consume more than 40% of our National Income. When is it too much? Before WWI, the Feds took LESS THAN 3% and State and local even Less than that. So what percent of theft do you think is OK? Or have been so dumbed down by gov’t schools you can’t come up with a figure?