AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Will Suicide Doors Make a Comeback?

March 28th, 2008 at 9:00am

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After a lot of false starts, will suicide doors make a comeback?

For years now automotive designers have tantalized us with concept cars that use suicide doors. But up to now no automaker has had the guts to commit to put them in production.

That’s partly because of the name. In the United States, at least, doors that are hinged at the rear are called suicide doors. The feeling was, in an accident, if the doors popped open, it would be easier for passengers to be ejected from the car. And they used to be pretty popular up until 40 years ago. In fact, JFK’s Lincoln had suicide doors.

But designers haven’t given up on the idea. They want to bring it back and the new Opel Meriva in Europe might be the first to do so. You watch, if Opel really does put them in production you’re going to see a bunch of car companies rush to the market with suicide doors.

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One Comment to “AUTOMOTIVE INSIGHT: Will Suicide Doors Make a Comeback?”

  1. Bruce Cameron Says:

    Suicide doors were so named because if they were open (by a child in the back seat of a sedan during the 1930ed or 1940ed) it resulted in the loss of the child due to the aerodynamices forcing opening the door.