AAH #244 – Toyota Throws Out the Plain Vanilla Approach

May 30th, 2014 at 8:01pm

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- Why is racing losing fans? Look no further than your TV screen.
- Google’s car puts the OEMs on notice. Autonomy is coming.
- The Union of Concerned Scientists issues a damning report (with a political agenda).
- BMW i8 First Drive: panelist Christie Schweinsberg has her report.

SPECIAL GUEST: Monte Kaehr, Chief Engineer, Toyota Camry
- What will it take to keep Camry #1?

All that and more with John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Christie Schweinsberg, WardsAuto.com.

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3 Comments to “AAH #244 – Toyota Throws Out the Plain Vanilla Approach”

  1. Bill C Says:

    Okay, now that you guys have stopped hyperventilating about the Google car… you do realize that just the Lidar kit on the top of the car costs them $75,000.00!? That is from Google’s website by the way. And, unless you expect people to buy cars with spinning coffee cans on their roofs (at least they look like that), you are giving way to much credence to Google’s publicity stunt.

  2. Lawrence Says:

    “Re-skin” was used by Mr. Kaehr early on in the conversation, and so I guess the reason that it’s not called all “new” is that the platform remains the same.
    Whatever the case, I like it. And I am also so glad to see the Avalon, spoken about here, emerge from the realm of homeliness, where it has spent most of its life.

  3. Bernd Says:


    great analysis on the i8.
    I completely agree, the difficult ingress/egress, especialy for the 60+ generation, will make it completely unsellable.

    And BMW sould have known this since history teaches us that any vehicle with such difficult ingress/egress has been hugely undesireable and a big failure, like
    Mercedes SL300 Gullwing
    Ford GT40
    Lamborghini Countach
    and so on

    Oh, wait…