Peugeot’s 120 MPG Hybrid Runs on Compressed Nitrogen – Paris Motor Show 2014

October 2nd, 2014 at 11:51am

The latest hybrid from Peugeot doesn’t use a single battery cell. Instead it stores energy in the form of compressed nitrogen. Ladamir Prince, the head of the company’s innovation lab explains how the system works, why Peugeot has gone with such an unconventional technology and when we can expect the finished product.

2 Comments to “Peugeot’s 120 MPG Hybrid Runs on Compressed Nitrogen – Paris Motor Show 2014”

  1. Roy Says:

    I don’t see anything to comment on John. The video’s don’t seem to be working. I saw the show today, very good show, Sean does a great job when you can’t be there!

  2. Jozef Antolin Says:

    Interesting. Combines the concept of the compressed air propelled vehicle from a few years back with the Hydraulic Hybrid developed for UPS and EPA et. al. Lighter build, fewer mineral resources required than a battery hybrid. Nitrogen is less reactive than oxygen.. less expensive to extract than hydrogen used in fuel cells and already commercially available in large volumes. High pressure tanks are now common with CNG vehicles so no need to fret there either. Just as long as all the plumbing (Pb… get the joke) works it seems like a go.